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  1. I didn't added won system and i wont
  2. Missing Sound and effect woudn't close your client, For me all works fine.
  3. ofc Update_1.5.1 - compatibility with gf translations
  4. As example use locale/en/: In pack/index add locale/de/ locale Replace in locale.cfg 'en' to 'de' Replace item_proto & mob_proto with yours Replace .txt files in locale/en/ with official gf server EXCEPT: atlasinfo.txt, item_list.txt and guildbuildinglist.txt Replace .dds, .tga, .jpg files in locale/en/ui/ with official gf server Rename folder from 'en' to 'de'
  5. Thread updated with 1.5 client version and Windows Server Files development machine with source
  6. open Illumina taskbar

    mousebuttonwindow.py & rightmousebuttonwindow.py
  7. solved intrologin mainstream

    networkModule.py in MainStream add def MyFunc(self, arg): net.MyFunc(arg)
  8. c++ [C++] Channel Changer gf-like

    btw. I've already made python part too (update 1.4 contains all files)
  9. Hey, Move Channel System with countdown (same as logout, change character and quit), similar to gf. command: /move_channel number Files to edit char.cpp, char.h, cmd.cpp, cmd.h, cmd_general.cpp char.cpp char.h cmd.cpp cmd.h cmd_general.cpp NOTE: TESTED ONLY ON WINDOWS SERVER
  10. open [Client-Problem .EXE]

    mileskoruma.py try: #put here your code from line 19 to 30 except: print ("directory not found")
  11. Thread updated with version 1.4 http://www.mediafire.com/file/a7day8bejaydbqi/update_1.4.7z
  12. "No space left on device" You don't have enough space on your Disk, that's why it can't write a new file
  13. Hey, that should solve your "problems" 1. You can fix it by decreasing font size by 1px (eg. Tahoma:15 > Tahoma:14) 2. It's implemented only in client-side, for server-side https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/7388-rls-ingame-channel-switcher-like-wom2/