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  1. PeaceMaker

    [NEW] Core Downer

    I just wonder why would a quest not have a name at any point?
  2. PeaceMaker

    open Graphics changing upon distance?

    Can i disable it ? and whats the effect for that
  3. Hello , As the title says https://gyazo.com/0bdadfdefdffb7cd922c242478a3b110 Is this normal ? and is there a way to disable it ? Thank you
  4. PeaceMaker

    New water texture.

    I wonder why you came back
  5. PeaceMaker

    Solitary - New Farming Map

    Looks sick
  6. PeaceMaker

    3D ART Tatsumaru

    This one reminds me of windows xp desktop background
  7. PeaceMaker

    open Build Rubinum Source with cmake

    The public server source is old and does not match the client one , thats first Second you have to deal with the auth that failed for them and they went back to the old one which you gotta do you in case you managed to fix the first issue So just leave it
  8. PeaceMaker

    open Build Rubinum Source with cmake

    dont waste your time its not worth it .
  9. PeaceMaker

    [DEV]Metin2 Anti-Cheat - BETA

    Is it a monthly paid service ? Or a protection you buy once for all
  10. PeaceMaker

    open Search for this code.

    Its not a system , replace the wait animation with the files Mhyst gave you
  11. PeaceMaker

    open Quest dialog doesn't hide

    https://mega.nz/#!WbhHGCiA!HgluF22khQTIhihVECEyFn9HsntN5I5tkaw6ebVKVJ8 I meant with performance as CPU usage and Memory Usage
  12. PeaceMaker

    open Quest dialog doesn't hide

    I would also like to ask you , have you noticed any performance improvements after using cython
  13. PeaceMaker

    open Quest dialog doesn't hide

    Try this one uiQuest.py
  14. PeaceMaker

    open Lamp effect better look?

    Can you explain more whats the problem ?