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  1. Open source CRC patcher

    Explain to me, how can a source code alert virus?
  2. lineya2 serverfiles/source/client

    Why you bumping a service on a release section? If you don't meet the requirements to post a service, then you shouldn't post anywhere in this forum -.-''
  3. PF Sample Config

    Check this one: This one was working on my old server, see if it works for you... Don't forget to edit the IP's and the ports, I had those IP's because teamspeak 3 server...
  4. [C++] Command Temp GM Rights Function

    Why? Because I miss-typed "do" instead "to"?

    Nextworld2 was a cheap copy of Metin2Master with everything "the same". From that image I was able to recognize 2 armor sets, Naga Set and Sefra Set... Quick example of Sefra Set I found on google: Naga Set is the same but in a yellow/orange theme...
  6. [C++]Expanded reload commands

    Why is this topic on Metin2 Q&A? Moving it to "Programming / Scripts" would be easier to find...

    Selling stuff from M2M? You don't even create your own picture... I can see on the picture Naga Set and Sefra Set, all from M2M (the real Metin2Master). All this stuff is free on the internet...
  8. [C++] Command Temp GM Rights Function

    Why the fuck you want to give GM_IMPLEMENTOR do a player dude? Not even a fu**ing password, is just "use the command and you'll be able to do everything" Do you have brain cancer or something? Wtf is wrong with you man?
  9. open Serius Metin2 Server files

    Hope you're ready to spend some hundred bucks finding the things you pretend... The best in metin2 is not cheap, and with no bugs even more expensive...
  10. security Polacks

    Who cares??? You racist idiot... I'm not polish, but do you have anything against polish people? If you do, that's your problem, don't put everyone in the same bag... You should get ban from this community, it's people like you that give cancer to every well-minded person
  11. MySQL Backup Script + FTP

    Why bring up a post with almost 4 years without a obvious reason?
  12. 3Dsmax 2011 + X-FORCE + Plugins GR2

    Ok It's working know, thank you man
  13. 3Dsmax 2011 + X-FORCE + Plugins GR2

    I was trying to open a weapon, also tried a building, it's needed too?
  14. [Release]Metin2Vegas-v2

    Who cares just about the client man? The server is good? Is the client encrypted? Does it have anything special?
  15. 3Dsmax 2011 + X-FORCE + Plugins GR2

    I have only installed the 64 bit version, I will uninstall and install everything to see if it works... Thanks EDIT: On 32 bit version it opens the file but the work-space it's empty...