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  1. .InyaProduction

    Low fps while playing / recording

    Whats your GPU?
  2. .InyaProduction

    Costume_weapon help

    If you're interested, i sell this system The first Version of it was created 18 days after source release (so far before Metin2 announced the system) and has improved a lot since then
  3. .InyaProduction

    C++/Python - map/dictionary

    I dont know if you can push maps to python, but i did it this way when i needed it: 1: Say python a new map is incoming, i named that one startListener 2: Give datasets one by one to python by Py_* commands and fill a new array you created / flushed in startListener with the data 3: Say python your have no more data, i named that one stopListener and execute whatever you want with the array I don't have access to my source code right now. Sorry for just discribing it without code examples
  4. .InyaProduction

    whats is problem in real :(

    That case sounds like the auth core is started but the game core is not up. You will get connection to the auth (saying wrong pw) and if you enter the right password it tries to connect you to the gamecore.. which (if its not up) will return no connection
  5. .InyaProduction

    3DsMax 7 with exporters

    i have the same error Edit the plugins.ini. It contains a path you need to adjust
  6. .InyaProduction

    Alpha Channel in Textures

    You should be carefull with the pivot when you dont have a test client. It will require to be a little bit up right when you view from a top view. Else the weapon will be on the hands back
  7. .InyaProduction

    Version 15.5 and New Official Pet System

    High level players have 15k hp.. 3% is 450 which is more than enough. And i really dont think it will be only 3%
  8. .InyaProduction

    Alpha Channel in Textures

    The granny viewer does not support this. You will only see that ingame. For transparency you need the opacity map in 3ds max
  9. .InyaProduction

    Client Error

    First of all.. you try to define a function in a function? Is that even working? Secondly: your function call doesnt contain a parameter you need to call "return f(VAR)" here I would be much easier to understand what that means if you would explain us what you try to do
  10. .InyaProduction

    3Ds max weapon exporting

    here you can get 3ds max 7 with all exporters you need
  11. .InyaProduction

    Client Error

    Show us your localeInfo.py line 120 - 150
  12. .InyaProduction

    Metin2 Shutdown!

    ​admin page ip and password are can block everything that can affect the server except the player count api and some log related stuff. But i think youre right with the db cache port. If this ones open one of the worst "hacks" (not further discribed here cause of possible chaos) is possible
  13. .InyaProduction

    Metin2 Shutdown!

    adminpage_ip: your ip-address adminpage_password: your passwordPut this to the config of all your game core (not db, not auth) (your ip = the ip of your website, password = you choose what you want)
  14. .InyaProduction


    What budget do you have? 10-20€ per month?
  15. .InyaProduction


    What do you expect from this server? Do you want us to adjust drops, gold and so on? Or just something to play on?