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  1. Preview - Mount System

    I already finish that system, is very nice you can add a table which the player when use the mount for first time to select a bonus like 20% against monsters, 10% critical attack etc and you can see that bonus on the seal [tooltip], also a name like horse for the new mount which you can see on the seal [Name].
  2. Walk through safezone without block

    Download: Here download the file and follow the tutorial.
  3. Walk through safezone without block

    I create a new bool because in my source i use more code from that what i share here. I had coded this before a long time ago and i share it now, the idea is not coming from Rubinum2 but they have released a video and show this idea to the community before me.
  4. Walk through safezone without block

    Try to use the other download method.
  5. Today i release a code which you can walk through safezone without block Enjoy. Download: Here
  6. Make item stackable

    First you have to remove the time from the item, because until you pick up the next item the time is running. (if the items doesn't have the same time can't be stackable).
  7. [2017] Happy New Year!

    It is time to forget the past and celebrate a new beginning. Happy New Year guys!
  8. input_main.cpp I didn't test but that should works, I made it only for ITEM_WEAPON.
  9. Newest official mob/item_proto unpacker

    Hey, Post your item_proto
  10. Quest language

    You need to change your encoding to greek,
  11. sash in introselect

    Can you explain to us about your problem?
  12. Karma2/Curea2 game interface

    The guy who have sell Karma2 interface for 200€ talk about stolen stuff. OK.
  13. [Private Servers] What happens?

    Both sides play with fire at the moment.