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  1. [Collection] File Requests

    Hi, does anyone have the latest metin2.us (G4Box/Z8Games) client from 2013? Thanks.
  2. [Group] Daily Music - Share your favorite!

    I'm obsessed with this song right now
  3. Clean Serverfiles&Source

    does this have fixes?
  4. Metin2 Beta 2003/2004

    Is that server yours?
  5. item_proto converter

    I want to convert an item_proto from 2012/2013 client to 2089M sql but I can't find anything.
  6. [Group] Daily Music - Share your favorite!

    This is so good
  7. Version 15.5 and New Official Pet System

    Updated OP with new information.
  8. Version 15.5 and New Official Pet System

    I actually like it yet but we'll see when it's added.
  9. Version 15.5 and New Official Pet System

    From Metin2.uk Portal: New info from Metin2.uk Portal:
  10. New Offical Char Create / Select

    Same for me
  11. Need a py expert

    It won't work since skills have 0 points at first.
  12. Need a py expert

    Does anyone know how the horse skill image changes when you lvl up the horse?
  13. [Problem]Effect icon like potions in skills

    Do you know how to make a skill turnable on/off like that skill? (For example warrior strong body skill like sura's that skill in the first post)
  14. New skill damage problem

    thank you but please don't forget