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  1. open is the way. but if you change this, all your effect like DDS are change too...
  2. open
  3. open

    marty is the way...
  4. ok ty for the answer.
  5. what's new in 17.0.12?
  6. ty bro nice work.
  7. thanks!
  8. download not avviable
  9. ty very much!
  10. you already have it updated and unpacked?
  11. someone have or know where find: magma_crystal folder ?
  12. here the link on mega!kltB0B6a!vahGcl0DfVa5Ifs6Kck-tsvBMt7cFL5Qfom20PWPYZk
  13. here. granny2.dll
  14. ty very much i search it for long time.