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  1. thanks for you reply i will show you in video in pm
  2. Hello guys, I got a problem that in map 1 the quest blink NPCs but when i teleport to some other map its blinking in that 2nd map too.. Anyone know how to solve it ? i post the screenshot here. http://prntscr.com/kors4f Hope i get solution thanks in advance
  3. Human

    Need Auction system like this

    I want this type of system if anyone can make pm me Regards Human
  4. Hi there, As title says so I dont need noobs or beginners I need a professional designer for designing some models of my own ideas.. reply here if you can or pm me Thank you Regards Human
  5. Hi there, As title says so I made a model in 3ds max but when i export gr2 with texture only 1 texture applied and i used flatten mapping for texture and converted to dds yet model is with i expected i need some tutor to solve this.. Any volunteers?
  6. Hi there nice system i installed but when i click destroy its not deleting from inventory no sys err both client side and server side.. anyone?
  7. Human

    [RLS]Ingame Wiki System

    those uiwiki.py itself i need to link or connect can u tell me how ? i know this to link like .SetText(localeInfo.XXXX_YYYY) But how to make it call from different locale Like locale_en or locale_de ??
  8. Human

    [RLS]Ingame Wiki System

    guys any one say how can i make seperate wiki for different languages ?
  9. Human

    [RLS]Ingame Wiki System

    Thanks for this system just little error that when u click item board and click a sword +0 and come back to some option say weapon its showing like this http://prntscr.com/ha72we
  10. thankyou very much guys i appreciate this
  11. thanks guys i will contact them and ask about it
  12. thanks for reply and yes how to overcome it ?