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  1. omg I told you that's not a bug and please try to read my posts. there's a REAL bug with the cache. that needs to be fixed not the one that doesn't even exist xD
  2. use strcmp(hostname1, hostname2) == 0 <means equal.
  3. you're retarded bro .. please don't use his code because if the player is not online he won't get any items ... void CShop::Remove() { if (!HasOwner()) return; m_bIsLocked = true; TOfflineShopTable p; memset(&p, 0, sizeof(p)); p.dwAID = m_dwOwnerAID; p.dwPID = m_dwOwnerPID; p.dwX = m_pkPC->GetX(); p.dwY = m_pkPC->GetY(); p.dwMapIndex = m_pkPC->GetMapIndex(); p.dwChannel = g_bChannel; p.ullMoney = m_Money; p.dwSize = m_bSize; p.dwColor = m_bColor; strlcpy(p.szSign, m_pkPC->GetShopSign().c_str(), sizeof(p.szSign)); for (DWORD i = 0; i < m_itemVector.size() && i < SHOP_HOST_ITEM_MAX_NUM; ++i) { SHOP_ITEM& item = m_itemVector[i]; if (item.pkItem == NULL) continue; p.items2[i] = item.itemid; p.price[i] = item.price; LPITEM item2=item.pkItem; if (item.isSold != 1) { LPCHARACTER ch = CHARACTER_MANAGER::instance().FindByPID(m_dwOwnerPID); LPITEM item3 = ITEM_MANAGER::instance().CreateItem(item2->GetVnum(), 1, 0, false); ITEM_MANAGER::CopyAllAttrTo(item2, item3); int Slot=ch->GetEmptyInventory(item2->GetSize()); item3->AddToCharacter(ch, TItemPos(INVENTORY, Slot)); ITEM_MANAGER::instance().FlushDelayedSave(item3); item3->AttrLog(); }else{ item.pkItem->SetWindow(SAFEBOX_OFFLINE_SHOP); ITEM_MANAGER::instance().SaveSingleItem(item.pkItem); item.pkItem->SetSkipSave(true); M2_DESTROY_ITEM(item.pkItem); memset(&item, 0, sizeof(item)); } } db_clientdesc->DBPacket(HEADER_GD_OFFLINE_SHOP_REMOVE, 0, &p, sizeof(p)); } what if this (LPCHARACTER ch = CHARACTER_MANAGER::instance().FindByPID(m_dwOwnerPID);) returns null (an offline player) and the shop's time is up. what's going to happen? the SAFEBOX_OFFLINE_SHOP is just an item in the item.window enum so you've implemented the whole thing and can't add a new line to the enum? wtf is wrong with you?!
  4. actually they don't disappear at all but they disappear because you have no idea about the system Not sold items go to a safebox called (SAFEBOX_OFFLINE_SHOP) should be added there and that safebox will hold them there until you click on the button in the safebox window "restore items". although there is a position problem with it but it works fine. for me it works like that.
  5. hi man

    i want to admin tool metin2


  6. open

    you should look for what you need first. here it is.
  7. +1
  8. open

    you should do it like this.
  9. you mean (Ymir)Webzen?
  10. from 1-40 I think
  11. they are the ones in skill_proto the skill_vnum = skill_proto.vnum and the skill_level defines the level of a skill.
  12. provide: 1. CONFIG < auth & db 2. syserr & syslog for both auth and db. otherwise you should stop working on metin
  13. the python link is just the built-in functions in the client's source. (C++/python) if I understood it right, the api you're talking about is in the link below look for the code tag below. if (bHeader == HEADER_CG_TEXT) that's the api you're looking for and if you want to add stuff you should add them there. good luck.