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  1. Legend

    Need Developer

    Send me a message or add me at skype.
  2. Legend

    Metin2 New Game Engine Test

    I can't say that is looks good in first stage, but its a start, good luck to your project, it will be hard.
  3. Hey, Today i will show you how you can fix easy the invisibility effect bug and the AFFECT_EUNHYEONG = sealth ninja skill from 17.5 Official update. InstanceBase.cpp (Is hiding the ninja from the minimap InstanceBaseEffect.cpp Search for: Replace with:
  4. Legend

    open Mob Target System [BUG "?" Player Crash]

    The old version of the system is full of bugs, good luck to fix them.
  5. Legend

    ZODIAC TEMPLE - WIP - meleme18 & R0berTT

    Interesting, do u have any price in your mind atm?
  6. Legend

    Guild Messages Limit

    Hey, I shared a check for you, i think is the best way to block the attacks from the guild comments, because someone can make a bot and write a lot of comments in our guild_comment table. This is the best solution for me, because anyways nobody can see more than 12 comments in the comment guild window, and if someone write a new comment a comment will hide, so looks much more better to can write maximum 12 comments, and delete one for can write another. guild.cpp guild.h Good Luck.
  7. Legend

    Guild Messages Limit

    A pulse is also good idea then, but the first solution is the same when u click delete without a message exists in the guild window, is the same request, so there is a lot ways to attack somehow
  8. Legend

    c++ Post Guild Comment Flood Mysql

    And why to put this pulse, players can't see anyways the new messages and the old one is just hide if u reach the limit of 12 rows at guild window, better to make a check to can add only 12 messages and delete one for write another one.
  9. Legend

    open Mob target info error

    Rename m2netm2g -> net
  10. ds qualification is required before u can exchange ds items.
  11. Legend

    Stone bridge fix

    Thanks for release, will be nice to see more from you:)
  12. Legend

    open Load External Pack Files

    Not possible.
  13. Hello, because i saw some people asking for that, there is: Replace the cmd_emotion.cpp With this file: Download: https://mega.nz/#!1MIECIiA!EIvIWbSVHMVbwMJd6n_NMv_hcj1p608HpheLwkTWDII
  14. Legend

    c++ Sort Inventory(Mini Release)

    Hm, good to know thanks.
  15. Legend

    c++ Sort Inventory(Mini Release)

    What about books? when u sort the inventroy with books on it the book change socket, that happening because the autogiveitem is doesn't support socket check.
  16. Legend

    Princess assassin

    Thanks, looking good.
  17. Legend

    open Skill Proto Official

    Hey, today i had tried to update my skill proto with the official one, but i saw some tables is missing in the skilltable.txt from official and some new clean tables is added. Missing tables: szMasterBonusPoly & szGrandMasterAddSPCostPoly & bLevelLimit i think so. Is here anyone who knows what's going on with the skill_proto official? I'm search for a solution or someone to explain me what's have changed.
  18. easy xD, of course i'm kidding no idea, good job.
  19. Legend

    open Skill Proto Official

  20. Legend

    Underwater egg metin

    Amazing work as always, thanks you!
  21. Legend

    Hide weapon when you use emotions

    You dont' have replace the file , change the time motions like what i did in the file that is shared.
  22. Legend

    Hide weapon when you use emotions

    because is working with time.
  23. Legend

    open Contact Martysama

    lets open a new topic for how to contact marty, its pretty easy by the way if he don't answer then maybe he don't want to.
  24. Legend

    Encrypting python files :)

    You can make it also to read it from the backwards like arabic language.
  25. There is also a fix about the /in command.