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  1. V0iĐ

    c++ Transparency check for images

    Thank u. Kind, best, emperor, king, god, fortran regards: V0iD P.S.: Busy at wrk. and mah diesel harmónika.
  2. V0iĐ

    solved Disable Empire Attack

    Nope. Just nobody cares this. Learn C plus plus and do it yourself.
  3. V0iĐ

    solved Client detach

  4. V0iĐ

    open Offline_Shop Error build

    Add in the TPacketGCShopUpdatePrice struct but it's clear I think.
  5. V0iĐ

    open Client Compile Error

    It's possible, keywords: metin2 compile binary visual studio 2013
  6. V0iĐ

    Guild creatin error

    dst size: 12*2+1=25 src size: 13*2+1=27 maybe: sizeof(gcp.name) replace: strlen(gcp.name) Oh i forgot: This """fix""" is a bullshit. Such as Sebastian said.
  7. V0iĐ

    Question function

    Why bumping? Only You know what the hell is the '__AttachSelectEffectPVP()' function and what it doing and where it is.
  8. I think You should learn C++ first time.
  9. V0iĐ

    Searching : Development [C++]

    Hi! Write this people because they are very professional c++ developers https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/profile/1778-vegas/ https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/profile/2058-ken/ https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/profile/206-koray/
  10. V0iĐ

    [c++] Ungroup client on taskbar

    Oh my holy FORTRAN lord. :'( 2016 and You sayin' XP users. Vista? Normal people NEVER use the "vista" the vista is the Satan's work. Sorry but your comment a little bit bullshit. And sorry for my english. Kind regards, best regards, fuckin' yolo regards and etc.
  11. V0iĐ

    Exp Generator Problem

    printf("Level %2d | %-12ld | %-12ld |\n", level, total, tnl); Rewrite: printf("Level %2d | %lu | %-12ld |\n", level, total, tnl); Result: