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  1. If u can share the binary too, also i want to check the features swim and fly jump. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Legend

    open Load External Pack Files

    Not possible.
  3. Legend

    c++ Sort Inventory(Mini Release)

    Hm, good to know thanks.
  4. Legend

    c++ Sort Inventory(Mini Release)

    What about books? when u sort the inventroy with books on it the book change socket, that happening because the autogiveitem is doesn't support socket check.
  5. Legend

    Princess assassin

    Thanks, looking good.
  6. easy xD, of course i'm kidding no idea, good job.
  7. Legend

    open Skill Proto Official

  8. Legend

    Underwater egg metin

    Amazing work as always, thanks you!
  9. Legend

    open Skill Proto Official

    Hey, today i had tried to update my skill proto with the official one, but i saw some tables is missing in the skilltable.txt from official and some new clean tables is added. Missing tables: szMasterBonusPoly & szGrandMasterAddSPCostPoly & bLevelLimit i think so. Is here anyone who knows what's going on with the skill_proto official? I'm search for a solution or someone to explain me what's have changed.
  10. Legend

    Hide weapon when you use emotions

    You dont' have replace the file , change the time motions like what i did in the file that is shared.
  11. Legend

    Hide weapon when you use emotions

    because is working with time.
  12. Hello, because i saw some people asking for that, there is: Replace the cmd_emotion.cpp With this file: Download: https://mega.nz/#!1MIECIiA!EIvIWbSVHMVbwMJd6n_NMv_hcj1p608HpheLwkTWDII I couldn't find other way to do this, i just add the duration time in the file and i writed a code for hide & show with time event, everything working fine.
  13. Legend

    open Contact Martysama

    lets open a new topic for how to contact marty, its pretty easy by the way if he don't answer then maybe he don't want to.
  14. Legend

    Encrypting python files :)

    You can make it also to read it from the backwards like arabic language.
  15. There is also a fix about the /in command.