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  1. open Warrior's tattoo

    its kinda similar
  2. open RemoveFromCharacter Game Core

    when u get this error? ath throwing items out?
  3. open Core is shutting down, why?

    compile your game without stripping it and then debug it to let us see what happened
  4. python Needing STATs instead of LVL

    you can just easily set limittype 0 and 1, etc to have more limits at the same time
  5. open Help for editing C++

    coding new systems is not a magic, start learning c++ and you'll be able to do so http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/
  6. open Item giving armor shining

    in the pythinnetworkstreamphasegamitem.cpp modify case ARMOR_RING like this: case ARMOR_RING: CInstanceBase * pInstance = CPythonCharacterManager::Instance().GetInstancePtr(kSpecialEffect.vid); pInstance->CInstanceBase::ArmorRing(); break; may it gonna work
  7. open Shop range showing distance

    sqrt((targetX-yourX)^2 + (targetY-yourY)^2)
  8. open Restrict items on QuickSlots

    open char_quickslot.cpp and search for: if (pItem->IsDragonSoul()) return; modify: if (pItem->IsDragonSoul() || pItem->GetVnum() == YOURITEMID) return; If you wanna add more items: if (pItem->IsDragonSoul() || pItem->GetVnum() == YOURITEMID || pItem->GetVnum() == YOURITEMID2 || pItem->GetVnum() == YOURITEMID3) return; I'm working now so I couldn't test it, but I think it's gonna work.
  9. open Mobs attack bug

    then search for BeginAttack or something like that in char_battle.cpp and check that
  10. open Item giving armor shining

    go to game/src/char_item.cp and search for: else if (true == CItemVnumHelper::IsLovePendant(dwVnum)) after put something like: if (item->GetVnum() == YOURITEMID) { this->EffectPacket(ARMOR_RING); } Then search for: bool CHARACTER::UnequipItem(LPITEM item) to this function put this: if (item->GetVnum() == YOURITEMID) { this->EffectPacket(ARMOR_RING); } go to common/length.h and search for: SE_EQUIP_LOVE_PENDANT, then put this under: ARMOR_RING, Now you can compile your game. open UserInterface/PythonNetworkStreamPhaseGameItem.cpp in your client source and search for: case SE_EQUIP_LOVE_PENDANT: after put these: case ARMOR_RING: CInstanceBase::ArmorRing(); break; Go to InstanceBase.h and search for: void OnUntargeted(); Add under: void ArmorRing(); Search for: m_armorRefineEffect; Add under: bool ringeffect; Now go to InstanceBase.cpp and at the beginning declare it: bool ringeffect = false; now search for: void CInstanceBase::__ClearArmorRefineEffect() After this function put this: void CInstanceBase::ArmorRing() { if (!ringeffect) { __AttachEffect(EFFECT_REFINED + EFFECT_BODYARMOR_SPECIAL5); ringeffect = true; } else { __DetachEffect(EFFECT_REFINED + EFFECT_BODYARMOR_SPECIAL5); ringeffect = false; } } Now compile it. I couldn't test it, cause I'm working now but I think it's gonna work.
  11. open Mobs attack bug

    if you attack a mob, do you also have to wait a few seconds to make it attack you?
  12. open Bug Mount

    compile your bin in debug mode and let us see the errors
  13. Private Servers

    for using their models and graphical stuff using their source is hard to prove, and I don't think they could
  14. open Penetration effect On Equip

    as I see there's no effect after this (yknow like those little particles going around the armor) so just change the effect's number because it's the same as the effect number of potion effect or whatever after the calculation
  15. open Edit costume effect color in world editor?

    modify both of the particles