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  1. open Login interface

    The map shows when the login screen appears?
  2. [TOOL]Advanced Regen Editor

    Offtopic: @StormHunter don't you get tired of complaining about everyone? CG and metin2dev, don't you have a life besides criticizing everyone? I never saw you post anything, soo.. yeah, you just like to criticize...
  3. Series Request

    Already thought about all of those, maybe know I'll see them The Flash, Arrow and every other Marvel's series I already saw Riverdale already seen, liked it, The Strain I stopped watching because was becoming like walking dead, just killing the creatures, stopped after the 1 episode of season 2... Sherlock never seen but good references Daredevil only seen the first season, but I'll definitely seen the second
  4. Series Request

    No xD I don't like it...
  5. Series Request

    Arrow Supergirl The Flash DC's Legends of Tomorrow Time After Time Smallville Marvel's Luke Cage Marvel's Daredevil Marvel's Jessica Jones Marvel's Iron Fist Marvel's The Defenders Sense8 MacGyver Lethal Weapon Scorpion Lucifer Chuck This are just a few...
  6. Series Request

    Hello guys I would like to have some opinions about new series that I can watch... Thanks
  7. Can't change gender

    At least the ones that I there's no such option on the default board, maybe there's a hook or something...
  8. Can't change gender

    I don't see that option on any board with IPBoard 4
  9. Can't change gender

    Female maybe not, but trans, that's for sure
  10. I didn't tell the contrary, I just said that the topic is a complete copy past, because of the text background (is gray) I think we aren't supposed to do so much spam, maybe some mod can clean the topic...
  11. I'm talking about the post not the script, I didn't even downloaded it, the post is 100% copy past from another forum...
  12. Can't change gender

    Wrong, only trans are allowed
  13. Can't change gender

    Hello guys Today I checked out my profile and noticed that my gender is set to female, but I can't change it >.> Or I'm blind as fu** xD or there's something wrong >.< Thanks P.S.: I always wanted to have be a girl *-*
  14. Problem executing LG Bridge

    Hello I'm trying to install LG Bridge, but when I open it it says: I already tried to use LG PC Suite, but it says that my model isn't supported and that I should use LG Bridge (I have LG G5 H850) Anyone knows how can I solve this? I already tried with some tutorials that I find online but none worked. I have Windows 10 Pro x64 Thanks