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  1. Aemon

    Searching for Serverfiles by Rules V3

    Don't buy from this " Rules ", trust me. Ask any romanian guy about this " Rules " and he will tell you what kind of person he is
  2. Aemon

    Vanilla Source 65730 - VDI

    ​Glad I could help
  3. I can't log in. I try to resend password, and isn't work with the password reseted. Edit : I'm dumb, I copy the password with a "space"
  4. Hello, how can I activate this on my client ?
  5. Aemon

    Book stack

    I tried... but I didn't have any succes.
  6. Aemon

    Book stack

  7. Aemon

    Book stack

    Hello, today I found a little problem on my server. Well, the problem is : When I have 5 book in stack, and I try to read them, all of them are disappear... I use 34k game.
  8. Aemon

    MT2-CMS - FORK

    An achievement page it would be nice For example : You kill 50 wild dogs and you recieve 50 points, with that 50 points you can buy something from that Achievement Page / Shop
  9. Aemon

    MT2-CMS - FORK

    Damn, this feature is ... freakin' awesome ! Btw ; ss doesn't work.
  10. I don't own source... I use 34k .
  11. I don't have... I use 34k ...any sugestion?
  12. Hello, when I try to type "/pvp" in pvp arena [ map ] it tell me that I cannot use that command . How can I unblock it ? Here is an screenshot :
  13. Bring Up My Post Edit : Resolved, I remove one function from quest.