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  1. martysama0134

    open freebsd 13.0 source compile

    The upcoming version should be 12.0 (on December). Current release: 11.2 using clang6. No 13.0. For the warning, replace all the 3 possible -mXXX with just -m32.
  2. martysama0134

    bsd libssh vulnerability(CVE-2018-10933)

    To check your libssh version, you just need to fail the command sshd by simply doing something like: sshd -v On FreeBSD 11.0 OpenSSH_7.2p2, OpenSSL 1.0.2k-freebsd 26 Jan 2017 On FreeBSD 9.3 OpenSSH_6.6.1p1, OpenSSL 0.9.8za-freebsd 5 Jun 2014 They both seem fine. https://www.cvedetails.com/cve/CVE-2018-10933/
  3. martysama0134

    solved Weird Commands

    Check my docs for those commands: https://martysama0134.github.io/m2-docs/cmd.html
  4. martysama0134

    WorldEditor ReMIX

    https://github.com/martysama0134/how-to-mt2-general/tree/master/worldeditor-dpi-fix Try to decrease the dpi to 100% from the computer panel, and if not resolved, use the manifest as well. Note: I use win10 and it works all fine
  5. martysama0134

    open databases crashes, server dont start

    Ignore him. He's just iratm shitposting again. 1) A peer can be null, and it's used when we send something without caring for an answer from db. 2) BlockCountry return type isn't handled, so even if it fails, it doesn't exit. Avenuetm didn't reply to Dr3am3r when he asked whether or not a db.core has been generated (in the thread title, it says "db crash", so we expect he got one), but he ended up giving some random likes and nothing more If he doesn't reply, mods should close this thread then. EDIT: how to read a core dump: https://github.com/martysama0134/how-to-general/blob/master/freebsd-tips/how-to-analyze-a-core-dump.md Enjoy.
  6. martysama0134

    open InnoDB or MyISAM the better?

    InnoDB is slightly faster in writing, but it gets totally corrupted very often in case of system crash or reboot (with metin2 server still running) (shutdown -r now is safe). Making Sql backups of InnoDB is mandatory if you don't want to die fast. (cold backups, if not complete, are junk with innodb) MyISAM is slightly faster in reading. MariaDB has also Aria as engine, Mysql8 improves MyISAM and InnoDB by a lot (like InnoDB with improved ACID). https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/innodb-benefits.html https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/myisam-storage-engine.html
  7. martysama0134

    WorldEditor ReMIX

    https://github.com/martysama0134/how-to-mt2-general/tree/master/worldeditor-dpi-fix Try this way in case of higher resolutions and menus overflowing.
  8. martysama0134

    Frankie/M2BobFixed/warxwar/RaFFa is stealing your players' passwords!

    He got permabanned 2 weeks ago from here.
  9. Frankie/M2BobFixed/warxwar/RaFFa is stealing your players' passwords! What does it mean? Everyone who is using his last "ultimate protection" is indirectly sending all his players' users&passwords to his webserver. How? https://imgur.com/a/TqYYC As you can see, he's sending the player's user&pass at login to his remote webserver faking it as "m2bob login". Haha To understand better what's going on, we need to "decrypt" the text. https://i.imgur.com/iq9DuFj.png Why would he do such a thing? Well, it's nothing new that he does retarded things like this. Mostly for his own profit. And also to harm/destroy other servers, since he opened one from stolen server-files. How many servers are now fucked up? There are quite some so far. Is he really skilled? Haha, no. He's a retard. 99.8% of his code comes from stackoverflow.com, and he also was trying to rip-off Koray's protection. He also needs to update the hashes in his protection each time there's a new m2bob version. So, who is Frankie? He's an Italian bipolar guy, and professional liar (he would NEVER NEVER NEVER confess, but he would make some excuses). I taught him python in 2010, but he understood nothing, and I gave up on him. Between 2010-2013 he was just begging for money by doing some quick dirty job in python for random servers. In 2014-2015, he created his m2bobfixed service, and there's quite some people who cried blood because of that. In 2017, he faked that his skype was hacked by romanians to start reselling other people's files. In 2018, he opened a(n infamous) pserver from stolen files, and he's currently stealing users&passwords and private files from all of his "clients". If he joined your PC via teamviewer, or if he sent you some .exe/.dll, it's quite sure he stole something from you. Additional things: 1) He placed the protection inside a folder called "AccountProtect", but in reality it's a password stealer. Can you understand the irony? https://i.imgur.com/PuupV8U.png 2) You can try and decrypt the strings by yourself. Download https://pastebin.com/H9v0heBh then compile n run it: # c++ main.cpp # ./a.out
  10. martysama0134


    Yeah, yeah. So bad that I just need to fart to annihilate your existence. I don't like meddling with shit though. I prefer to keep myself clean.
  11. martysama0134


  12. martysama0134

    c++ C++/Python Chest Drop View (My version)

    I gave you some suggestions/tips, because I thought you were the creator of this script, but it seems not.
  13. martysama0134

    python [Fix] Ghost GUI

    Technically, this is a work-around, because the previous "ghost interface" is still there, but it remains just hidden (undeleted). You get such bug due to a python's garbage collector "issue/condition" when destroying the relative class: Since, in your case, the class' object count is higher than 1, when deleting self, the object count is decreased by 1, but since it doesn't still become 0, self doesn't get destroyed at all. (and del self.wndInventory wouldn't trigger def __del__ either) Normally, the object count for gui instances should remain as 1, but (mostly in every case) if someone during a .SetEvent (or similar) passed the self parameter without proxing it (proxy=creating a weak uncounted instance of self), it will lead to create 2 self instances in two different modules (interfaceModule and ui in this case), which means the object count will be >=2, and then you'll get a "ghost interface" when rewarping. Even so, considering everything beside self gets still deleted (i mean, its internal elements get deleted except the methods; that's why ESC still works), putting a .Hide() in there is still safe. (the memory leak would still remain unfixed though; maybe after retriggering the bug the "ghost interface" gets deleted, but a new one would still be generated to replace it)
  14. martysama0134

    c++ C++/Python Chest Drop View (My version)

    The "Chest Drop Preview" as idea is interesting: I don't think opening 200 boxes at once without delay would be as good as expected. It would be better adding another sliderbar to specify the relative delay (e.g. from 0.0 to 1.0s). (you can simply move the for loop in the OnUpdate function to accomplish such a thing quite easily) (and by reclicking the OpenChestButtonMultiple, you stop the unboxing process) Tips: Instead of "if not self.chestDrop.has_key(self.currentChest):" you can simply do "if self.currentChest not in self.chestDrop:" (has_key is a thing of the past, pre 2.2) Instead of "if 0 != self.tooltipItem:" you can simply do "if self.tooltipItem:" (python evalues as false even if it's 0 "" [] {} () set() None False)
  15. martysama0134

    python Sequence Generator

    It's not necessary, but it's still something that can be done quite easily. Some servers though disable the whole sequence.