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  1. ѕeмa™

    Is here someone who can make this feature?

    Its really easy to do that (This is not finished but just an example)
  2. ѕeмa™

    python [Py] Root 02.02.2018

    Ok so, who of you have it bigger?
  3. ѕeмa™

    open Refresh real time maintenance by vegas

    why dont u download and check it? Stop asking for help, if you dont try do things for yourself u will never do anything in this life.
  4. ѕeмa™

    open Serverfiles cartof v1

    Let see what my friend say:
  5. ѕeмa™

    open Anti inject

  6. ѕeмa™

    open Systems

    I want a ferrari, ships and bitches. TY
  7. Ok, lets try again. 1º Executed db_d normally, when i saw the error, i pressed retry. 2º Then i openned with visual studio in admin mode and i saw the screen above. 3º Execute db_d from solution and check the error in "Resultados" but i can see where is the mistake in the code . I dont know if im doing this right or not fuuuuck xD
  8. With Retry you mean Just In Time Depuration? (Opened with admin rights) And now open sln But i just see the same, if i try click in "Depurador local de windows" Debugger in english, it says:
  9. Hello, i need help with this, in freebsd i could use dbg, but in windows i try debug it with visual studio but i cant see anything. I hope someone can help me. Thanks.
  10. ѕeмa™


    Just continue like this doesnt exists.
  11. ѕeмa™

    solved locale_string

    try without simbols like ' in the first line
  12. ѕeмa™

    open Disconnect (DESC::~DESC) Problem

    thanks, i will search how to fix it, i tried disconnecting windows firewall, and some others stuff but still without fix it. I read that maybe a program is blocking the conexion or something like that the server refused the connect right?
  13. Hi, I have a problem with if (m_lpCharacter) { m_lpCharacter->Disconnect("DESC::~DESC"); m_lpCharacter = NULL; } When my character log in automatically is disconnect My server is working in Windows (Game and DB is in release) (This only happen in release, in debug works perfectly) Game.exe image
  14. ѕeмa™

    c++ Transparency check for images

    wow thats awesome!!
  15. ѕeмa™

    open Metin2 | League of Legends Login Interface

    It looks awesome but i think you should add some mobs