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  1. Hey guyz
  2. open

    solved: it was the fault of the db, just changed it but i have a new error: when i put sash system back i always get an error at login (before charselect) that dwPos variable is used before it was intialized, but I dunno what to do for it, cause all in my code it's declared before uising it
  3. open

    Hey guyz, I put a sysh system to my server and after I deleted the define part (from game and bin too) and removed it from the client. Now I can't login. I input my ID and password and then just Connection in progress.
  4. open

    and what to do for it?
  5. anyone?
  6. same error
  7. open

    the problem I have is something like I pull mobs to me and I can't see all... some mobs are still there (but invisible) and they damage me so I have to polymorph or get on the horse to make the client reload and so that I can see them
  8. open

    Hey, Does anyone know how/where to set the way the client loads the map? I mean, I wanna set it to only load the actual part of it and not the whole. Thanks!
  9. bump
  10. i realized that i just can't see few of them i use bravery cape, they mostly come to me, I kill them but I still get damages, but there are no mobs around me, but if I polymorph to something they can be seen after
  11. Hey guys, I use mainline source, and most of the mobs dont attack me. I mean I get the damage, but only 2-3 mobs come to me and do it visually, mostly they're just standing on their own place without doing anything (but I also get their damage too). Why does it happen? Thanks in advance!
  12. u missed the link
  13. Hey guys, Could someone explain to me how to set the speed of a moving animation in 3dsmax (like run or walk)? I didn't mean moving the character forward, because that looks kinda ugly ingame when it goes forward and then jumps back.
  14. Hey guys, We're looking for a 3D modeller and animator for our Metin2 private server. You can find more info on our Facebook page: https://facebook.com/certes2 If you're interested, send me a private message here! Thanks in advance!
  15. the options: - mob/npc one by one - group (ID from group.txt) - group group (ID from group_group.txt) Sugár: radius Darab: count but here's an English version (attachment) metin2_regen_creator_by_distraught_EN.exe