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  1. Okay then, back to the real matter, you have to use error_lookup.py along with the metin2client.map like then the crash's offset. GL again.
  2. apart from the actual matter, are you really still using python22? in 2018?! other than that, I can't add more to this topic. they have said enough. GL
  3. c++ [C++/PYTHON] Profile System

    As a first system, it's a good start but pay attention to the sql-injection when updating you must escape all of the string (you'll find an example inside log.cpp when hint is escaped) good luck and nice idea !
  4. [C++] Command Temp GM Rights Function

    You forgot this: replace: M2BobFixed with: Metin2Killer
  5. c++ [C++/Python]17.5 Element Image on target

    why do you use server-side while you can do it only using client-side?
  6. Im looking for a coder for a Auto Cash-In script for itemshop

    Ur intressted?

  7. open Zodiac

  8. c++ Sbugga PG (Unstucker) Without Delay - InGame!

    else if (!SECTREE_MANAGER::instance().IsValidLocation(lMapIndex, lPosX, lPosY, lEmpire)) { lMapIndex = EMPIRE_START_MAP(lEmpire); lPosX = EMPIRE_START_X(lEmpire); lPosY = EMPIRE_START_Y(lEmpire); } isn't that enough? why do you need to do all of this shit for something simple + why the fuck do you have invalid maps? or bugged ones if you've already done them the right way?! you always keep amazing me
  9. should be named granny2.dll not granny29.dll also you should check all other granny dlls to know which one you're using otherwise, just check the granny.h in the extern/include and try to find out which version you're using and use the matching dll. good luck
  10. open Difference

    The simplest answer would be:
  11. open problem after add mount system

    You didn't provide any answers and also you used a language that is not allowed .. English ONLY is Allowed. Anyways, the answer to your problem Marwan is that you didn't add the GetNewAttributeValue to (item.cpp/item.h) good luck. btw, the error is self-explanatory.