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  1. Wow, these arguments are shit. Good idea!
  2. skype:wzy26022

    I'm from China and I need to buy a shop
  3. Hello.

    im what to buy this system:  Friend teleport (10€)

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  4. Hello.

    im what to buy this system:  Friend teleport (10€)

    skype: maroo8506

    1. netmetin



      im what to buy this system:  Friend teleport (10€)

      skype: maroo8506

    2. netmetin


      Ich möchte dieses System zu kaufen.

      Friend teleport (10€)

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  5. but no paypal script.
  6. woa awesome!!!
  7. more bugs than "his" quest.
  8. U should delete the whole quest because the one u use is buggy
  9. BUG: Player kills get counted twice.
  10. I just found some old questfunctions from my old lua extensions. On this way I spawned the ugly fences in the background: But you can't set the direction, so look for something roundly -- Join a dungeon index like: 208001 function d.join_by_index(dungeonIndex,x,y) pc.warp(x*100,y*100,dungeonIndex) end -- Spawn fences: Name, Vnum, Startposition X on map,Startposition Y on map, X Space between the fences, Y Space between the fences, How many fences you want to spawn function d.spawn_object_fence(objectName,objectVnum,objectX,objectXadd,objectY,objectYadd,objectCount) local i = 0 while i < objectCount do d.set_unique(objectName.."_"..i,d.spawn_mob(objectVnum, objectX, objectY)) i = i+1 objectX = objectX + objectXadd objectY = objectY + objectYadd end end -- Delete fences: Name, How many fences of this name you want to delete function d.delete_object_fence(objectName,objectCount) local i = 0 while i < objectCount do d.purge_unique(objectName.."_"..i) i = i+1 end end
  11. By the way, the d.new_jump() function is a lil bit messed up in the game 2089. You try to join the mapindex 0, because the parameters of the function in the game are in the wrong order. Here you can find a fix: