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    Fail - Animation Image

    I start to learning how to do animation images, i'm just practice and try to do it by myself, when i'm boring i'm just watching videos and trying to learn new stuffs, yesterday i found a animation image video from league of legends and i tried to do for metin by my self, i think is good to have a such images in our login interface, my results from the animation image: I could do it much more better but i'm boring as fuck need a lot of work xD
  2. Legend

    Fail - Animation Image

    I will make the binary to work with .swf files in that case idk yet i'm thinking about it.
  3. Files with all the public systems in the internet xD, and about the dead code is easy to remove them, and seems that this srcs is from Ira leaked is the only srcs that use control files for the defines. Good luck to find a partnership dude.
  4. Hey, Today i will show you how you can fix easy the invisibility effect bug and the AFFECT_EUNHYEONG = sealth ninja skill from 17.5 Official update. InstanceBase.cpp (Is hiding the ninja from the minimap) InstanceBaseEffect.cpp Search for: Replace with:
  5. That problem is exist in official too, when i got some more time i will check more to find a solution, but atm idk.
  6. #Update, with a instancebase fix.
  7. Legend

    Suche [DEV/TEC] @Shirana-Online

    Contact me at skype.
  8. Legend

    [Bugfix]Dungeon music

    I never notice this untill now (i'm not a fun of metin2 music always is off), thanks for the fix
  9. Legend

    Search dev to create this system.

    Contact me.
  10. normal shop or offline shop?
  11. Legend

    solved [Request]ui.Gauge improvement

    A lot of things look the same this don't mean is the same code, whatever.
  12. Legend

    solved [Request]ui.Gauge improvement

    I'm talking about the gif that i posted, i'm not the guy who coded the aeldra one. There is people who wanted to buy instead of "stealing" stuffs from other servers - clients.
  13. Legend

    solved [Request]ui.Gauge improvement

    I coded it so if someone wanted he can buy . Otherwise i can't share my code because "you can extract it from aeldra".
  14. Legend

    solved [Request]ui.Gauge improvement

    You mean this right? https://gyazo.com/0efac9a5c570958cb55fd98a969f88f7 If u are interesting you can buy it from me contact me at skype for more informations.
  15. Legend

    [Search] Pet System Official.

    All official pet systems is the same code there is not another one that is public.
  16. Legend

    [Search] Pet System Official.

    Use google.
  17. Legend

    Web manager

  18. Legend

    Need Developer

    Send me a message or add me at skype.
  19. Legend

    Metin2 New Game Engine Test

    I can't say that is looks good in first stage, but its a start, good luck to your project, it will be hard.
  20. Legend

    open Mob Target System [BUG "?" Player Crash]

    The old version of the system is full of bugs, good luck to fix them.
  21. Legend

    ZODIAC TEMPLE - WIP - meleme18 & R0berTT

    Interesting, do u have any price in your mind atm?
  22. Legend

    [How-To]Guild Messages Limit

    A pulse is also good idea then, but the first solution is the same when u click delete without a message exists in the guild window, is the same request, so there is a lot ways to attack somehow
  23. Hey, I shared a check for you, i think is the best way to block the attacks from the guild comments, because someone can make a bot and write a lot of comments in our guild_comment table. This is the best solution for me, because anyways nobody can see more than 12 comments in the comment guild window, and if someone write a new comment a comment will hide, so looks much more better to can write maximum 12 comments, and delete one for can write another. guild.cpp guild.h Good Luck.
  24. Legend

    c++ Post Guild Comment Flood Mysql

    And why to put this pulse, players can't see anyways the new messages and the old one is just hide if u reach the limit of 12 rows at guild window, better to make a check to can add only 12 messages and delete one for write another one.