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  1. BlackYuko's DIF Patcher Can u send me this tool? I really need it :/

  2. Hi Shogun. I have a problem with 40k servers.

    I can not connect to my server from external network. (Kick afher char select)

    With 34k / 2089 I can , but with Surakopf.

    If you know to fix this problem I pay you.


  3. please help cant solve this problem since 2 year :( me when i build server with vs 2013 then i cant use character skills like this http://pasteboard.co/jCVMeMIL7.jpg please help me friendd :(:(

  4. Can you give me your skype account?

  5. Hi can you add me please in Skype: despero.despero ?

  6. Shogun

    40k Backdoor

    If I recall correctly there is an infected binary in the archive uploaded by Kraizy... packmaker if I'm not mistaken.But that's all.
  7. Shogun

    40k Backdoor

    I can't imagine a professional game developer implementing backdoors on the code, and it's definately not Ymir's style. The only protection against unauthorized use of the files that Ymir implemented is the expiration date.
  8. Shogun

    Orc labyrinth

    This is not official, SG doesn't get updates from Ymir anymore. Probably bought from some polish mapper.
  9. Presentation updated, and here's some new map work:
  10. Shogun

    WorldOfMetin2 Buying Yang

  11. Shogun

    Vanilla Source

    Maybe I missed something but I don't understand all the discussion about who Vanilla really is... is it really important? The fact is he/she did a great job for the community and that's the only thing that should matter in this forum imo.
  12. Shogun

    Over 200 New Tree's for Maper's

    I can't watch videos ._. no internet here
  13. Shogun

    Problem with account and VIP acount

    I validated the account manually, VIP accounts can be purchased from the Store tab. No idea why you only see some forums though.