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  1. Ymir's files r fine. Most new files r not.
  2. icons must be .tga (small) or .dds (bigger) Maybe u converted icons from tga to dds. Don't change a type of textures, otherwise u will need to change path to each of them in txt, py, sub or gr2 files in ur client. Don't touch ymirs textures....
  3. How u can see there r 4 different models (rar include 2,3,4): 1 = orginal 2 = without hair 3 = without hair and cap (that thing on her head) 4 = without hair and cap (that thing on her head) and "mini sash" So choose one: shaman_lord1.GR2 or shaman_lord2.GR2 or shaman_lord3.GR2 -- (and add it as shaman_lord.GR2) Dont touch orginal *lod*.gr2 files
  4. choose one: shaman_lord1.GR2 and shaman_lord2.GR2 and shaman_lord3.GR2 (and add it as shaman_lord.GR2) In ur ss (granny viewer) u opened a orginal version, not edited.
  5. ohh i forgot delete a blink texture data (manualy). That error (if u have a lot of these models) may can crash ur client. Here is correct files (also 1st post update):!O4dFgB7S!_GTf0Cta3nIV346iyI0x-J1LMz9DzE7RNWkiXtEA0Gk
  6. What? You asked about the path, where u have to paste these files xd (u have a lot of options to make it working correct) You can use the granny converter to convert granny 2.6 to granny 2.4, but the better way is update a granny to ver 2.9 (like u did).
  7. yes season1/npc/backchon/
  8. Ymir work/npc/seon_pyeong/
  11. skill: skill1:
  12. I don't watch tv ;p I don't play Metin2. Yes, I live in a cave xd
  13. Christmas songs without Christmas time? ;p