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  1. uitooltip.py fix

    I hate when some people delete their bug fix topic...
  2. c++ New Item Type = ITEM_GACHA

    Thanks for the useful modifications @xP3NG3Rx! But there are some bug. Let's get 2 same kind of box which has for ex. 5 usage. Then use the two box until they has 2-2 max usage. Stack them. Take it apart. Now one box has 5 usage, the other has -1. I think the system needs to if you stack them remove one of the stack, because 2+2 < 5. Btw, as I see the wCount variable is defined, but not used in the case ITEM_GACHA function. wCount = lOpenCount / item->GetLimitValue(1)
  3. Same here. I think this is not compatible with the highlight slot system.
  4. NPC/MOB size

  5. Probably I'm the noob, but this is for what? And the boost? Please more details.
  6. This is not an answer for my question...
  7. If I add the include i got thees errors: Rebuild or something doesn't help.
  8. open Lycan skill bug

    It's not bug. Is the same as the assassins 6th skill..
  9. open [BSD]BTX loader problem

    I didn't do anything with the virtualbox and with the vdi. I think it all works.
  10. open [BSD]BTX loader problem

    Because if you don't know this, think you can't help.. When I start my virtualbox freebsd server show this message. I did not do anything. I tryed to install an older version of virtualbox, but it didn't help.