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  1. open

    There you go root:,, and optional if you'd like to bind it to any key same as I did to "X" locale: uiscript:
  2. open

    Did you tried other binary? edit: Check in does it match
  3. It's crc32 checksum used as object ID (so each object has unique ID), you can change it to any number but you have to remove that object from your map in WorldEditor and place it with new property file
  4. This one should work fine
  5. Beta Update 1.3, changes: - Official like MoveChannel(17.1), ExtendMoneyTaskBar(17.3), ColoredChannelState(17.3) - Crafting System - added displaying itemVnum in debug version in item description - fixes in introLogin, introSelect and IntroCreate Download: !!! This update may contain bugs however I didn't noticed any during development and testing !!!
  6. it's inside patch 15.7
  7. open

    Try this one NOT TESTED
  8. open -> def OnUpdate() xMouse, yMouse = wndMgr.GetMousePosition() print("MousePosition: %d %d" % (xMouse, yMouse)) #display position in debug console chat.AppendChat(chat.CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "MousePosition: %d %d" % (xMouse, yMouse)) #display position on chat
  9. open

    open, find if debugInfo.IsDebugMode(): self.ToggleDebugInfo() add bellow else: self.ToggleDebugInfo()
  10. open

    It's already inside (UpdateDebugInfo) and if you're using debug mode it's displayed by default next to minimap xMouse, yMouse = wndMgr.GetMousePosition() self.PrintMousePos.SetText("MousePosition: %d %d" % (xMouse, yMouse))
  11. Vote for upcoming update: Thanks
  12. solved

    Maybe it's translated directly in .py file inside uiScirpt or locale
  13. #Update v1.24 (update v1.2 is required to make it work)
  14. All is inside update v1.2
  15. #Update v1.2 Sorry for long delay with this update it was caused by my hardware problems. But finally there it is and I hope it will be usefull for you. Links and screens are updated in topic