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  2. open

    you should do it like this.
  3. you mean (Ymir)Webzen?
  4. from 1-40 I think
  5. they are the ones in skill_proto the skill_vnum = skill_proto.vnum and the skill_level defines the level of a skill.
  6. provide: 1. CONFIG < auth & db 2. syserr & syslog for both auth and db. otherwise you should stop working on metin
  7. the python link is just the built-in functions in the client's source. (C++/python) if I understood it right, the api you're talking about is in the link below look for the code tag below. if (bHeader == HEADER_CG_TEXT) that's the api you're looking for and if you want to add stuff you should add them there. good luck.
  8. @Kaso just ignore it it just prints the (name vnum xcount) price to the sys_log. you can ignore it.
  9. congratulations for being a moderator bro :P

    1. flygun


      Thanks bro ;)I hope to be a good one :P

  10. You should answer this question because that guy wrote it to help you. otherwise, ask the mods to close your topic.
  11. try to find the files that are related to the questname "inside the quest" EX: quest xx begin for the example above you should be looking for xx
  12. a clue: TItemAttrTable EAttributeSet good luck adding it.
  13. welcome back I hope they can help you with the stuff you asked for.
  14. This is an example of what you have. UPDATE account SET password=PASSWORD('x'); there's no where statement. a badly coded homepage could do such thing.