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  1. meleme18

    open ...

    That's not a bug, that exist on officials too.
  2. meleme18

    Multilanguage - Client/Server Like GF

    Why dont u make a new app that does this before u open client?
  3. Hi guys, as most of u know, im mostly active in services area. My idea is to have a dedicated place where we can report scammers. Either seller or customer.. would be nice to have a list with not trusted ppl. It might help alot Let me know what do u think about this. Regards, meleme18
  4. meleme18

    League Emote System for Metin2 - meleme18

    Thank you 4 feedback <3
  5. Hi metin2dev! Today i would like to present you my latest project which is League Emote System. Presentation video: Functions available: - The system has 32 emotes. Players recieve only 1 emote, rest of them have to be unlocked with specific emote item. - Emotes can be unlocked individually! - The emotes are saved per character. - The selected emote will remain saved even if u log out. - The Emote Inventory is split in 2 pages 16 emotes / page. - Contain most of league coolest emotes. - To emote you have to hold 'K' key and click on the emote picture. The interface will close and show above your character head the emote. - The emote interface can be drag anywhere on the screen to have easy accces. Last but not least 'muje zenu'! Regards, meleme18
  6. meleme18

    Ship Defense - New Instance - meleme18 version

    Hi guys, i wanna let u know that dungeon is not for sale anymore! Ty for your interest keep on eye on my posts because soon I will have more cool content.
  7. meleme18

    Ship Defense - New Instance - meleme18 version

    thank you <3
  8. meleme18

    Automatic ChangeLog System

    This would be easy'er using the already existing web browser from client.. just saying. Linked to your webhost to show a webpage with patchnotes/changelogs would be also much fancy.
  9. meleme18

    Ship Defense - New Instance - meleme18 version

    Thank you for feedback <3 , And for the price... idk, I'll wait few more days to see if ppl are interest in my work and ill update the topic.. We'll see.
  10. Hello metin2dev, I would like to show you my Ship Defense version Contact skype: meleme_larry Full dungeon gameplay Hydra debuff effect: Hydra Treasure Chest as a reward for finishing the dungeon [ DEFENSE WAVE DUNGEON - Official release by meleme18 slightly adapted ] - This is a party dungeon only. - 9 Dungeon waves. - 3 Boss fights aganist Hydra Heads. - 2 Minutes limit time to clear waves. - Boss fights does not have limit time - Every boss fight will weaken every player inside dungeon and players must kill her eggs. Otherwise the debuff won't dissapear! - Mast, is in the middle of the ship and recieve damage from Hydra itself and attackers. - Attackers spawn every wave! - When Mast loses entire life, all party members from dungeon gets kicked out and dungeon ends. - Dungeon starts at 9009 (Fisherman) and minimul requirement level is 90 for all party members! - At the end of dungeon a Hydra Treasure Chest will appear and players can recieve a random item that's set in quest. - At the end of dungeon a portal will appear that will teleport the player to the "New Continent". - In the new continent you have only 5 minutes to stay and after that u will be kicked out to first village. - The party leader (Captain) can claim that Continent and give him a name at the Statue npc located at the end of the map. - Leader can choose a name out of numbers and leters. Minimum 3 chars and max 14. - At the same npc called "Statue", players can have acces to Ranking. - In ranking will be listed top 7 Continents! - In the ranking list continents are shown based on fastest clear time of the DEFENSE WAVE DUNGEON! - Faster dungeon clear, better chances to be listed in Ranking. [ Aditional stuffs that makes it better than official dungeon ] - Hydra treasure chest is fully custom made by me (meleme18). - Hydra treasure chest has special specular effect and makes it look shiny. - Hydra treasure chest has special effect and animation. It bounces and a spirit Hydra head will constantly breath and dissapear. - Hydra's heads recieved better texture and a specular effect to make it look realistic. - New special visual effect upon Hydra debuff will be seen on players. A icon will also appear at the top left of the screen that indicates Hydra's debuff! - At the back of the ship those 3 Hydra heads will constantly attack the ship and trow ice and all the cool effects. - Hydra heads are corectly counted and after a Boss fight they will dissapear one by one until u beat the final Hydra head! - No horses and mounts allowed in source code. Inside the ship and Continent map u cannot use mounts or horses. - Several security fixes inside quest and sources to prevent bugs and even exploits have been made.
  11. meleme18

    Crystal dungeon

    Looks cool. A bit too much red tho, maybe something that goes well with and few more objects would improve it.