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  1. ѕeмa™

    open Offcial Bonus System

    Check self.labelTextList[i].SetOverEvent( ui.__mem_func__(self.__ButtonOverIn), i ) self.labelTextList[i].SetOverOutEvent( ui.__mem_func__(self.__ButtonOverOut), i ) SetOverEvent in ui.py or you could add in onupdate a funcion to see the tooltip like if xxx.IsIn(): showtooltip else: hidetooltip
  2. ѕeмa™

    open Offcial Bonus System

    use the tooltip but if you dont show the code nobody could help you
  3. ѕeмa™

    Is here someone who can make this feature?

    Its really easy to do that (This is not finished but just an example)
  4. ѕeмa™

    python [Py] Root 02.02.2018

    Ok so, who of you have it bigger?
  5. ѕeмa™

    open Refresh real time maintenance by vegas

    why dont u download and check it? Stop asking for help, if you dont try do things for yourself u will never do anything in this life.
  6. ѕeмa™

    open Serverfiles cartof v1

    Let see what my friend say:
  7. ѕeмa™

    open Anti inject

  8. ѕeмa™

    open Systems

    I want a ferrari, ships and bitches. TY
  9. Ok, lets try again. 1º Executed db_d normally, when i saw the error, i pressed retry. 2º Then i openned with visual studio in admin mode and i saw the screen above. 3º Execute db_d from solution and check the error in "Resultados" but i can see where is the mistake in the code . I dont know if im doing this right or not fuuuuck xD
  10. With Retry you mean Just In Time Depuration? (Opened with admin rights) And now open sln But i just see the same, if i try click in "Depurador local de windows" Debugger in english, it says:
  11. Hello, i need help with this, in freebsd i could use dbg, but in windows i try debug it with visual studio but i cant see anything. I hope someone can help me. Thanks.
  12. ѕeмa™


    Just continue like this doesnt exists.
  13. ѕeмa™

    solved locale_string

    try without simbols like ' in the first line
  14. ѕeмa™

    open Disconnect (DESC::~DESC) Problem

    thanks, i will search how to fix it, i tried disconnecting windows firewall, and some others stuff but still without fix it. I read that maybe a program is blocking the conexion or something like that the server refused the connect right?