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  1. ok ty for the answer.
  2. what's new in 17.0.12?
  3. ty very much!
  4. you already have it updated and unpacked?
  5. someone have or know where find: magma_crystal folder ?
  6. here the link on mega!kltB0B6a!vahGcl0DfVa5Ifs6Kck-tsvBMt7cFL5Qfom20PWPYZk
  7. here. granny2.dll
  8. ty very much i search it for long time.
  9. i need a little help whit this button (sviluppo): if you see when i press on Nutri he do the animation of pressed button, but if i click on Sviluppo he don't do the animation but only the comand for evolve the pet. any solution for make the animation on that button?
  10. i like so much to see in this days help request for stolen/bugged pet system's. it's very funny this is better PetSystem
  11. syserr in db how to resolve this err

    SYSERR: Mar 10 14:59:39 :: pid_init:
    Start of pid: 3103

    SYSERR: Mar 10 15:20:19 :: Process: FDWATCH: peer null in event: ident 21
    SYSERR: Mar 10 15:20:21 :: Process: FDWATCH: peer null in event: ident 22
    SYSERR: Mar 10 15:20:22 :: Process: FDWATCH: peer null in event: ident 20
    SYSERR: Mar 10 15:20:24 :: hupsig: SIGHUP, SIGINT, SIGTERM signal has been received. shutting down.
    SYSERR: Mar 10 15:20:24 :: pid_deinit:
    End of pid

  12. np
  13. wrong implementation
  14. check if you have the problem only whit a single mount or whit all mounts