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  1. open Client Source Error

    When you clean and rebuild solutions it's the whole source...
  2. open Client Source Error

    Build -> Clean Solution (Ou Limpar solução, tenho meu em inglês, mas deve ser isso) After Build -> Rebuild Solution
  3. open Client Source Error

    Try to clean solution and then rebuild
  4. open Client Source Error

    It can't find the cryptopp library... Maybe it was renamed, or you need to build it on the version of Visual Studio you're using...
  5. open Arrows quiver not working

  6. open Sash absorbing 100%

  7. Hello, Today a friend of mine told me about a bug that exists since forever on metin2, it isn't a big of a deal, but I would like to have it right... This only happens with 4 armors: 11000 Armadura de Lobo (Wolf) 11010 Armadura Javali Selvagem (Wild Boar) 11020 Armadura de Urso (Bear) 11030 Armadura de Tigre (Tiger) A little video explaining the bug: How to reproduce this bug: -First, be a ninja -Use a dagger or a bow -Use one of the armors above -Use a sword (while the armor is still being used) -Remove the armor Anyone knows how can I solve this? Thank you
  8. open Arrows quiver not working

  9. open Sash absorbing 100%

  10. open Sash absorbing 100%

    That's not item_proto, thats the item table, that's the item after absorbing a armor or a weapon... It's 100%...
  11. open Sash absorbing 100%

    The command state (/state <name>) I haven't tested the damage, but it's absorbing 100%, it saves like that on the database... This is my uitooltip.py of the sashs
  12. open Sash absorbing 100%

    Hello, I have this bug on sash system: It is absorbing the 100% of the bonus (just the 1/5 and on 6/7, the normal bonus from armor/weapon it is applying the correct ones)... On the tooltip it shows the correct bonus, but the 1/5 and the 6/7 isn't corresponding the the write absorption... Anyone can help me out? Thanks
  13. open Arrows quiver not working

    Hello, I've tried to implement the arrows quiver system on my server, but it doesn't do any damage (either on hit or skill) and the effect doesn't show. A little video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-2QZvEnZsg I already check the tutorial 3 times, but I can't seem to find anything wrong... If anyone knew the solution, I would appreciate. Thanks
  14. open 2 bonus on stones

    You're right man Thank you!!!