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  1. map Picabo - Stone Case

    I have this prob:
  2. Hello community. Can anyone unpack those files? The rar contains the .exe in case you want to search the lzo. (i can't find it) https://mega.nz/#!YU5GQZLJ!bDdgabVIoBIJrg-FX_juPJBngcMOu-vWb7q-ErIVpgw Thanks for your time.
  3. open Metinstone bug with name

    Problem solved. Thanks mate it was something about colorinfo.py
  4. open Metinstone bug with name

    Where exactly?
  5. open Metinstone bug with name

    Hello guys. I have this problem with the names of the metinstone. Do you have any ideas?
  6. Picabo - The Stone Case *Free Map*

    Its amazing. Nice map man
  7. open Guild War bug

    Hello community. I have a problem with guild wars. When i declare war to another clan, and the clan accept the war, the quest does not open, so i cannot join the map but the score appears at the left. This is to my syslog: Dec 16 20:50:55 :: /war Dokimi2 Dec 16 20:50:55 :: COMMAND: BooL: war Dec 16 20:50:55 :: GuildWar.AcceptWar id(108 -> 109), type(0) Dec 16 20:50:55 :: InputDB::GuildWar 108 109 state 6 Any ideas?
  8. open Anti inject

    Thanks everyone for your answers..i appreciate it
  9. open Anti inject

    Any ideas?
  10. open Anti inject

  11. open Anti inject

  12. open Anti inject

    where i put this?
  13. c++ C++ & PY | FOG Update 16.2 GF | CONFIG

    Can you create a tutorial for the snow mode also? Thanks btw
  14. open Anti inject

    Hello guys. Does anyone knows how to make my .exe not able to be inject by other programms? Or something else to block m2bob?
  15. open VegaS Title System Bug client loading

    Add me on skype. I can help you. facebook:zeimpekis1998