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  1. YMIR Animation (Sit Down)

    Which epk file holds the python script for emotions.Like root or something else?
  2. open Virus while compiling with Okey system

    My Symantec Antivirus and even Windows Defender is deleting the Immortals2.exe even though on Virustotal.com it shows as clean.For temporary solution I have to added the exe to exclusion list and disabled my antivirus and windows defender. Any other advice or solution you can give?
  3. Looking for someone to make a Quest

    I also have the same requirement.Guys anyone who knows to make quest PM us
  4. PHP Developer needed

    I am searching for a php develpoper to fix bugs on my homepage. PM me here for payments and bug list
  5. Metin2 HA cluster

    Any video tutorial you have to make this more easy to understand.
  6. do we also need to add dump proto with vnum_range? Cos You have given for server side.
  7. (request)Animated

    Wonderful are you selling this?
  8. Hi I am looking for a developer who can fix bugs on my server.And pay is really good.Send me a PM.
  9. dump_proto 40k+ source

    Can anyone give me link for dump proto 40k c++ source code.
  10. I have designed new metins and some new mobs and implemented in client.But people are able to extract my client and get the resources.I tried enigma virtualbox but its waste since people can extract eix files from it.Any other software name or link would be great.
  11. [Help]Guild Logo

    I got same problem.Human have you fixed it? And Have u tried to change client interface because my guessing is changing client interface has caused this error.
  12. When a character is riding horse or mount it is teleported back to different coordinates on the same map.And because of this character gets stuck on some rocks or cliff. I thought it due to speed .So i limited the speed to 175.But its of no use. What is the problem and where I have to look for it to solve it.
  13. Metin2 Package Folder use?

    I have a general doubt like what is the use of package folder in metin2 and why we need it.
  14. Hi I have a National War quest.Everything is fine in the quest but score is not showing up when a player is killed by another player. There is a line in locale_string which shows the score and I thought its missing but the line is there "현재 스코어 신수국:%d 천조국:%d 진노국:%d"; "Current score Pandemonia: %d Asmodia :%d Elgoria: %d "; My game core is Vanilla 67k I am breaking my head with this for past 1 month So I need a help how to show up the score.