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  1. zeimpekis9

    open Someone who knows freebsd

    For some reason, this day db was overloaded, and then i lost the data only from item table. Thats why im asking if i can restore them because i didnt delete them by my mistake. It was deleted just because it was overloaded. Can you add me in skype so we can speak?
  2. zeimpekis9

    open Someone who knows freebsd

    In /var/db/mysql i have ibdata1, ib_logfile0, ib_logfile1. For some reason item table is missing data. Can i restore these data from these 3 files i told you before? If yes can anyone help me how can i do it? I will pay him. discord: MrVibe_#7901
  3. zeimpekis9

    Create icons

    Hello. Im searching someone who can you create icons if i send to him the .gr2 file. I have 2 armor/hair sets. I will pay ofc for this service. My skype is: Vibe
  4. zeimpekis9

    Searching quest writer for a run

    Thanks a lot dude for your time and your answer. I really appreciate it
  5. zeimpekis9

    Searching quest writer for a run

    hello community. im searching a quest writer, that can write a quest that i need for a run. You can add me on skype: Vibe or communicate with me here.
  6. Hello community. I have this problem when im trying to start my server. I installed gcc49, i took this lib from there, but the server still doesnt open. Any ideas? I compiled my source with gcc7. When i tried to connect i had an error with libmysqlclient.so.21. I took this lib from my compile machine. Then this error gone and i had this error: libstdc++.so.6: version GLIBCXX_3.4.20 required. And now i have this one: /usr/lib32/libstdc++.so.6: unsupported file layout Can anyone help me? Thanks for your time...
  7. zeimpekis9

    c++ Official Party Update

    Δεν αναφερόμουν σε σένα αλλά εντάξει.
  8. zeimpekis9

    c++ Official Party Update

    Whatever. You are so wrong and you dont understand. I will not explain to you anymore.
  9. zeimpekis9

    c++ Official Party Update

    he is not taking orders. He released a system. We infrom him about the bugs of the system, and we just asked IF he can fix it. Why everyone here is so rude? I dont understand you. You should learn to help RANDOM people and to flame all the time. FFS.
  10. zeimpekis9

    c++ Official Party Update

    So, did you fixed it?
  11. zeimpekis9

    c++ Official Party Update

    It is working 100% right now?
  12. Hello guys. I have this error to my sysser"GetMoveMotionSpeed: cannot find motion"This happens only to some mobs. The result is that players get kicked every time. It happens to these mobs: gnoll_commander, gnoll_helhound, gnoll_mage, gnoll_minotaur, gnoll_warrior, naga_commander, naga_mage, naga_soldier, naga_warrior, troll_argus, troll_commander, troll_mage, troll_warrior. I have these folders on my client only. I have to upload them to /home/game/share/data too ? Please tell me.. Thanks for your time.
  13. zeimpekis9

    open problem with graphics

    Hello community. I have 1 big problem and i dont know how to fix it. I have this visual bug. And im far from this player, the player is like this: When i go closer problem is fixed: This happens when i rotate the camera or im far from the player. Any idea??
  14. hello community.can you explain to me how the server_settings table works? i dont know what it does.
  15. Hello community. I have a problem. All the 2 hand swords of warrior have a bug, with the attack speed I put 30 attack speed, and the max that is going is 20 It shows only until 20 attack speed or it cant red nothing else except 2. For example the 3169 weapon has 36 attack speed, but ingame it shows 26 attack speed and it gives to the char 26 attack speed. can you help me?