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  1. flatik


    will never be ready...
  2. flatik

    open InnoDB or MyISAM the better?

    any good advices for freebsd 10.3? our server is crashed random time-intervally , any solution for this? (MYISAM)
  3. Only BIG metin2 server.
  4. flatik

    [HowTo] Change the path to the pack

    CHANGE LEVEL 99999999999999999999999
  5. Hi! My problem: If I use wolfman skill, it will not damage. Why? Everything else works. hack_log: SKILL_HACK: name=test, job=4, group=1, motion=121
  6. flatik

    open Problem server !

    open item_proto.txt, search WEAPON_CLAW text, and delete all... OR delete item....
  7. flatik

    open Problem server !

    WEAPON_CLAW Not used type, delete type or add wolfman system.
  8. MobSize is not used function. You can delete.
  9. Hi all! There is a big problem in the WebBrowser system. 1. Image: - Bug webbrowser open: 2. Image: Close webbrowser, and bugged.(blackscreen) 3.Image: show.webbrowser off (python) and not blackscreen someone has a tip? thanks
  10. flatik

    Skill damage problem

    Hi all! My problem: There is no skill damage. The normal damage -> work! syslog: SkillHack: Skill(32) is not in container What the problem? o.O Thanks is advance!
  11. flatik

    Current Extern Libraries and Include

    Thank you! Fixed! Have a nice day!
  12. flatik

    Current Extern Libraries and Include

    Not work! ő.Ő My version: G++5, boost 1.5.8, lua51, libdevil 1.7.8, freebsd 10.3 Edit: replace typeof with __typeof replace auto_ptr with unique_ptr Makefile: LIBS = -pthread -lm -lmd CFLAGS = -g -Wall -Ofast -std=c++11 -pipe -mtune=athlon-fx -fstack-protector-all -m64 -fexceptions -D_THREAD_SAFE -DNDEBUG -Wno-strict-aliasing what the problem?
  13. flatik

    Current Extern Libraries and Include

    boost::unordered_map<const VID, size_t>::iterator iterTargetMap = rSkillUseInfo.TargetVIDMap.find(TargetVID); replace to? auto iterTargetMap = rSkillUseInfo.TargetVIDMap.find(TargetVID); that enough?
  14. flatik

    Directx 10/ 12 tester.

    Really work? screen?