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  1. Legend

    open Contact Martysama

    lets open a new topic for how to contact marty, its pretty easy by the way if he don't answer then maybe he don't want to.
  2. Legend

    Encrypting python files :)

    You can make it also to read it from the backwards like arabic language.
  3. There is also a fix about the /in command.
  4. Hey, Today i will show you how you can fix easy the invisibility effect bug and the AFFECT_EUNHYEONG = sealth ninja skill from 17.5 Official update. InstanceBase.cpp (Is hiding the ninja from the minimap InstanceBaseEffect.cpp Search for: Replace with:
  5. Legend

    c++ Official Party Update

    Thanks for the share, but there is a bug with the system if you have party and you disconnect from both characters after when you login and one of the two characters are offline shows him online.
  6. Legend

    Feature enhancement

    The text phrase is not coming from the autogiveitem function as i can see. please find from where is comes and let me know.
  7. Legend

    Feature enhancement

  8. Legend

    Feature enhancement

    Can you share your ::autogiveitem function?
  9. Legend

    Feature enhancement

    // Remove: You have received blabla. text.
  10. Legend

    Feature enhancement

    shopEx.cpp You have received blabla: Auto Stack (privateshop):
  11. Legend

    Feature enhancement

    Add the autogiveitem in the shopex.cpp too.
  12. Legend

    New system idea

    https://pastebin.com/tUyrecdn #File : common/service.h #define __MONSTER_ON_SAFEZONE__
  13. Legend

    Preview - Mount System

    I already finish that system, is very nice you can add a table which the player when use the mount for first time to select a bonus like 20% against monsters, 10% critical attack etc and you can see that bonus on the seal [tooltip], also a name like horse for the new mount which you can see on the seal [Name].
  14. Download: Here download the file and follow the tutorial.
  15. I create a new bool because in my source i use more code from that what i share here. I had coded this before a long time ago and i share it now, the idea is not coming from Rubinum2 but they have released a video and show this idea to the community before me.