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  1. 3Dsmax 2011 + X-FORCE + Plugins GR2

    Thank you so much, I was looking for a 3ds max that wouldn't screw up with the bones (my 2013 & 7 version just don't allow me to load them for some reason)
  2. Official Block System(Not Official Addings)

    It's a cool system and all but what if the player is from another kingdom and starts attacking you? you're not going to be able to attack back and will be killed by "nothing" xD
  3. Heur can you add me on skype themhade@gmail.com

  4. The lost maps of Ymir

    Shogun, can you please reupload the maps? Thanks in advance.
  5. open Alpha Channel not working

  6. Thank you very much for the sugestion
  7. The point of these skills aren't to be the same as lycan. The idea behind this is to make new skills that aren't over the top and have something different from the normal P skills. Also, these skills aren't to be used in servers with Lycan.
  8. You probably don't know the character's skills even, what the hell m8. There is nothing that is the same as Lycans.
  9. I don't think there is the need to say what the video is about xD Best Regards, Heur.
  10. International Guild War: .IT vs .PT

    m8, that's not big, not at all xD Nice War m8, but FairyTail were never good. Not even in portuguese servers.. I think they only played in one even..
  11. open Alpha Channel not working

    I will give it a try. I kept on adding the alpha channels to the rest of the armor set and came across something bizzarre. In the same texture, with the same alpha channel, it's applied to one part of the armor but not to the other. The upper part and lower part are from the same texture and have the same alpha channel yet it doesn't appear in the lower part. This has happaned with another texture where it would only show a little piece of it but not the full alpha channel. If anyone knows how did this happen and how it could be fixed, I'd be very gratefull. Best Retards, Heur.
  12. As you can see in the print, there is one texture of the armor that doesn't have the alpha channel on and that same texture is the last texture in my .msm, does anyone know how to fix this? I've thought about going into 3Ds max and changing the textures to .dds and it could work but I'm not able to import the bones so that's a nono for me. If I change the order of the textures the last one will never have the working alpha channel. If I change the textures to .dds in the .msm it doesn't change a thing, the last one will never have a working alpha channel. If anyone know how can I fix such thing, I would be gratefull. Best Regards, Heur.
  13. Props to @Kenin123 for helping me out, the error was in the gr2 converter that I was using. The topic can be closed. Best Regards, Heur.