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  1. open System Change Ch BUG

    You try again to check your tutorial.
  2. open sash problem item_Scale

    It may model bug, or item_Scale.txt values don't good.
  3. Looking for feedback on map designs [PHOTOS]

    beautiful design
  4. EDIT: - Max level: 170 - Elvish's earth (NEW MAP) - Crystal pieces for new equipment (upgrade item) - New drops for all Metin stones (Skillbooks, Herbs, Bonus items)
  5. Active 7. Skills for every character.
  6. Hi all! I would like to present a NewSchool PvM/PvP server, built on individual elements with Metin2. It is a Hungarian private server. General information: - 300% multiplier (Gold, EXP, item dropp) - Max level: 150 - Max stats: 200 - New, unique Maps (with beautiful grapics) - New story - New quests - New Weapons - New Armors - Sash system - Costume mount - Costume weapons - Pet system - Mounts are upgradeable - Mob information system - Empire war event - Razador RUN (You can get 'SÉ utalvány(100)', what DragonCoins in English ) - Nemere RUN - Spider RUN - 10 skillbook/skill and G1 (100% upgrade) - Between G1-P (Soul Stone) - Etwee events - All items 100% upgrade with Smith and Seon-Pyeong Videos: Pictures of the server TEAM: [SA]Pisti95 [SVM]Locysus [SGA]Nebirots [YT]Drelaky Contacts: Facebook: Click Webpage: Click
  7. SEQUENCE header 254

    This tutorial the best: https://forum.turkmmo.com/konu/3518526-c-sequence_log-unknown-fix/
  8. [How to] GM Absolute Restriction System

    I have a problem, when my GM character on CH99 and other character CH1, and i wrote ( /a name level ), CH99 does stop. /A COMMAND BLOCK FOR PLAYERS Still in cmd_gm.cpp, search for the function "ACMD(do_advance)" and under LPCHARACTER tch = CHARACTER_MANAGER::instance().FindPC(arg1); if (tch->IsGM() == false) { ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "You can only change the level of GM characters."); return; }
  9. Dump_proto

    V2 version, include wolfman's columns. - RESIST_CLAW - RESIST_BLEEDING - APPLY_BLEEDING_PCT - APPLY_BLEEDING_REDUCE - APPLY_ATTBONUS_WOLFMAN - APPLY_RESIST_WOLFMAN - APPLY_RESIST_CLAW DL: https://mega.nz/#!51Mw0JBS!s0X4MrgmLORjBOsl0G2OHUFAkiLrgE1O_2jMMFRQXrk VT: https://www.virustotal.com/hu/file/7fbbc6145a11a9e16edfe94301b378925c05f5aa4b8113f3859ca9c700175fa0/analysis/1490039654/
  10. Dump_proto

    Hi m2dev! I want to upload my dump_proto.exe, that you can convert your item_proto.txt and mob_proto.txt easier. CHANGELOG: Includes: - ITEM_SECONDARY_COIN - ITEM_RING - ITEM_BELT - COSTUME_ACCE / COSTUME_SASH - COSTUME_MOUNT - COSTUME_WEAPON (official) - USE_ADD_COSTUME_ATTRIBUTE - USE_CHANGE_COSTUME_ATTRIBUTE DL: https://mega.nz/#!0pN2XCAa!PbERCTR8Cfi9ohw5aD0zjjj8y6CC1a6dCdOF_5i0QbM VT: https://www.virustotal.com/hu/file/13e0890e0c083f827f0e33a60d4337a96be252037c6e0086d1e58a3ac9816d13/analysis/1488746451/ Pisti95
  11. Inventory buttons bar

    [/img] | [/img] [/img] | [/img] I made it from myself. Minimalize button, I can change window size. And in python i can edit inventory picture, if the character boy or girl.
  12. Unknown header packet

    starter/launcher source --> packet.h game source --> packet.h The 2 files datatype and HEADER numbers be same, but you show your sysser, maybe I can help to you.
  13. Help Please - Black map

    I don't understand ymir logic, why use 2 atlasinfo.txt in one client?