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  1. Necro

    [PROBLEM]Too often SyncPosition.

    It will Kick you..
  2. Necro

    open BOX opening

    There is a nice function called: "item.get_socket" and "item.set_socket" for quest. So you can make it this way, in source too. Same idea use also Compass...
  3. Necro

    solved New pet system server source ERR

    Yeah... Having a source and dont know what i am doing... Find: string temp_exp_line; and NEW_PET define - above -put under .. sorry bad english
  4. Necro

    Select hair in char select?

    Take code from MarcossCC v3 for hair in charselect and then add src part, done!
  5. Necro

    open Alpha Channel not working

    You must edit binary file for more like two skin.. SourceSkin3 and TargetSkin3 arent supporting
  6. Necro

    Change the quest arrow

    PythonBackground.cpp -> find: std::string g_strEffectName = "d:/ymir work/effect/etc/direction/direction_land.mse"; or edit the mse file
  7. Ok, thank you, solved..
  8. Hi guys, today i am trying to add some npc, but my edited alpha channel appear only in two first textures, third and another not, is possible to somehow edit it? I think that it is the same problem like with source and target skin but with this repair problem continue... Thanks for you idea
  9. Necro

    Fix animations - my 3ds Max script

    Wow, its amazing!
  10. Hello guys, i have problem: If wolfman do attack ( 6x hit) its only give 2x damage (so its something like animation okey but they are not same like attacking to mob) If somebody know how to solved or in which file i should edit it. I would be very grateful, thank you...
  11. Necro

    How to set map as dundeon?

    core is also same? If its okey it will be problem in quest i think...
  12. Necro

    How to set map as dundeon?

    Is map from you port on same core-> Map_allow like dungeon map?
  13. Necro

    [C++]How to unbug Sura Dark Protection?

    What mean don´t work, where is the specific problem?
  14. Necro

    How to set map as dundeon?

    I am not sure what do you think but dungeon is set in quest like d.new_jump_party and other..
  15. Necro

    [Request]C++ Guild Log

    ach sorry, i read logo.. :/ So then: find: void CGuild::RequestDisband(DWORD pid) and insert DBManager::instance().DirectQuery("INSERT INTO guild_delete(date, guild_id, leader) VALUES(NOW(), %u, %u)", GetID(), pid); make sure that this query is under: if (m_data.master_pid != pid) return; maybe like this..