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  1. c++ Teleport Skill for Party

    In reality, he was called warxwar in italian boards in 2009. I helped him a lot through these years. I taught him python and other stuff. (but he forgot them) Well, you can see the result now with this kind of thread ahah
  2. c++ Teleport Skill for Party

    I never created nor sold that thing. I also hate using "attached braces". (code formatting style) What a pig.
  3. open Offline shop crash bug

    In the relative .cpp file, you have something like: DirectQuery(query); so change it to: DirectQuery("%s", query);
  4. Post your desktop.

  5. open game.core whisper block help

    In here: else if (MessengerManager::instance().IsBlocked_Target(ch->GetName(), pkChr->GetName())) prChr is NULL, that's why it crashes. so, to fix it: else if (pkChr && MessengerManager::instance().IsBlocked_Target(ch->GetName(), pkChr->GetName()))
  6. I use it like this: Inside C:\D\ a file mount_d.bat containing: @cd %~dp0 @subst d: . @pause and a file unmount_d.bat @subst d: /D @pause
  7. About top command and RAM memory

    1gb of ram is too low. It's not even worth mentioning. You can easily run a full metin2 server with at least 2gb of ram. (kimsufi ks-1 costs €5/mo) One of the reasons you can get lag on crappy machines is also the i/o usage. You can check it with top -m io (100% doesn't mean full 100% usage, but only the program that is taking much resource so far... usually sendmail, which you can disable)
  8. Time back after reboot

    killall game will trigger the core shutdown event, and it will take at maximum 300 seconds to save all (items, players) and then stop the game. (without - is -1 by default, -9 will force the closure losing items; e.g. killall -9 game db) After that, you can kill db. Don't ever use reboot to restart the server. It will restart the server without stopping any process. It could corrupt mysql's database as well. You should use shutdown -r now to restart. It will wait until all the processes are stopped. It usually takes 1 second though. Don't use it to safely stop metin2 since you need to stop the game cores before db, and not randomly.
  9. [How-To] Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting Metin2 Quests Lua

    Updated on github with the 40k functions as well. (and also others used by me) https://github.com/martysama0134/how-to-mt2-general/tree/master/quest-syntax-highlighting Note: Also added some dumplist examples.
  10. [How-To] Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting Metin2 Quests Lua After a while, I found back my modded notepad++ langs.xml containing all the old metin2 lua functions in there. It's dated 2012 (I've added the recent langs.xml lua tags few hours ago for lua 5.2 as well), but I'll update it soon with the 40k functions and mine as well. (on github) How to "install" it? Well, open %appdata%\Notepad++\langs.xml and replace the <Language name="lua" ...> section with this: (it doesn't allow me to use <!-- --> comments though) http://pastebin.com/raw/kn759bYZ After that, restart notepad++, and it's done. Result: Enjoy your Christmas Abione. Note: Some people should already have tried to do so in the past, but this is the nicest way I like.
  11. [How-To] Colored quest scrolls v2 (revised)

    Remove "blink," to remove the flashing.
  12. [Official] Unpacked Updates Metin2.de

    They should be so laggy in game. The update should also include some new "shop sign" as well. I'm tempted to make an update for it, but they look so toxic haha
  13. Dynamic python module names

    The idea behind isn't bad. Most probably, there will need extra python code for uiscript/localeui as well. (if you use utils.py btw) Most importantly, if you all want to use this, be sure to change some details, because the release is public and the script kiddos will surely figure out what you're using, and will try to bypass it.
  14. [Bug]Dump_proto,Textures of mobs

    mob_proto.txt has a column for resist claw, the dump_proto doesn't consider it, or vice versa.
  15. Alternative navicat - HeidiSQL

    Navicat is very user-friendly, HeidiSql isn't much. Even though HeidiSql is way better improved than Navicat and has a lot of features (which most of the people on Metin2 would never use, because they don't even know what mysql even is), people will prefer to use the second. If HeidiSql were to remake the skin better then... Navicat will be gone.