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  1. open [Hosting]Pareers

    I do not recommend, it's a just another romanian ~!@#$.
  2. open Special storage

    (2.4) Content No Links to other boards with the same sense as metin2dev allowed.
  3. open Serverfiles!

    Can someone ban him?
  4. open BUY UNPACKER!

    Can someone ban him? As i know this forum isn't a 'hacking area' [request of decrypt clients, unpackers] etc..
  5. Skillbock Name by dropp

    @Fabio (2.5) Questions & Answers specific rules Don't modify your thread (or reply to it) to mark it solved, and not explain the solution to the issue.
  6. c++ [C++] Erase EventFlag Function!

    Sorry but you are very dumb. This doesn't help you with nothing, you dont know nothing about event flag and how it's working. Who the hell want to delete them? Nobody. If someone want to delete them just run this query before start the server. (there is no reason to do that) This query will delete all event flag list, because difference between quest flag and event flag is the state empty. DELETE FROM player.quest WHERE szState = ''; After execute the query, remaining only the guild_disband_delay & guild_withdraw_delay because is seted forced when core start by main::CQuestManager::Initialize(). We thank you again for killing C++ language.
  7. open Color bar

    #root/ui.py #SELECT_COLOR = grp.GenerateColor(0.0, 0.0, 0.5, 0.3)
  8. c++ Chat history update

    Maybe he was want to do something with the sum. Should look like that:
  9. Still active For more information contact me at skype: geo.geani94 .
  10. c++ [GF v17.5] Active pet seal effect

    Thanks for release.
  11. python Needing STATs instead of LVL

    I would do it more easy. itemDict = { item.LIMIT_LEVEL : [player.LEVEL, localeInfo.TOOLTIP_ITEM_LIMIT_LEVEL], item.LIMIT_STR : [player.ST, localeInfo.TOOLTIP_ITEM_LIMIT_STR], item.LIMIT_DEX : [player.DX, localeInfo.TOOLTIP_ITEM_LIMIT_DEX], item.LIMIT_INT : [player.IQ, localeInfo.TOOLTIP_ITEM_LIMIT_INT], item.LIMIT_CON : [player.HT, localeInfo.TOOLTIP_ITEM_LIMIT_CON] } if limitType in itemDict: self.AppendTextLine(itemDict[limitType][1] % (limitValue), self.GetLimitTextLineColor(player.GetStatus(itemDict[limitType][0]), limitValue))
  12. c++ [FIX] Yang Gold Bug Negative!

    You should think better and read again. PS: I speak about this situation and code from this topic, ymir did a check "GOLD_MAX <= nTotalMoney" . _________________________________________________________________ Please enter an integer amount of gold: -500000 GetGold: 25000 amount: -500000 nTotalMoney: -475000 Succes set gold to: -475000 #include <iostream> #include <algorithm> using namespace std; typedef int INT; typedef unsigned int UINT; typedef struct character_point { uint64_t gold = 25000; } CHARACTER_POINT; CHARACTER_POINT m_points; INT GetGold() { return m_points.gold; } void SetGold(INT gold) { m_points.gold = gold; printf("Succes set gold to: %d", gold); } void PointChange(INT iAmount) { UINT nTotalMoney = GetGold() + iAmount; printf(" GetGold: %d\n amount: %d\n nTotalMoney: %d\n", GetGold(), iAmount, nTotalMoney); SetGold(GetGold() + iAmount); } int main() { INT val; cout << "Please enter an integer amount of gold: "; cin >> val; PointChange(val); }
  13. c++ [FIX] Yang Gold Bug Negative!

    I don't understand why you have this style, but ok. case POINT_GOLD: { unsigned int nTotalMoney = GetGold() + amount; if (nTotalMoney < 0 || nTotalMoney > GOLD_MAX) return; SetGold(GetGold() + amount); val = GetGold(); } break;