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  1. kombajnik

    [Private Servers] What happens?

    Some fresh info: #1 http://www.gvu.de/durchsuchungsaktion-gegen-betreiber-und-programmierer-von-zwei-metin-2-piraterie-servern/3463 #2 Check newest post on Cyperia fanpage https://www.facebook.com/Cyperia/?fref=ts#
  2. Hello, I see there are banners https://www.hyperfilter.com/ and I want to ask - does anyone tested protection from this service? Is better than voxility? Is better than OVH? I had servers in 'normal' OVH and from OVH game offer (better firewall, i used with "other" options in game FW panel), and I had dedicated servers in datacenters which uses voxility protection and both OVH and VOXILITY protection from time to time was not enough to prevent some kicks and downtimes for few minutes. I don't have enough money for test-buy dedicated server, i want to ask first
  3. I have gmake: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.
  4. Could you tell me what you exactly do?
  5. Hello, I'm using BSD 9.2 64bit and when my server crashes it generates game.core file, under BSD 8.2 I was able to read/open it using gdb, now the gdb says "game.core" is not a core dump: File format is ambiguous" Can any1 help me ?
  6. Hello, Does anyone know how to fix the latest kichkack made by Francoiz on game 2089?
  7. Any fix for game 2089?