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  1. open Problem with NPC gemi and trade

    I have a problem with my npc, if I click on the Gemi npc then nothing happens but when I remove the dialogue then it's work's. I guess the problem is the dialogue. Either it is in client or server. try to change the Onclick on Mob proto to 2 for that NPC Gemi
  2. open 'std::logic_error' PROBLEM IN PUTTY

    even if i put that too its not working and u dont need to add data coz my function itself has Icedungeon.data = {
  3. open 'std::logic_error' PROBLEM IN PUTTY

    is that adding in table of db ?
  4. open 'std::logic_error' PROBLEM IN PUTTY

    well this is my function and the lua quest that calling that regen function is function.lua and yes after that function only game crashes if i disable that regen_in_map then no crash.. Check the statement yes im passing the right parameters
  5. open 'std::logic_error' PROBLEM IN PUTTY

    thanks for reply and yes im using that regen_in_map in a lua quest so i need to execute it so any possibility that it can be solved instead of bypassing?
  6. open 'std::logic_error' PROBLEM IN PUTTY

    0x081bcd95 in quest::_regen_in_map (L=0x477dd040) at questlua_global.cpp:1128 iMapIndex = 234 szFilename = {static npos = 4294967295, _M_dataplus = {<std::allocator<char>> = {<__gnu_cxx::new_allocator<char>> = {<No data fields>}, <No data fields>}, _M_p = 0x477d4e5c "arya_dungeon_monster_cycle"}} pkMap = <value optimized out> and in Source this is 1128 line in questlua_global.cpp any solution ?
  7. Syreldar please dont comment for namesake. i gave u the quest info like 4 months before till now you didn't responded me for it.. but here u replying.. saying you are for quest developing
  8. Need a quest with timing spawn of mobs

    no dude ignore that guy he was first guy i talked before you... and he didnt responded so i asked u the quest can u make a full working quest for me ?
  9. As title says so Im Searching for a good quest maker with 100% response. be clear that if u commit you have to finish in a specified day or time. Say Yes or No and dont waste the time. you can message here with reply or pm me
  10. Hill Gehart - #1

    you didnt gave the skybox which u specified willl be happy if u provide that too for environment i meant
  11. Need a quest with timing spawn of mobs

    Syreldar u remember me ? im waiting for your reply in skype since 2 months now u coming and commenting for DarwisHU post
  12. thanks anyway i put vegas old code and it works fine
  13. Hey I installed and it was working but after that channel crash i get error at game.core this is the syserr any solution ? i checked in that Char_affect.cpp 208 line
  14. Naga pack

    its really great but my naga queen skill is not working CH1 syserr Can any one provide Mob proto query for those mobs or just queen alone ? my mob query Thanks in advance
  15. Need a quest with timing spawn of mobs

    so anyone else?