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  1. Legend

    open [Question]New Patches GameForge .Epk .Epx

    What are you mean "broken" you can't read the files or what? consider this: (Official is using cshybrid encryption) You need to login ingame and extract them 1 -1, you have to generate a xml and after extract with darealfreak file extractor (example). Official .epk .eix metin2_patches is using the last years cshybrid encryption so when u login ingame the server is sending the keys for the metin2_patches and the client can read the files, only then you can extract.
  2. Legend

    New official pet system

    3 Years later...
  3. Legend

    Emoji in TextLine

    There is not any bug when i use 800x600 you can add 6 buttons without bug at this size.
  4. Legend

    Emoji in TextLine

    I did this long time ago for the new item currency in shops with some changes in ExtendedTextLine in ui, seems to working fine in tooltip too
  5. Legend

    [Bug]Dump_proto,Textures of mobs

    Can you open a new topic and stop opening 3 years old topics ? xD
  6. Legend

    open [Clientside] How to get real stats

    You need to add ComputePoints() packet when u stop riding, so the stats will be back to normal.
  7. Legend

    open SEARCHING

    Contact me at skype with your problems.
  8. Legend

    open Looking for buy

  9. Legend

    Fail - Animation Image

    I will make the binary to work with .swf files in that case idk yet i'm thinking about it.
  10. Legend

    Fail - Animation Image

    I start to learning how to do animation images, i'm just practice and try to do it by myself, when i'm boring i'm just watching videos and trying to learn new stuffs, yesterday i found a animation image video from league of legends and i tried to do for metin by my self, i think is good to have a such images in our login interface, my results from the animation image: I could do it much more better but i'm boring as fuck need a lot of work xD
  11. Files with all the public systems in the internet xD, and about the dead code is easy to remove them, and seems that this srcs is from Ira leaked is the only srcs that use control files for the defines. Good luck to find a partnership dude.
  12. That problem is exist in official too, when i got some more time i will check more to find a solution, but atm idk.
  13. #Update, with a instancebase fix.
  14. Legend

    Suche [DEV/TEC] @Shirana-Online

    Contact me at skype.