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  1. [RELEASE] VIP System from SRC

    We can do it like this too. for (key, value) in enumerate(["(VIP1)","(VIP2)","(VIP3)","(VIP4)","(VIP5)","(VIP6)","(VIP7)","(VIP8)","(VIP9)","(VIP10)"]): if gamemasta.find(value) != -1: if (not self.lastupdate): self.lastupdate = app.GetGlobalTimeStamp() if (app.GetGlobalTimeStamp() - self.lastupdate) >= 5: self.lastupdate = app.GetGlobalTimeStamp() net.SendEmoticon(key + 29)
  2. Bank System With Password

  3. [C++] Announcement Level Up

    Looks very similar code with this mini-rls from him. https://pastebin.com/Y3aNnZ0h
  4. This is from quests, it sounds like you have a spurious end somewhere on quests. without seeing the content of those scripts, nobody can help you. Check the latest quests installed on the server, but i recommend to reinstall all quests after you checked it. You did changes on objects quests and you add something wrong. cd /usr/home/game/share/locale/germany/quest && sh make.sh
  5. open Official Group Search

    Don't take pride in how well you code. Take pride in how well you learn. Then learning that your code needs improvement provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate how good you are at learning, instead of coming across as criticism of how bad a "programmer" you are. The truth is that probably in 1/2 years when you will see your current code you will agree that it was a mess. Learning programming is a never ending process and there will always be someone who is better at it than you. So if person who said that your code is a mess is not just mean and it is not another case of "I would do it better" disease common among programmers you should ask him/her what exactly is wrong with your code and how can you improve it. The trick is to learn to accept it. Learn to accept that you could do better. Learn to live with the flaws. Learn to accept that you're not going to get it perfect this time, and probably the next time too, and that it's a deliberate choice because the alternative is not delivering. And that's worse. Disclaimer: none of this should be read as "bad code is OK". I hope you get these points (you can search on google more then this) and learn, don't try to look a smart because you do not impress anyone, we just want to help you, i not want to make too much off-topic, is enough i think.
  6. open Official Group Search

    Thanks for release, but code is low level and there is nothing like official. And really...systems like "official" with saved variables to constInfo on 2017.. But if is work good, is ok, but i never will use "systems" with code like this.
  7. if you didn't find a link, the logical answer is the second one.
  8. open Player is in the same guild quest

    Try that. local x, y, targetGuild = pc.get_x() * 100, pc.get_y() * 100, pc.get_guild() if is_blocked == 1 then syschat("Player: "..sname.." blocked tp.") elseif pc.get_guild() == 0 then syschat("You have to be in a guild.") elseif targetGuild == 0 then syschat("Player: "..sname.." is not in a guild.") elseif targetGuild ~= pc.get_guild() then syschat("Player: "..sname.." is not member of same guild as you.") else [......................] end
  9. # Update Select Character ## Added Ghost Flag effect for the slots that were not created. ## Fixed some bugs. Video:
  10. Hey there, so I got very good responds due to my last video, so I made the full package Login + Select + Empire + Create. Hope you like it and for more information contact me at skype: geo.geani94 . Special thanks to: @VegaS - for some advice @.Kori - for making a clean client and Serverfiles @All of you for the feedback from the other topic.
  11. open c++ Library Hooking Problem

    Try that. // Change the hook function with this: void MoveHook::hook(CInputMain* self, iCHARACTER* ch, const char* data) { if (!ch || !self || !*data) return; if (ch->m_counterxxx == 100) ch->m_counterxxx = 0; ch->m_counterxxx++; instance()->detour->GetOriginalFunction()(self, ch, data); } // Search for: void CHARACTER::Destroy() and add inside: m_counterxxx = 0; // Search for: void CHARACTER::Disconnect(const char * c_pszReason) and add inside: m_counterxxx = 0; The crash is generated when he destroyed the desc, you should check your class destroy and stop if something is nullptr and try to reinitializate the variables store to default. Without full code i can't say too much about that, but i hope you get my points.
  12. open Metin2 | League of Legends Login Interface

    yah ... im not a good designer soo I can't make cool backgrounds. xD
  13. open Metin2 | League of Legends Login Interface

    yah, first a need to find a good place to make the position for the backgraund... now I dont really like the contrast.
  14. Hi there comunity, today I was a little bored and an idea came to mind, what if I made a replica of the interface from League of Legends for Metin2. So this is the result: I just want to know what do you think and if you think that I need to continue with it.
  15. Replace: if (pkAff->dwType == listAffects) With this: if (pkAff->dwType == listAffects[i])