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    Yeah, yeah. So bad that I just need to fart to annihilate your existence. I don't like meddling with shit though. I prefer to keep myself clean.

  3. c++ C++/Python Chest Drop View (My version)

    I gave you some suggestions/tips, because I thought you were the creator of this script, but it seems not.
  4. python [Fix] Ghost GUI

    Technically, this is a work-around, because the previous "ghost interface" is still there, but it remains just hidden (undeleted). You get such bug due to a python's garbage collector "issue/condition" when destroying the relative class: Since, in your case, the class' object count is higher than 1, when deleting self, the object count is decreased by 1, but since it doesn't still become 0, self doesn't get destroyed at all. (and del self.wndInventory wouldn't trigger def __del__ either) Normally, the object count for gui instances should remain as 1, but (mostly in every case) if someone during a .SetEvent (or similar) passed the self parameter without proxing it (proxy=creating a weak uncounted instance of self), it will lead to create 2 self instances in two different modules (interfaceModule and ui in this case), which means the object count will be >=2, and then you'll get a "ghost interface" when rewarping. Even so, considering everything beside self gets still deleted (i mean, its internal elements get deleted except the methods; that's why ESC still works), putting a .Hide() in there is still safe. (the memory leak would still remain unfixed though; maybe after retriggering the bug the "ghost interface" gets deleted, but a new one would still be generated to replace it)
  5. c++ C++/Python Chest Drop View (My version)

    The "Chest Drop Preview" as idea is interesting: I don't think opening 200 boxes at once without delay would be as good as expected. It would be better adding another sliderbar to specify the relative delay (e.g. from 0.0 to 1.0s). (you can simply move the for loop in the OnUpdate function to accomplish such a thing quite easily) (and by reclicking the OpenChestButtonMultiple, you stop the unboxing process) Tips: Instead of "if not self.chestDrop.has_key(self.currentChest):" you can simply do "if self.currentChest not in self.chestDrop:" (has_key is a thing of the past, pre 2.2) Instead of "if 0 != self.tooltipItem:" you can simply do "if self.tooltipItem:" (python evalues as false even if it's 0 "" [] {} () set() None False)
  6. python Sequence Generator

    It's not necessary, but it's still something that can be done quite easily. Some servers though disable the whole sequence.
  7. python Sequence Generator

    I made a sequence generator script. You can find it in here: https://github.com/martysama0134/how-to-mt2-general/tree/master/sequence-generator This python script automatically generates the sequence table for `EterLib\NetStream.cpp` (in `s_bSequenceTable`) and `game\src\sequence.cpp` (in `gc_abSequence`). (the keys get changed every time you run the script) A sequence table is just a simple random generated array with 16x2048 bytes between 0x0 and 0xfe. Replacing the sequence table makes older/unwanted launchers unable to access the server.
  8. Instead of changing window to windows, you can simply change it to `window`. (this little change is present on mysql8.0 as well) Including <mariadb>'s includes isn't 100% required (at must, it's suggested to do so) since the <mysql>'s ones are also added when installing mariadb. Instead of directly adding the mariadb define in CFLAGS, you can perform a check like mysql --version | grep -c MariaDB. By default, when linking mariadb, several other dynamic .so are included in the game. (it may be annoying)
  9. open Can't compile quest because dragon soul defines?

    You need pre_qc.py. python pre_qc.py -ac (if you use mine; the quest list is specified in quest_list)
  10. python Xtea Keys Generator

    Some years ago I created a (python2) script to generate xtea keys randomly, here it is: xtea-keys-generator.rar You can also find it in here: https://github.com/martysama0134/how-to-mt2-general/tree/master/xtea-keys-generator It generates the code for EterNexus, for EterPack.cpp, and also the hex string you see inside the compiled launcher.
  11. python [Py] Root 02.02.2018

    Definitely DevDick. You can find him several times dicking around in this new leaked root: (screenshot by Syreldar)
  12. c++ Teleport Skill for Party

    In reality, he was called warxwar in italian boards in 2009. I helped him a lot through these years. I taught him python and other stuff. (but he forgot them) Well, you can see the result now with this kind of thread ahah
  13. c++ Teleport Skill for Party

    I never created nor sold that thing. I also hate using "attached braces". (code formatting style) What a pig.
  14. open Offline shop crash bug

    In the relative .cpp file, you have something like: DirectQuery(query); so change it to: DirectQuery("%s", query);
  15. Post your desktop.