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  1. PeaceMaker

    Looking for Designer !

    Urgently looking for a designer with decent knowledge about metin2 that can match the original UI from official server . Drop me a private message or your skype id on this thread .
  2. My friend, you can not receive any private message :P

    1. PeaceMaker


      Opps xD fixed 

  3. PeaceMaker

    solved New Function

    reverse engineer god
  4. PeaceMaker

    Search for a Mapper

    Stop spending money , your server will die as soon as you stop paying youtubers
  5. PeaceMaker

    [Preview] Edit map1

    Black friday discount ?
  6. XLM ? 😋

    1. .PolluX
    2. PeaceMaker


      I thought you're an XLM investor by looking at your profile picture xD

    3. .PolluX
  7. PeaceMaker

    open freebsd 13.0 source compile

    Yup still beta
  8. PeaceMaker

    Myisam or InnoDB on BIG server ?

    @Shogun What do you use
  9. PeaceMaker

    open M2M Server file Help.

    Hi. I need 1 million dollars Please help me Thans!
  10. PeaceMaker

    [NEW] Core Downer

    I just wonder why would a quest not have a name at any point?
  11. PeaceMaker

    open Graphics changing upon distance?

    Can i disable it ? and whats the effect for that
  12. Hello , As the title says https://gyazo.com/0bdadfdefdffb7cd922c242478a3b110 Is this normal ? and is there a way to disable it ? Thank you
  13. PeaceMaker

    New water texture.

    I wonder why you came back