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  1. Increase max gold in the Shop

    I can't find that max_gold that you just mentioned and nothing like this. I attached my length.h file from server source. length.h
  2. Character select bug

  3. I can´t see metin stones

    InstanceBaseEffect.cpp InstanceBase.h InstanceBase.h: http://prntscr.com/an76ti InstanceBaseEffect.cpp: http://prntscr.com/an77cc
  4. Character select bug

    So, i installed the shoulder system, and now in character select, i can only see the character in the vid0. http://prntscr.com/an6x0f http://prntscr.com/an6xkt I can login with the ninja, just i cant see. And !!sometimes!! i cant create ninja and sura character... when it happens, i have only one message in debug mode: !!debug when i swap to that character that i cant see, i got this: 0402 15:10:18696 :: SelectCharacterInstance: no vid by 1 (and no vid by 2, 3. on the 0 one, the character is good. ) any idea? sorry for the bad english, i tried my best
  5. Shoulder System + BELT + RING BUG

    What do u mean? We have fixed the slot problems with Haruka's solution. Whatdo u mean at costumewindow.py fixing?
  6. Shoulder System + BELT + RING BUG

    okay, the positions are fine now. but we still cant see the shoulder on the character ( modell ), and still have double expire time ( it writes 2 times under each ), but the equip effect is working. We are using notxt right now. (im the one of Kaba's developers)
  7. Game99 crash

    Maybe, this error is your problem SYSERR: Sep 4 14:24:10.761855 :: _set_server_loop_timer: QUEST set_server_timer argument count wrong.One of the quests which are starting on CH99 contains a server_loop_timer which is got bad arguments, as u can read in the error message. (Sorry for my english, i try to make the best)
  8. Open source CRC patcher

    Require administrator priviliges: Right click on the project -> Add -> New Item -> Application Manifest File Search this: <requestedExecutionLevel level="asInvoker" uiAccess="false" /> Replace with this: <requestedExecutionLevel level="requireAdministrator" uiAccess="false" />
  9. [Collection] File Requests

    sent you it in PM Send me too please
  10. proto archiever

    Hallo! Someone can give me a good proto archiver? I don't found :/ Thanks, and sorry for english.
  11. Metin2 - 4 Inventory Page

    You need to change the numbers of the pages in the client binary too. Atleast for us it solved this problem.
  12. Here is my problem: Visual Studio 2008 Professional SP1 Novaline, opened the .old file.