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  1. Hello Guys, here i have create a new video about worldeditor: number 19 it's for german people but you just have to see how to make a simple map. if you like it, you can let like there and comment. you can subscribe my channel for more / news Download: all my old downloads are not longer active cause i dont have webspeace more, and i have to upload all the files again.
  2. Orka - the green valley

    Thank you Guys <3
  3. Orka - the green valley

    Hello, here one of my new work "Map" Note, if you use my Pro-Pack, so please credit me on your Videos or your threads, for more packs. Orka - the green valley Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Final Part: I hope you like it Credits: Nevisor Thank you for the Tree's from this Thread:
  4. Tutorial 3DS Max Npc's (GER)

    sorry i cant speak english .
  5. Patcher

    20€ for help if you know how to work with c# and json and know how to create php files for patchlist (i have allrdy much files, you just Need to look at it) just pm
  6. WorldEditor Pr-Pack

    Thank you Ace for doing this for me and the Community, i hope you can translate all this in english. (Y)
  7. WorldEditor Pr-Pack

    Here new Download, https://metin2dev.org/board/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=1471 https://metin2dev.org/board/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=1470 iPatcher(exe) is my tool for Downloads from my webspeace i will work on this Patcher for more Features, you can allrdy download the Worldeditor-Pro Pack just klick on: Mapper Packet > Herunterladen download please Property-Fix 2. VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/de/file/a00194ce6e5847da546ea40c2c0dcab0f178efe819ac6d3de477839b65befa3d/analysis/1507499282/ if you want help with the patcher, i will give you 20€ for the patch Code
  8. Tutorial 3DS Max Npc's (GER)

    Hello, here i have create last day this tutorial for npc ripping to Export new npc's from another game. is for german guys but you can download the files (npc) to make own npc's. Ace
  9. WorldEditor Pr-Pack

    Download is down for now but i will take new one Ace
  10. 9 New Tree's (Giant)

    Thank you guys, im not really activ but i will release sometimes such files. Maybe anyone can help me to create my patcher
  11. Patcher

    hello, im searching a guy who can Code for me my patcher (not for metin2 Client, but like that) i hae allrdy finished the standart layout from the patcher. i Need to be coded: Feedback system error-reporting system upload .txt file or send the file with e-mail update system repatch (patch new, if any Thing is changed) and another Features. is not to much, is really simple work for good coders. i dont wane have dll's or something, i just want the patcher.exe tell me your Prices, i hope its not expensiv patcher without big codes: https://mega.nz/#!C40A0TzC!2CyF-fhdSxpNvQ1K6_AQB3dPkmi1VK5uXE9hWNNVw_M bey
  12. 9 New Tree's (Giant)

    9 New Tree's (Giant) Datei anzeigen Hi guys, i have download the tree's from this thread: thank you very much Nevisor for that beautiful pack. i just convert 4-5 Tree's and Change the size of them for big map's they are really nice. But, do not use to much of your map's cause it's .spt and will lag if you place file Passwort: Profizockers.com here some screen's: Hochgeladen von Ace Hochgeladen 27.08.2017 Kategorie 3d Models
  13. Speedtree Models Library

    Realy nice Nevisor thank you a lot.