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  1. #Update v1.2 Sorry for long delay with this update it was caused by my hardware problems. But finally there it is and I hope it will be usefull for you. Links and screens are updated in topic
  2. open

    Open, find: def AddItemData(self, itemVnum, metinSlot, attrSlot = 0, flags = 0, unbindTime = 0): and replace those if statements if item.ITEM_TYPE_WEAPON == itemType: elif item.ITEM_TYPE_ARMOR == itemType: with my code #Not tested but it should work
  3. open

    add to AFFECT_DATA_DICT in chr.AFFECT_KWAESOK : (localeInfo.SKILL_KWAESOK, "d:/ymir work/ui/skill/shaman/kwaesok_03.sub",),
  4. It would definitely decrease time to find out source of the problem. That's great idea, totally agree with that.
  5. It's explained above your post.
  6. uiinventory: def Bonus(self): import uiBonus self.wndBonus = uiBonus.BonusWindow() self.wndBonus.Show()
  7. Find in your your button name and assign to this function. self.yourbuttonname.SetEvent(ui.__mem_func__(self.__switch_channel)) then add above def ClickMallButton(self): def __switch_channel(self): import uichannel a = uichannel.ChannelChanger() a.Show() That's all
  8. It's in the link above (17.1 update and patch_myshop_deco), as for root part you have to code it on your own
  9. Try Corner.SetParent(self.board)
  10. I can translate ENG to PL.
  11. Post your
  12. Because people reccomended it
  13. Try to change size of 152 or 156 bytes while you're compiling
  14. 1st is like a numered row for each item 2nd is id 3rd is item count 4th is percentage (0 - 100)