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  1. Maslovicz

    Original Metin2 rain files

    All sources are 40k. I think you need clean 34k files if you want use source and make your own game.
  2. Are you using sash system from KEN? If yes, pay him and ask for support. If you are using stolen version, no support m8.
  3. Maslovicz

    Quest Arrow Bug ($Paid)

    Use \ not /. Like this one "d:\\\\ymir work\\\\effect\\\\etc\\\\appear_die\\\\npc2_appear.mse",
  4. Maslovicz

    Okay Card Error

    Too late, already released
  5. Maslovicz

    Cant see Exchange Window

    In uiExchange.py put import constInfo
  6. Maslovicz

    Offlineshop bonus attr bug - Help please $$$

    Yes on poor communities with few members with all stolen content?
  7. Maslovicz

    Cant see Exchange Window

    Can you post syserr.txt from client and syserr from your channel?
  8. Maslovicz

    [Error]Introcreate without wolfman

    Remove everything with RACE_WOLF_M from introcreate.py if you are unable to remove this, then you are unable to make pserver. Python is primitive system like i'm...
  9. Maslovicz

    Offlineshop bonus attr bug - Help please $$$

    KEN is supporting this system. If you have purchased this system from KEN write him message about help. If not, shut up.
  10. Maslovicz

    Offline shop price change

    KEN is supporting this system. You are using stolen copy of old offlineshop. Have fun with 'vulns'...
  11. Maslovicz

    Offline shop price change

  12. Fixed Only missing effect.eix & epk :/
  13. Hello, can someone help me with this error? Traceback: 'module' object has no attribute 'error' I don't know where error can be. I see this error for first time... Thank you for your help.
  14. Maslovicz

    64GB HDD or 16GB SSD?

    I have SSD for datas too. Not only for OS (P.S.: Nenadávaj mu, maďarky majú pekné )
  15. Maslovicz

    I'am looking for this script.. ENTER

    1. script https://mega.nz/#!AsVgwL5C!aIlud5jukH1lRiQsXvn2L-kB_aI9wUaE-2AyqoYKl0M 2. lalala https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/6570-python-bonus-window-by-sanki/ if you want to donate me for searching send me a pm please