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  1. Hab ich längst gemacht ^^

    1. Cyber36
    2. Ocelot2606


      das package installiert

  2. Ocelot2606

    open Mainline Compilieren Error

  3. Ocelot2606

    open Mainline Compilieren Error

    Hello all, i got some Problems with Compile my Source. I Installed a FreeBSD 10.3 32bit on my Virtual Box and i installed all Packages to Compile my Source. But all time when i try to Compile i get this Error g++49: error: directory": No such or File or directory gmake: *** :[Makefile:127: OBJDIR/version.o] Error 1 My Makefile I know that the Error tells me That he Cant find g++49/gcc49 but it is installed. I can Compile libthecore etc with g++49 butnot the game i dont know why I hope for Help sry for bad English
  4. Ocelot2606

    Max Yang/Gold

  5. Ocelot2606

    Max Yang/Gold

    No one here?
  6. Ocelot2606

    Max Yang/Gold

    Searching for one Person that was explain me how to disable Max Yang in Source. INcludes all (shop, trade, drop etc) How much would it cost Make your Offers Guys ty
  7. When i try to connect with Filezilla or WinSCp it tells me all time wrong PW Edit: Solved
  8. Ocelot2606

    /usr/home directory

    Erstells dir einfach o.O
  9. Ocelot2606

    [Quests] Official locale folder of Ymir

    Lol this Locale is from March 2013 xD
  10. Ocelot2606

    Version 15.5 and New Official Pet System

    The Next Level Step is 120 i heard o.O And i think the 6th Character will come next year
  11. Ocelot2606

    [Official] Unpacked Updates Metin2.de

    Do it yourself?
  12. Ocelot2606

    locale_string.txt Problem

    ​With ANSI i get o, a, u instead of ä, ü, ö
  13. Ocelot2606

    locale_string.txt Problem

    Hello, people! Does somebody have an idea why in mine locale_sting.txt ? come instead of ä, ö or ü? If I convert them to UTF-8 the game doenst load the file.
  14. Ocelot2606

    Mobs Level - New update gameforge

    Finally it works ty
  15. Ocelot2606

    Mobs Level - New update gameforge

    For me Not i do BYTE CPythonNonPlayer::GetMobLevel(DWORD dwVnum) { map<DWORD, BYTE>::iterator it; it = LevelByVnum.find(dwVnum); if (it != LevelByVnum.end()) { return it->second; } return 0; } under bool CPythonNonPlayer::LoadNonPlayerData(const char * c_szFileName) an insert after bool CPythonNonPlayer::LoadNonPlayerData(const char * c_szFileName) this line LevelByVnum[pNonPlayerData->dwVnum] = pNonPlayerData->bLevel;I replace m_dwLevel = c_rkCreateData.m_dwLevel; with this BYTE level_mob = CPythonNonPlayer::Instance().GetMobLevel(c_rkCreateData.m_dwRace); m_dwLevel = ((c_rkCreateData.m_dwRace > 8 && c_rkCreateData.m_bType == CActorInstance::TYPE_ENEMY) ? level_mob : c_rkCreateData.m_dwLevel);and i icnlude PythonPlayer.h at least i add DWORD GetMobLevel; std::map<DWORD, BYTE> LevelByVnum;under BYTE bType; // Monster, NPC BYTE bRank; // PAWN, KNIGHT, KING BYTE bBattleType; // MELEE, etc.. BYTE bLevel; // Level BYTE bSize; but i cant compile