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  1. caes95

    Heroes of Arthion seeking developers!

    Are u searching for web developers? (developer not designer).
  2. For production purposes only Freebsd it's supported, however you have the source available, so you can port it to any system. If you want to connect to your VM with your public IP, you need to use a bridge network interface and configure a static IP, then you need to redirect all metin2 ports in your router to the vm or enable a dmz to your vm.
  3. caes95

    [SOURCE] Slow compilation

    Compilation speed relies primarily on CPU performance, and you need a bit more RAM in your box.
  4. caes95


    I don't how the metin2 cores works, so I don't know also if they ports are needed for the client, you can try it for yourself. No, the P2P ports aren't needed.
  5. caes95


    Nothing special config needed, you'll need to allow your game ports /ssh port, and block all other incoming/outgoing TCP and UDP traffic. Then you can connect to your mysql server using ssh-tunnel. Remember to put the allow rules on the top. Don't block ICMP, is a common mistake and should be avoid. Ref here: https://security.stackexchange.com/questions/22711/is-it-a-bad-idea-for-a-firewall-to-block-icm Note: Permanent mitigation can decrease the network performance, because all the requests are routed over the OVH VAC system. I suggest you to keep on the automatic mitigation and configure rate limiting in your software Firewall.
  6. caes95

    Why my topic was deleted ?.

    Thanks, I forgot to read the rules.
  7. caes95

    Why my topic was deleted ?.

    Hello, I would like to know why the topic I posted about my hosting services was eliminated, and without leaving any reason. Thank you good day.
  8. caes95

    help hacker in my server

    Why ?, he has a VPN installed and do not need to filter packets.
  9. caes95

    What about this error?

    Hello Devs, I'm have a FreeBSD installation in a vm using kvm... the network are configure using NAT, so I configure the ip forwading using iptables all work fine with apache, mysql etc.... the problem is with metin2 server, players can connect and see your characters, but when theirs click join the server kick him. There is the syserr: SYSERR: May 5 01:45:55 :: socket_accept: accept: Software caused connection abort (fd 12) I'm assume that problem is a bad ip forwading... you tell me And thanks to you...
  10. caes95

    [FIX] PM flooder kick hack

    you're returning a wrong value, please put here the line 153 of messenger_manager.cpp.
  11. caes95

    [C++]Global Chat over Config

    elseif (ch->GetGMLevel() != GM_PLAYER) { strlcpy(buf, LC_TEXT("Staff"), sizeof(buf)); std::string staff_color = "|cFFFFC700|H|h["; staff_color += buf; staff_color += "]|cFFA7FFD4|H|h"; sprintf(chatbuf_global, "%s %s", staff_color.c_str(), chatbuf); } add this in locale_string.txt in share/locale/your country/ "Staff"; "Your staff tag";
  12. maybe u need change also in the player db.
  13. Try compile without c++11.
  14. caes95

    Vanilla Core 2.6 (67210)

    maybe, nobody release a game without trips.