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  1. try to find the files that are related to the questname "inside the quest" EX: quest xx begin for the example above you should be looking for xx
  2. a clue: TItemAttrTable EAttributeSet good luck adding it.
  3. welcome back I hope they can help you with the stuff you asked for.
  4. This is an example of what you have. UPDATE account SET password=PASSWORD('x'); there's no where statement. a badly coded homepage could do such thing.
  5. you should add your login query or the login.php file. showing an example won't help if you don't have any good background in PHP. $mysql->query("SELECT id, login, email, create_time FROM account.account WHERE id='x'");
  6. rather than adding a new query you should add create_time to the login query with that you'll get the create_time without have to add a new query.
  7. Cython? or pyd? if any both can be found in here
  8. do you have the source? you should add a new affect type like AFFECT_ALIGNMENT.
  9. this is not an error it's just warning to tell you that a core has crashed in your server. fix the crashed cores' bugs and you won't see it anymore.
  10. all the messages like this one mean that you should repair the table the message actually is self-explanatory.
  11. applyvalue0, applytype1, applyvalue1, applytype2, applyvalue2, applytype3, applyvalue3, applytype4, applyvalue4, applytype5, applyvalue5, applytype6, applyvalue6, applytype7, applyvalue7 Do you have a sash system? if yes please make sure that you have those fields in your "player.item" table. also this Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (61) your mysql server went down or something is wrong. if there's a crash you should include the game.core lines, too.
  12. You need to add this to your source. and then start using it mysql_direct_query("UPDATE account.account SET gold_expire=_DATE_, silver_expire=_DATE_ WHERE id=_ID_") LINK !!!
  13. As always you've done a great job. Thanks a lot bro I'm waiting eagerly for the download links
  14. If you have the leaked source files, I recommend mainline. But you'll need a lot of fixes for that. He means your own.
  15. how am I supposed to know? you should try it out.