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  1. zeimpekis9

    open Check a bonus via source

    Hey guys i've been wondering if i can make something so as if a player for example tries to wear an item that gives a bonus (lets say 79 and 10%) to make a check if the bonus after wearing that item will exceed a number ( for example 60) and if it exceeds it to send a package that will say you cant do this.
  2. Hello guys. I have the following code (everyone i think has the same): As you can see, it has vnum range (for example this: if vnum >= 16210 and vnum <= 16219) . I want to modify this function, to work, for EVERY vnum. I mean: if item.ARMOR_WRIST == subType or elif item.ARMOR_NECK == subType: or elif item.ARMOR_EAR == subType, to show which accessory material it has from the list (this is the list: 50623, 50624, 50625, 50626, 50627, 50628, 50629, 50630, 50631, 50632, 50633, 50634, 50635, 50636, 50637, 50638). Can anyone help me? ACCESSORY_MATERIAL_LIST = [50623, 50624, 50625, 50626, 50627, 50628, 50629, 50630, 50631, 50632, 50633, 50634, 50635, 50636, 50637, 50638] JewelAccessoryInfos = [ # jewel wrist neck ear [ 50634, 14420, 16220, 17220 ], [ 50635, 14500, 16500, 17500 ], [ 50636, 14520, 16520, 17520 ], [ 50637, 14540, 16540, 17540 ], [ 50638, 14560, 16560, 17560 ], ] def GET_ACCESSORY_MATERIAL_VNUM(vnum, subType): ret = vnum item_base = (vnum / 10) * 10 for info in JewelAccessoryInfos: if item.ARMOR_WRIST == subType: if info[1] == item_base: return info[0] elif item.ARMOR_NECK == subType: if info[2] == item_base: return info[0] elif item.ARMOR_EAR == subType: if info[3] == item_base: return info[0] if vnum >= 16210 and vnum <= 16219: return 50625 if item.ARMOR_WRIST == subType: WRIST_ITEM_VNUM_BASE = 14000 ret -= WRIST_ITEM_VNUM_BASE elif item.ARMOR_NECK == subType: NECK_ITEM_VNUM_BASE = 16000 ret -= NECK_ITEM_VNUM_BASE elif item.ARMOR_EAR == subType: EAR_ITEM_VNUM_BASE = 17000 ret -= EAR_ITEM_VNUM_BASE type = ret/20 if type<0 or type>=len(ACCESSORY_MATERIAL_LIST): type = (ret-170) / 20 if type<0 or type>=len(ACCESSORY_MATERIAL_LIST): return 0 return ACCESSORY_MATERIAL_LIST[type]
  3. zeimpekis9

    open Hp recovery with potions

    Search the vnum on the game source
  4. zeimpekis9

    c++ Full terrain render

    My hardware? is a gaming pc. I should have good fps, not playing like this.
  5. zeimpekis9

    c++ Full terrain render

    Will this be fixed or it will be like this?
  6. zeimpekis9

    c++ Full terrain render

    I installed it without problems, it worked, but now my fps is lower. Why ??
  7. Hello community. Does anyone knows how can i expand the walk through safezone system? I want to make this system to be at every place, not only at safezone of maps. Does anyone knows how can i do this?
  8. zeimpekis9

    c++ Metin2 - Graphic Mask Control

    I dont know c++. If i knew, i could create this Thanks dude..i appreciate it
  9. zeimpekis9

    c++ Metin2 - Graphic Mask Control

    Thanks for the release dude!! Maybe you could the same for shops, mounts, pets? I mean to hide them? Thanks for your time
  10. zeimpekis9

    open Vegas title system problem

    hello community. I have a problem with vegas title system. When i open the gui, it doesnt show me the minutes of the player: These are the parts: self.blue_legion2123.SetText(str(player.GetPlayTime()) + "") And: def OnUpdate(self): self.blue_legion2123.SetText(str(player.GetPlayTime()) + "%s") Any idea? thanks for your time.
  11. zeimpekis9

    c++ Hide Objects

    If possible i would like to tell some imperfections and try to help out. 1. If i am far away from the shops and hide shops only some of them will be disappeared. 2. If i am at the center of them all of them disappear but if i go far away and come back they will appear again. I think it will be smoother if all the shops from the current map i apply this to be disappeared period, till i turn them back on if i want to. Also could it be added a show/disappear pets and mounts?
  12. Is there a possibility to be a similar problem for ninja's hide skill?
  13. zeimpekis9

    open Someone who knows freebsd

    For some reason, this day db was overloaded, and then i lost the data only from item table. Thats why im asking if i can restore them because i didnt delete them by my mistake. It was deleted just because it was overloaded. Can you add me in skype so we can speak?
  14. zeimpekis9

    open Someone who knows freebsd

    In /var/db/mysql i have ibdata1, ib_logfile0, ib_logfile1. For some reason item table is missing data. Can i restore these data from these 3 files i told you before? If yes can anyone help me how can i do it? I will pay him. discord: MrVibe_#7901
  15. zeimpekis9

    Create icons

    Hello. Im searching someone who can you create icons if i send to him the .gr2 file. I have 2 armor/hair sets. I will pay ofc for this service. My skype is: Vibe