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  1. Nirray

    solved Python color string

    |cff+hexcolor before text ("ff" means color alpha, so you can make text transparent)
  2. Nirray

    open Shaman buff target visual bug How it works: When player is trying to use buffs on npc/enemy then mouse target is automatically set to main character VID (You can't buff npc/enemy anyway from server side + You can't change target while using skills) UserInterface/PythonPlayerSkill.cpp Search: bool CPythonPlayer::__UseSkill(DWORD dwSlotIndex) Scroll down and search for: if (!pkInstTarget) { // ľ÷µĄŔĚĆ®ÇĎ°í.. __ChangeTargetToPickedInstance(); // ´Ů˝Ă ľňľîł˝´Ů. if (pSkillData->IsNeedCorpse()) pkInstTarget=__GetDeadTargetInstancePtr(); else pkInstTarget=__GetAliveTargetInstancePtr(); } Under: if (pkInstTarget) Paste this: if ((pkInstTarget->IsNPC() || pkInstTarget->IsEnemy() || pkInstTarget->IsStone() || pkInstTarget->IsStoneDoor()) && pSkillData->IsOnlyForAlliance()) { DWORD TargetVid = pkInstMain->GetVirtualID(); SetTarget(TargetVid, TRUE); } Should look like this: This is my way to solve the problem
  3. Unable to open file.: sound/ui/click.wav Add sounds pack to your client
  4. Replace: if count > 1: for i in xrange(count): net.SendChatPacket(statusPlusCommand) To: if count > 1: net.SendChatPacket("%s %s" % (statusPlusCommand, count)) My test [without your CMD source edit] If it doesn't work, change second %s to %d because you have integer convert set. [count = int(self.inputDialog.GetText())]
  5. Nirray


    LAST VISITED: January 21 Latest post: December 5, 2016 Last activity: January 8 I don't think so
  6. Nirray

    open Accessory socket time

    game\src\item.cpp Search: bool CItem::EquipTo(LPCHARACTER ch, BYTE bWearCell) scroll down and look for: // ACCESSORY_REFINE StartAccessorySocketExpireEvent(); // END_OF_ACCESSORY_REFINE Comment it with "//" then search: bool CItem::Unequip() and look for: // ACCESSORY_REFINE StopAccessorySocketExpireEvent(); // END_OF_ACCESSORY_REFINE Comment it with "//" Other way - change function void CItem::StartAccessorySocketExpireEvent() to: void CItem::StartAccessorySocketExpireEvent() { return; } You can also remove it from client python root\ for visual client aspects
  7. Nirray

    open Graphics changing upon distance?

    LODs are for performance boost for GPU/CPU. Yes you can - mostly of the metin .gr2 models have LOD files which are stored inside model or as separated .gr2 files with lod_01/2/3 at the end of the parent model name. For example: c1-009-hotel.gr2 and c1-009-hotel_lod_01.gr2 Or disable loading LODs in client source for granny .cpp/h files Post edit: \GameLib\ActorInstanceData.cpp void CActorInstance::SetShape(DWORD eShape, float fSpecular) \GameLib\Area.cpp __SetObjectInstance_SetBuilding \GameLib\RaceData.cpp CGraphicThing * CRaceData::GetLODModelThing() \EterGrnLib\ThingInstance.cpp void CGraphicThingInstance::UpdateLODLevel() + \EterGrnLib\LODController.cpp static float LODHEIGHT_ACTOR = 500.0f; static float LODDISTANCE_ACTOR = 5000.0f; static float LODDISTANCE_BUILDING = 25000.0f;
  8. Nirray

    open Graphics changing upon distance?

    It's called LOD
  9. Back to the Future Repair your DB tables It used to be normal on those files
  10. Nirray

    open Hp recovery with potions

    I said "or" (there's no need to delete it if you already set true to false but I've also told you where the max health bonus occurs in the source code). For the second part I meant something like "do it yourself" but nevermind. Post here your char_item.cpp in code tag and item_proto lines of those vnums from DB: ITEM_AUTO_HP_RECOVERY_S = 72723, ITEM_AUTO_HP_RECOVERY_M = 72724, ITEM_AUTO_HP_RECOVERY_L = 72725, ITEM_AUTO_HP_RECOVERY_X = 72726, ITEM_AUTO_SP_RECOVERY_S = 72727, ITEM_AUTO_SP_RECOVERY_M = 72728, ITEM_AUTO_SP_RECOVERY_L = 72729, ITEM_AUTO_SP_RECOVERY_X = 72730, then I could help you again
  11. Nirray

    open Hp recovery with potions

    How to remove max hp bonus: char_item.cpp in \game\src Search: case ITEM_AUTO_SP_RECOVERY_X: isSpecialPotion = true; set it to false or scroll down and search: if (true == isSpecialPotion) { if (type == AFFECT_AUTO_HP_RECOVERY) { bonus = POINT_MAX_HP_PCT; } else if (type == AFFECT_AUTO_SP_RECOVERY) { bonus = POINT_MAX_SP_PCT; } } delete/comment Also, your fast health recovery bug is in the same file (char_item.cpp) - or db item_proto values Search: PointChange + POINT_HP Good luck!
  12. Nirray

    open question about locale_game.txt

    Fastest way Edit locale_game.txt And add after "LOGIN_CONNETING" |cffRRGGBB RR - Red value in hex GG - Green value in hex BB - Blue value in hex //Addon: cff -> alpha value in hex Result:
  13. Nirray

    open NPC run motion

    more like no motion accumulation in .gr2 animation
  14. Nirray

    open Skillbook display problem in root Search: elif 50300 == itemVnum: if 0 != metinSlot: self.__SetSkillBookToolTip(metinSlot[0], localeInfo.TOOLTIP_SKILLBOOK_NAME, 1) self.ShowToolTip() return And and below elif with your ID/set "or" after itemVnum Edit: I forgot that skillbook is only one -> check @JarajTo solution (but I don't think it's good, because 6th skills are with us since 2014 and it's some kind of item_proto/python problem) Edit2: Check if all of your skills are in root-> and locale -> skilldesc.txt/skilltable.txt