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  1. I don't watch tv ;p I don't play Metin2. Yes, I live in a cave xd
  2. Christmas songs without Christmas time? ;p
  3. The type of costume that some people will be like, but others are not ;p
  4. Thank you for such sweet comments Btw, as I wrote in response to the same question (under the movie):
  5. Everything can be done quicky if u know what u want to do and how do that. If u using WE and u know all functions/settings then it's easy. But It has its limitations without mde - e.g. when u need a mesh in ur effect. Btw a lot of effects in the metin2 r a pure mse, becouse it's more optimal than mde. So at the start I suggest you play with editing existing effects - to find out what is responsible for what.
  6. Missing textures Is nothing in the sys log of the client? btw looks like these textures are missing:
  7. 3d viewer of christmas weapon: Click the full screen mode.
  8. dl (granny 2.9):!7wtxUCSK!erZs0UmWuSQ_ykKe-YlUxQ39DNdxwMtFZroGDA5yJLM
  9. looks like a missing texture of effect. look here "D:\Ymir Work\effect\monster2\yellowred1_x.mse" Open this file and check if each of included texture are exist.
  11. For what u need it? when u have a full soft for it?
  12. fix the Model, fix textures, a new rigging. (an any hair now work properly) from this set: Dl fix warrior:!H1d1ySrB!wXZYZKEVKqDvGOKtgfcXZOUn6MgbAzi4GgBL--UTGPw Dl old set:!W8s1yBiZ!g9xmxw8F8KaoclZ7cLuN-1dRC7adiHbZs1iKm5GeA4k
  13. Why is she so sad? A small correction for the Christmas time!! dl:!Xw9TWQZa!qkPcd9HNCL9LuOR2sAsANMtEDLC5IJ3xkILHV_RJ5wI