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  1. [HowTo] Add new armor effects to the binary

    if (pItem->GetSubType() == CItemData::COSTUME_BODY)
  2. check item count. Maybe you have WORD type and offline has BYTE.
  3. Here: introSelect.py(line:9) ? At line 9 from introSelect.py you have localeInfo, replace with locale PS: Replace all localeInfo with locale
  4. Packet.h

    Take a look here: HEADER_CG_DIRECT_ENTER = 9 it's in your binary. Search everything that have a connection with this header.
  5. FreeBSD Error

    Try with WinScp
  6. FreeBSD Error

    You don't have libedit.so.7 in your libs files. Here you go: GOOGLE DRIVE Put this lib in /lib
  7. [Error] Won System Implementation

    You have a problem here: CPythonShop::GetOfflineShopItemPriceCheque Search it and take a look at SItemPos and see if you have something like "won" there
  8. FreeBSD Error

    Restart your vdi and when this occurs: Enter full pathname of shell or RETURN for /bin/sh. 1) Press ENTER and after write on console: fsck -y 1.1) Press ENTER and after the system finished scanning your HDD, write: shutdown -r now for a restart. I think this will help you.
  9. [RLS]Private Shop Search System

    Yes but if you have enough C++ resources in your brain you can adapt this system for sash system, right?
  10. [RLS]Private Shop Search System

    If you're doing this, shoulders won't be found so perfectly, and then the bugs will appear, because an acce has 15 bonuses, but the system reads only 7, so the players won't see the full bonuses on it.
  11. sash in introselect

    Google Drive
  12. sash in introselect

    done. introselect.py
  13. sash in introselect

    Don't copy.. upload it somewhere or give me it full, .py file
  14. sash in introselect

    Post your introselect.py
  15. sash in introselect

    He's meaning he can't see sash on the character when he select it (root/introselect.py) 1) Search in introselect: 1.1) After: 1.2) Add: 2) Search: 2.1) Replace with: 3) Search: 3.1) Replace definition with this: 4) After this: *in def MakeCharacter definition* 4.1) Add: 5) In def SelectSlot definition, after: 5.1) add: 6) Also there, replace this: 6.1) with this: Enjoy.