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  1. Here you can discuss about the source and help each other to modify/compile it aswell as asking questions about it
  2. .InyaProduction

    40250 Test Client

    https://mega.co.nz/#!AkgSFICb!CYdX3Hwo56JvchZuKgegmau8vn4Bslo5-KPnhbH4Jfg enjoy :3 Originaly uploaded by Ocelot2606 reuploaded by me
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    Put the content that the exe is in this path D:/ymir work/WorldEditor_en.exe Download
  4. .InyaProduction

    3Ds max weapon exporting

    Hope music isnt too loud gr2export.zip
  5. .InyaProduction

    [Tutorial]Questing for beginners #1

    Hey as requested in the discussions section im gonna make a little beginners quest tutorial. If you see something wrong just correct me by posting below. Also you can extend my tutorial. I hope at last we get a little "book" of tutorials from different users. Lets begin. Im gonna mark every user editable variable like this: <variable> The first statement that has to be in every quest is following (lua works with "end" so we have to close almost everything with "end" like below) quest <questname> begin end Now for the beginning lets add the first state. A state is something like a chapter. The first state is always the state start. Like quest end it with an "end" quest <questname> begin state start begin end end Now we can start adding events.Possible actions (+ description): kill -gets triggered everytime you kill a monster or another player. party_kill -gets triggered everytime you or a party member kills a monster or another player. enter (you can use "letter" here aswell) -at changing into the state (explanation later) leave -at changing out of the state <mobvnum>.chat."<message>" -On clicking on the npc <mobvnum> and then choosing the <message> in the appearing questwindow <mobvnum>.click -On clicking on the npc <mobvnum> unmount -on unmounting your horse info or button(should be used together) -on clicking on a quest scroll login -on logging in logout or disconnect (should be used together) -on logging out take -on pulling an item on a npc Lets do the first example with a loginmessage. The event has following syntax: quest loginquest begin state start begin when login begin chat("You logged in") end end end So in this case the "when login begin" gets triggered when the user logs in.The "chat()" is a basic quest command in will show the user a white line in the public chat at the bottom of his game like if somebody writes something to the chat. Now you know the basic quest syntax. To limit then when actions there is another helper. The "with" tag. Lets say you want to get the message only if youre above level 25 when login with pc.get_level() > 25 begin chat("You logged in with level above 25") end I just didnt write that whole "quest" and "state" stuff now i think you know how i should look like now. In this case the "with pc.get_level() > 25" checks if you login with your level over 25. The load of function like pc.get_level() and chat() that you got is just remembering and looking for them. There are some public lists of it. Most of them are self explaining by their name. pc allways (except some really special cases you shouldnt get unless you try advanced questing) means your own character Now lets say you got a boss mob at mobvnum 90001 and you want all players to be noticed that a heroic player killed this one. You know the kill trigger but you dont know how to limit it to one mob only. But you also know the "with" tag now. So lets go ahead. The command you need here is npc.get_race(). the "npc" always means the mob you killed, clicked or used an item with right now. The get_race gives you his vnum when kill with npc.get_race() == 90001 begin notice(pc.get_name().." was a heroic player and killed the boss") end I think you should all know what pc.get_name() returns right now but whats the two dots there?It does link functions with strings. So lets say you called "Quester" then the quest sees this: notice(pc.get_name().." was a heroic player and killed the boss") as this: notice("Quester was a heroic player and killed the boss") For the next im gonna show you how to make this little grey popup with text in it like the most quests have. Lets say you want to have a little smalltalk with the old woman (9006). You go to her and ask her about her real name. 9006.chat."What's your real name?" will automaticly generate the option when you click at her. when 9006.chat."What's your real name?" begin say_title("Old woman:") say("Oh hey "..pc.get_name()) say("You want to know my real name") say("Its Dave and apperently I'm an old man") say("But i have something for you") pc.give_item2(72702, 1) say_reward("You got speed shoes") end Below the last line of text there will be an automaticly generated "OK" buttonIf you want the text to be on more than one page add a "wait()" where you want to begin the next page. But then you have to make a new say_title() aswell. As you see im teaching you the basic commands while showing you the syntax. In this case its pc.give_item2(<itemvnum>, <itemcount>) (pc.give_item() is deprecated) So as last lection for this thread the if statements. Lets say you get 10 yang if youre under lvl 20 and 20 yang if youre above or equal when 9006.chat."Money?" begin if pc.get_level() >= 20 then pc.change_money(20) else pc.change_money(10) end end the if structure is pretty easy and should be understood by you. If not let me know. Ok enough for the first part. I would be happy to see other people continue with a second part Greets Inya
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    Low fps while playing / recording

    Whats your GPU?
  7. .InyaProduction

    Costume_weapon help

    If you're interested, i sell this system The first Version of it was created 18 days after source release (so far before Metin2 announced the system) and has improved a lot since then
  8. .InyaProduction

    C++/Python - map/dictionary

    I dont know if you can push maps to python, but i did it this way when i needed it: 1: Say python a new map is incoming, i named that one startListener 2: Give datasets one by one to python by Py_* commands and fill a new array you created / flushed in startListener with the data 3: Say python your have no more data, i named that one stopListener and execute whatever you want with the array I don't have access to my source code right now. Sorry for just discribing it without code examples
  9. .InyaProduction

    3DsMax 7 with exporters

    Enjoy it :3 https://mega.co.nz/#!F1AEQBRY!WQE1gEuHbI42dXJ6CGMLKWLXNJZdz24HHQWMPFAHpSI I think im going to make a tutorial on importing and exporting soon
  10. .InyaProduction

    whats is problem in real :(

    That case sounds like the auth core is started but the game core is not up. You will get connection to the auth (saying wrong pw) and if you enter the right password it tries to connect you to the gamecore.. which (if its not up) will return no connection
  11. .InyaProduction

    3DsMax 7 with exporters

    i have the same error Edit the plugins.ini. It contains a path you need to adjust
  12. .InyaProduction

    Alpha Channel in Textures

    You should be carefull with the pivot when you dont have a test client. It will require to be a little bit up right when you view from a top view. Else the weapon will be on the hands back
  13. .InyaProduction

    Version 15.5 and New Official Pet System

    High level players have 15k hp.. 3% is 450 which is more than enough. And i really dont think it will be only 3%
  14. .InyaProduction

    Alpha Channel in Textures

    The granny viewer does not support this. You will only see that ingame. For transparency you need the opacity map in 3ds max
  15. .InyaProduction

    Client Error

    First of all.. you try to define a function in a function? Is that even working? Secondly: your function call doesnt contain a parameter you need to call "return f(VAR)" here I would be much easier to understand what that means if you would explain us what you try to do
  16. .InyaProduction

    3Ds max weapon exporting

    here you can get 3ds max 7 with all exporters you need
  17. .InyaProduction

    Client Error

    Show us your localeInfo.py line 120 - 150
  18. .InyaProduction

    Metin2 Shutdown!

    ​admin page ip and password are can block everything that can affect the server except the player count api and some log related stuff. But i think youre right with the db cache port. If this ones open one of the worst "hacks" (not further discribed here cause of possible chaos) is possible
  19. .InyaProduction

    Metin2 Shutdown!

    adminpage_ip: your ip-address adminpage_password: your passwordPut this to the config of all your game core (not db, not auth) (your ip = the ip of your website, password = you choose what you want)
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    What budget do you have? 10-20€ per month?
  21. .InyaProduction


    What do you expect from this server? Do you want us to adjust drops, gold and so on? Or just something to play on?
  22. .InyaProduction

    3ds Max plugins.

    There is no gr2 plugin for 3ds max 2016. Use 2012
  23. .InyaProduction


    .so is a library thats not related to lua
  24. .InyaProduction

    re-adapt a weapon of shaman, only experts payed

    Can you pay by paypal? If so ill make it for 2,50€ (ill take the transaction fees)
  25. .InyaProduction

    Compile problem VS 2013

    For the SAFESEH error: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/9a89h429(v=vs.110).aspx