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  1. Swiezuu

    open Bug - refresh of the skill cooldown

    bump, anyone?
  2. Hey! I followed this topic; to fix the error related to the skill recovery time when adding points to skills, but unfortunately I came across these two mistakes, and despite that I checked if I did everything right and I was looking for a solution but unfortunately I did not find the answer, I am asking you for help. https://gyazo.com/df40ffad941c2e767a3d4e8b2419a7d1 https://gyazo.com/2c969127b00fd572238d5b0fe842f9f5
  3. Swiezuu


    They didnt works cause actually mob_proto from gf got a new structure (like a new columns or something).
  4. Generally, I do not recommend files, nothing except many errors.
  5. Swiezuu

    [DEV]Metin2 Anti-Cheat - BETA

    " Protection is against big cheat providers like : - Cycu - Sielu" wait what
  6. Swiezuu

    database Mount Time

    You should just choose type in limittype and set time (seconds) in limitvalue, in item_proto server, and after that convert your server item_proto to client item_proto. limittype; 1: "LEVEL", 2: "STR", 3: "DEX", 4: "INT", 5: "CON", 6: "PC_BANG", 7: "REAL_TIME", 8: "REAL_TIME_FIRST_USE", 9: "TIMER_BASED_ON_WEAR", Limittype what you need actually it is 9.
  7. Swiezuu

    solved CResource::Reload() not found

    bump anyone can know the solution? If it's helpful, python 2.7.12
  8. For the future, for others - EterManager is packed and unpacked if the language for non-Unicode programs in Winshitdows is set to Korean (if and only then, otherwise it will pack without error information and unpack until it encounters a file).
  9. Swiezuu

    open Ox Event Bug

    I'm not sure, but probably the src server does not check if you're a GM, and you should either add it or open OX by command /open_oxevent
  10. EterManager is ok, thanks. Dunno why now other doesn't handle special chars, long time ago all will be ok <microsoft i think>. Cls