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  1. c++ Teleport Skill for Party

    In reality, he was called warxwar in italian boards in 2009. I helped him a lot through these years. I taught him python and other stuff. (but he forgot them) Well, you can see the result now with this kind of thread ahah
  2. c++ Teleport Skill for Party

    I never created nor sold that thing. I also hate using "attached braces". (code formatting style) What a pig.
  3. WorldEditor ReMIX

    File Name: WorldEditor ReMIX File Submitter: martysama0134 File Submitted: 27 Aug 2014 File Category: Tools Intro: This WE is a version compiled directly by me which includes infinite fixes and features. It's certain that you won't longer use the worldeditor_en! To make it simple, I wrote all the details about this feature and the common WE inside the relative config file: (called WorldEditor.txt) // I recently built a new worldeditor version with new features, so: Be a guinea pig of mine and test it all! // Info: (v24) // -) 100% translated // -) granny2.9 // -) F6 as Insert alternative // -) many default features not present inside the worldeditor_en (probably, that binary was taken out from an SVN long time ago and resource hacked) such as Ins for all regions and skyboxes // -) WASD UPLEFTDOWNRIGHT to move around (+asynchronous diagonally movements) // -) UP-LEFT-DOWN-RIGHT to move around*10 (+asynchronous diagonally movements) // -) config file for few things // Output options by default // few others such as default WASD movement // whether or not Insert should let you go where you were before the press // no MAI dump when saving atlas // whether or not DevIL should compress and remove alpha from minimap.dds // whether or not loading .mdatr building heights // default textureset when creating maps // overlapped tabs // other stuff // -) few bugfixes // default title app name // attempting to write to an empty textureset name when creating new maps // ViewRadius doubled every load&save // shadowmap.dds creation // assert when saving atlas // crash when adjusting height // many buffer under/overflows // *.mdc collision data saving (for game_test) // not checking output options when loading maps // water brush waterid bug (the id was increased until 256 each time the function was called; now it's based on the water height just like it should be) // init texture map reload map crash and last 2px always blank // if pack/property exists, it'll be read! (note: if found, the local property/ directory will not be considered!) // square shape even for up/down height brushes // add textureset texture button (+multiselection) // remove textureset texture feature (just selecting a texture from the list and pressing DELETE) // creation of empty textureset with index -1 (changed to 0) // change baseposition button // misspelled stuff // skybox bottom image (nb: you also need a fixed launcher for this) // removed the boring CTRL requirement (to move the camera) when editing daylight/attr // fixed refresh texture imagebox when onKey-pressing the down/up keys (like when onClicking them) // fixed TextureSet file creation if not existing // fixed new wolfman motion event handling // -) created new TextureSet field when creating new maps // -) created new Change/Delete Texture buttons when double-clicking a texture // -) created Background Music playback and Shadow Recalculate buttons // -) created water height "set 0z", "+1z", "-1z" buttons // -) server_attr generator // Note: // 0) there are no regressions in this version! a bug here means it'd also be present in older WE versions too! // 1) the shadow output option is tricky: when UpdateUI is called, shadows are hidden although the check is pressed (i implemented the shadow recalculate function for that) #fixed since v11 // 2) the bgm player requires /miles and the fadein/out doesn't work until you load the map // 3) the adjusting height button works only if mdatr height is detected // 4) the Debug version is laggy when working on maps such as n_flame_dungeon and n_ice_dungeon (by default, because SphereRadius are intensively checked in SphereLib\spherepack.h) // 5) if you load a map, the script panels (where you load .msa et similia) will have the camera perspective a little fucked up (0z instead of -32767z or 0x 0y -163,94z) // 6) few tree objects are not movable and/or highlightable after placed on the ground and their selection is invisible (you can still delete 'em) // trick: draw a square selecting a normal building and 'em, then move the building and you'll see all of 'em will be moved! // 7) the server_attr generator will clean all the unused flags! attr[idx]&=~0xFFFFFFF8; // 8) you can read files from pack/Index 'n stuff but be aware that Property will not be considered! #fixed since v15 // 9) the MonsterAreaInfo features are laggy and buggy as fuck // 10) even though you can select many textures at once (using ctrl+click on textureset list; for brushing or initializing a base texture), you can't delete more than one at the same time // 11) the .mdatr height is tricky; if you move a building, the height will not be refreshed until you put a new building or whatever you want to trigger the update event // 12) by default, the worldeditor tries to render only the first 8 terrain textures of a 32x32px region (nb: a 1x1 map is a 256x256 px region) // 13) the minimap rendering cannot catch the buildings/trees inside the first 2x2 regions due a ymir cache fault and you need to set the camera to "see" them // 14) when the textureset, environment, etc load fails, the old filename still remains loaded // 15) the attr flag "3" (three) has no implementation, so don't use it! // TODO: // A) look at more than 8 textures for region -> DONE // B) create a shortcut to fix the #5 note -> DONE // C) disable the radius <= GetRadius()+0.0001f check to fix the #4 note -> REJECTED // the worldeditor_en calls this assert and, if ignored, the lag ceases to exist (this will not occur in source version) // at least, if the release version is not a problem for you, use that in those few cases when .mse are abused and try to kill the debug one // D) translation in more languages other than english -> REJECTED // english should be enough! // E) alternative path for d: -> REJECTED // you can mount d as a subpath of c like this: // subst d: "c:\mt2stuff" // ### WE CONFIG FILE VIEW_CHAR_OUTPUT_BY_DEFAULT = 1 VIEW_SHADOW_OUTPUT_BY_DEFAULT = 1 VIEW_WATER_OUTPUT_BY_DEFAULT = 1 // WINDOW_HEIGHT_SIZE = 1080 // WINDOW_WIDTH_SIZE = 1920 WINDOW_FOV_SIZE = 45 // #100 = 1px (minimal px movement when pressing WASD) WASD_MINIMAL_MOVE = 100 // came back from where you were before pressing Insert/F6 NO_GOTO_AFTER_INSERT = 1 // disable MAI dumps when saving atlas and/or pressing Insert/F6 NOMAI_ATLAS_DUMP = 1 // disable minimap.dds alpha saving and enable compression NOMINIMAP_RAWALPHA = 1 // enable .mdatr height collision loading when moving on buildings or adjusting terrain DETECT_MDATR_HEIGHT = 1 // disable fog when loading maps NOFOG_ONMAPLOAD = 1 // refresh all checkbox configurations when loading maps 'n stuff REFRESHALL_ONUPDATEUI = 0 // set a default mapname prefix when creating new maps ("" to disable) NEW_MAP_MAPNAME_PREFIX = "metin2_map_" // display a default textureset when creating new maps ("" to disable) // note: it loads the filepath if exists, otherwise it will create an empty textureset file NEWMAP_TEXTURESETLOADPATH = "textureset\metin2_a1.txt" // create a default textureset as "textureset/{mapname}.txt" // note: this option is not considered if NEWMAP_TEXTURESETLOADPATH is not empty. [before v24] // note: this option is not considered if the TextureSet path input is not empty when creating a new map [since v24] NEWMAP_TEXTURESETSAVEASMAPNAME = 1 // ## SHORT-CUTs // # ESC(ape) Clean cursor // # Canc(el|Delete) Delete stuff such as selected buildings // # Ctrl+S Save map // # Ins(ert) or F6 Save shadowmap|minimap.dds // # F3 BoundGrid Show/Hide // # F4 Render UI Show/Hide // # F11 WireFrame Show/Hide // # R Reload Texture // # Z and X Decrease/Increase Texture Splat by 0.1 // # CapsLock Show GaussianCubic effect if shadows are displayed // # L-Shift+1-6 Show TextureCountThreshold flags (&2-7) as colors on the ground // # L-Shift+8 Set Max Showable texture to 8 (de-fix note 12) // # L-Shift+0 Set Max Showable texture to 255 (fix note 12) // # H Refresh MDATR Heights (useful when you move an object) (fix note 11) // # Y Set Perspective as default (fix note 5) // # T Set the Camera to catch all the object on the screen (w/a note 13) then you'll be ready to press Insert/F6 // # DO NOT HAVE AN OBJECT SELECTED WHEN USING THOSE SHORTCUTS (MW1-7) // # MouseWheel+1 move cursor x rotation // # MouseWheel+2 move cursor y rotation // # MouseWheel+3 move cursor z rotation // # MouseWheel+4 move cursor height base (1x) // # MouseWheel+5 move cursor height base (0.5x) // # MouseWheel+6 move cursor height base (0.05x) // # MouseWheel+7 move cursor ambience scale (1x) // # MouseWheel+Q move selected object height base (1x) // # MouseWheel+9 move selected object x position (1x) (+asyncronous) // # MouseWheel+0 move selected object y position (1x) (+asyncronous) // # MW+RSHIFT+9|0 as above but *10x (+asyncronous) // # MW+RCONTROL+9|0 as above but *100x (+asyncronous) // # MouseLeft Insert Objects // # MouseRight Move camera (it could require CTRL too) // # SPACE Start move/selected animation in Object/Effect/Fly CB // # ESC Stop animation in Effect/Fly CB NB: A space is required for such things: //*space*stuff KEY*space*=*space*VALUE Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/c4yhd41ruy97c88/we_remix_v23__20140801-1859.rar http://www.mediafire.com/download/jxmemazw50vmnmj/we_remix_v24__20150621-0154.rar​ How To Map: This release will not cover this part. Look at CryPrime`s tutorials to understand how to do it. About the ServerAttr Generator: (since v14) This is a beta function but it should work fine. I tested it on gm_guild_build (1x1), metin2_map_a1 (4x5), metin2_map_trent (2x2), metin2_n_snowm_01 (6x6) and the result was the same as the blackyuko map editor. (I use a different lzo version and I clean deprecated and useless flags, so the size is different from this last one but the "final image" will be the same; using game_test to fix his server_attr will let mine and his perfectly equal byte per byte) I also give you the source code of my server_attr generator function. CLICK A server_attr file is based on all the attr.atr files merged into a one raw RGBA image and each one scaled from 256x256 to 512x512. After that, the image will be splitted into sectors of 128x128 px and each one compressed using lzo compression. The server_attr header is composed by the size of the map*4. (e.g. a 4x4 will have a 16x16 size with 256 sectors inside) (gj ymir CLICK) An uncompressed server_attr sector is just like this: CLICK (the sub 4 byte header is the size returned by the LzoCompress which indicates how much the compressed sector data are large) Each attr.atr is just like this: CLICK (the header is composed of 6 byte in total: 3 WORDs respectively for version, width and height; they are always 2634, 1, 1 so don't bother about it) A single attr.atr scaled from 256x256 to 512x512 will be just like this: CLICK You can use the game_test (from source) to perform few tasks like:Create a server_attr from a .mcd file (I won't suggest it) a <collision data filename> <map directory>Regenerate an old server_attr to server_attr.new using the current lzo compression and cleaning useless flag CLICK c <filename>Other stuff such as b to create a character instance or q to quit About the SkyBox Bottom pic fix: (since v21) Both metin2launch.exe and worldeditor.exe should be edited to see the bottom pic of the skybox. Ymir messed up the code wrongly flipping the bottom image. Open .SrcsClientEterLibSkyBox.cpp and replace ////// Face 5: BOTTOM v3QuadPoints[0] = D3DXVECTOR3(1.0f, -1.0f, -1.0f); v3QuadPoints[1] = D3DXVECTOR3(1.0f, 1.0f, -1.0f); v3QuadPoints[2] = D3DXVECTOR3(-1.0f, -1.0f, -1.0f); v3QuadPoints[3] = D3DXVECTOR3(-1.0f, 1.0f, -1.0f);with ////// Face 5: BOTTOM v3QuadPoints[0] = D3DXVECTOR3(1.0f, 1.0f, -1.0f); v3QuadPoints[1] = D3DXVECTOR3(1.0f, -1.0f, -1.0f); v3QuadPoints[2] = D3DXVECTOR3(-1.0f, 1.0f, -1.0f); v3QuadPoints[3] = D3DXVECTOR3(-1.0f, -1.0f, -1.0f); then recompile. Credits: Click here to download this file
  4. open Offline shop crash bug

    In the relative .cpp file, you have something like: DirectQuery(query); so change it to: DirectQuery("%s", query);
  5. Post your desktop.

  6. open game.core whisper block help

    In here: else if (MessengerManager::instance().IsBlocked_Target(ch->GetName(), pkChr->GetName())) prChr is NULL, that's why it crashes. so, to fix it: else if (pkChr && MessengerManager::instance().IsBlocked_Target(ch->GetName(), pkChr->GetName()))
  7. [How-To] Metin2 & Cython

    Intro This release will explain how to "convert" your root .py files to .c ones. Actually, Cython only converts those files to pure CPython code. Download NOTE: ALL THE FILES HAVE BEEN MOVED TO HOW-TO-CYTHON-MT2. EDIT: As requested by many people, you can download the compatible and clean official cn root dated 20131228-0034 without further edits: rootCn_20131228-0034_edit.raruiscriptCn_20131228-0034.rarcN-serverinfo-edit.pyIs Cython really worth it?ProsAll the modules are compiled, and they can't be "extracted as .py" anymore.We can always disassemble the launcher with IDA, but the result will be pseudo-c code after waiting 6-8h of analyzing. Since we're not using .pyx files but directly .py ones, there's no "so much optimization".At least, 10% of performance increasing is guaranteed. ConsFor testing purposes, it's heavy to maintain. Everytime you try to re-compile your root files, you should wait 5-10 minutes.You can always use the uncythonized root (.py files) when you perform tests, and compile cython whenever you will make an update in your live server. The launcher's size will increase ~10mb. You can actually pack it to save space.If you directly use a .pyd (still 10mb), the launcher's size won't increase. VideoTutorial Credits Me (lollo_9_1/martysama0134)Night (OST suggestion)Random TestersWhat's New:v2.0The module's name check is now case-insensitive (colorInfo == colorinfo)Added a new function rootlib/uiscriptlib.getList() to retrieve a tuple of all the available cythonized modules.Now you can compile a uiscriptlib library from the uiscript*.py files! (implemented as __USE_EXTRA_CYTHON__)Added a sample ui.py containing the code to run uiscriptlib.
  8. I use it like this: Inside C:\D\ a file mount_d.bat containing: @cd %~dp0 @subst d: . @pause and a file unmount_d.bat @subst d: /D @pause
  9. About top command and RAM memory

    1gb of ram is too low. It's not even worth mentioning. You can easily run a full metin2 server with at least 2gb of ram. (kimsufi ks-1 costs €5/mo) One of the reasons you can get lag on crappy machines is also the i/o usage. You can check it with top -m io (100% doesn't mean full 100% usage, but only the program that is taking much resource so far... usually sendmail, which you can disable)
  10. This is a revised version of an old thread. Following this How-To, you will have a better customizable solution for the aspect of your quests. You will be able to choice amongst: quest icon, text color, blink effect (like whisper buttons) How To You just need to replace 2 little things: I) In interfaceModule.py, replace BINARY_RecvQuest with: http://pastebin.com/TAk9bx92 II) In questlib.lua, replace send_letter_ex with: http://pastebin.com/wDYjJdnp Explanation: -the 2° argument of send_letter_ex will support multiple parameters: -green|blue|purple|golden|fucsia|aqua and so on (you can add them in BINARY_RecvQuest by adding new colors 0xFF+#HEX; Color Picker Online) -blink (the quest will flash like the whisper messages) -ex (a dummy tag to separate it from "info" and "item") -the 3° argument is the name of the icon to choose, which the current availables are: -scroll_open.tga -scroll_open_green.tga -scroll_open_blue.tga -scroll_open_purple.tga -scroll_open_golden.tga Examples: send_letter_ex(localeInfo.LanguageOptionTitle, "green,blink,ex", "scroll_open_green.tga") send_letter_ex(localeInfo.LanguageOptionTitle, "blue,blink,ex", "scroll_open_blue.tga") send_letter_ex(localeInfo.LanguageOptionTitle, "purple,blink,ex", "scroll_open_purple.tga") send_letter_ex(localeInfo.LanguageOptionTitle, "golden,blink,ex", "scroll_open_golden.tga") send_letter_ex(localeInfo.LanguageOptionTitle, "golden,blink,ex", "scroll_open.tga") send_letter_ex(localeInfo.LanguageOptionTitle, "golden,blink,ex", "scroll_open_green.tga") Note: As you can imagine, the only limitation is that the color in N won't appear. (it will require additional code and work, so just forget it) Download: Check the attachment (colored-quest-scrolls-v2-res.7z) and add metin2_patch_new_questicon in your client. colored-quest-scrolls-v2-res.7z
  11. Time back after reboot

    killall game will trigger the core shutdown event, and it will take at maximum 300 seconds to save all (items, players) and then stop the game. (without - is -1 by default, -9 will force the closure losing items; e.g. killall -9 game db) After that, you can kill db. Don't ever use reboot to restart the server. It will restart the server without stopping any process. It could corrupt mysql's database as well. You should use shutdown -r now to restart. It will wait until all the processes are stopped. It usually takes 1 second though. Don't use it to safely stop metin2 since you need to stop the game cores before db, and not randomly.
  12. [How-To] Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting Metin2 Quests Lua After a while, I found back my modded notepad++ langs.xml containing all the old metin2 lua functions in there. It's dated 2012 (I've added the recent langs.xml lua tags few hours ago for lua 5.2 as well), but I'll update it soon with the 40k functions and mine as well. (on github) How to "install" it? Well, open %appdata%\Notepad++\langs.xml and replace the <Language name="lua" ...> section with this: (it doesn't allow me to use <!-- --> comments though) http://pastebin.com/raw/kn759bYZ After that, restart notepad++, and it's done. Result: Enjoy your Christmas Abione. Note: Some people should already have tried to do so in the past, but this is the nicest way I like.
  13. [How-To] Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting Metin2 Quests Lua

    Updated on github with the 40k functions as well. (and also others used by me) https://github.com/martysama0134/how-to-mt2-general/tree/master/quest-syntax-highlighting Note: Also added some dumplist examples.
  14. Well, such a thing is quite easy, and I know it since 2011~2012 (when the first 30k game cores were released to be more precise). You can find some diff patch files of that time for 30k game cores on the web that do this, but I will explain to you how to do it via source code editing. Before all, why the 40k game core files have a login more slower than usual? That's because ymir implemented an additional encryption security using cryptopp, and at login, they added some key agreement checks, which ended up the login to be more slower. You can actually disable such a feature, so that you can have the login fast like the old game revisions had. Disabling it will actually remove the "key agreement" issue, and will encrypt the connection with xtea instead of some cryptopp algorithms. (no big security issues, so it's safe to do) The edit is quite simple: Via server, you have to go and edit ^/Srcs/Server/common/service.h commenting #define _IMPROVED_PACKET_ENCRYPTION_ to // #define _IMPROVED_PACKET_ENCRYPTION_ Via client, same story for ^\Srcs\Client\EterBase\ServiceDefs.h commenting #define _IMPROVED_PACKET_ENCRYPTION_ to // #define _IMPROVED_PACKET_ENCRYPTION_ Additionally, in the client, you must also edit the archaic pong from ^\Srcs\Client\UserInterface\Locale.cpp like this: find #define LSS_SECURITY_KEY "testtesttesttest" change it to #define LSS_SECURITY_KEY "1234abcd5678efgh" Video of a quick login: (using a second rate connection, and with 4810 programs opened simultaneously) https://youtu.be/Rp2EeICMkFU Here how the code should be at the end: http://imgur.com/a/RDO7r Enjoy your abione.
  15. [How-To] Colored quest scrolls v2 (revised)

    Remove "blink," to remove the flashing.
  16. [Official] Unpacked Updates Metin2.de

    They should be so laggy in game. The update should also include some new "shop sign" as well. I'm tempted to make an update for it, but they look so toxic haha
  17. Dynamic python module names

    The idea behind isn't bad. Most probably, there will need extra python code for uiscript/localeui as well. (if you use utils.py btw) Most importantly, if you all want to use this, be sure to change some details, because the release is public and the script kiddos will surely figure out what you're using, and will try to bypass it.
  18. [Bug]Dump_proto,Textures of mobs

    mob_proto.txt has a column for resist claw, the dump_proto doesn't consider it, or vice versa.
  19. Alternative navicat - HeidiSQL

    Navicat is very user-friendly, HeidiSql isn't much. Even though HeidiSql is way better improved than Navicat and has a lot of features (which most of the people on Metin2 would never use, because they don't even know what mysql even is), people will prefer to use the second. If HeidiSql were to remake the skin better then... Navicat will be gone.
  20. Shared object "libstdc++.so.6" not found.. daroo files

    My skype is on my daemonservice thread. Remove yours in here otherwise you get a warning. Try to do what I told you in db/src/Makefile game/src/Makefile CFLAGS variable.
  21. Shared object "libstdc++.so.6" not found.. daroo files

    It's usually ok. If you use gcc >=4.8, you can even use -static-libstdc++ in CFLAGS (by default, in freebsd 9.x, it's gcc4.2). There are a lot of ways to solve it, like symlinking.
  22. Shared object "libstdc++.so.6" not found.. daroo files

    You can even use the -static flag in CFLAGS to have 0 libs requirement.
  23. Game.core problem

    if (desc) desc->Packet(blabla); This is just an example. The rest is up to you.
  24. Game.core problem

    The desc->Packet() call in the Broadcast function will make the crash because DESC is NULL.
  25. [How-To] Colored quest scrolls v2 (revised)

    Someone on another board asked me how to use it, so I made a shortcut for it: Instead of send_letter("XXX") you use send_letter_ex("XXX", "green,blink,ex", "scroll_open_green.tga") if you want green icon, green text, and the icon blinking. OR add these in questlib.lua function send_letter_blue(name) send_letter_ex(name, "ex", "scroll_open_blue.tga") end function send_letter_golden(name) send_letter_ex(name, "ex", "scroll_open_golden.tga") end function send_letter_green(name) send_letter_ex(name, "ex", "scroll_open_green.tga") end function send_letter_purple(name) send_letter_ex(name, "ex", "scroll_open_purple.tga") end function send_letter_blue_blink(name) send_letter_ex(name, "blink,ex", "scroll_open_blue.tga") end function send_letter_golden_blink(name) send_letter_ex(name, "blink,ex", "scroll_open_golden.tga") end function send_letter_green_blink(name) send_letter_ex(name, "blink,ex", "scroll_open_green.tga") end function send_letter_purple_blink(name) send_letter_ex(name, "blink,ex", "scroll_open_purple.tga") end function send_letter_blue_text(name) send_letter_ex(name, "blue,ex", "scroll_open_blue.tga") end function send_letter_golden_text(name) send_letter_ex(name, "golden,ex", "scroll_open_golden.tga") end function send_letter_green_text(name) send_letter_ex(name, "green,ex", "scroll_open_green.tga") end function send_letter_purple_text(name) send_letter_ex(name, "purple,ex", "scroll_open_purple.tga") end function send_letter_blue_blink_text(name) send_letter_ex(name, "blink,blue,ex", "scroll_open_blue.tga") end function send_letter_golden_blink_text(name) send_letter_ex(name, "blink,golden,ex", "scroll_open_golden.tga") end function send_letter_green_blink_text(name) send_letter_ex(name, "blink,green,ex", "scroll_open_green.tga") end function send_letter_purple_blink_text(name) send_letter_ex(name, "blink,purple,ex", "scroll_open_purple.tga") end So you would just need to replace send_letter("something") with send_letter_green_text("something") for text and icon green.