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  1. Why no one say thanks? Thanks exygo for the relase, keep it up
  2. gmake: *** No rule to make target `/usr/include/x86/_types.h', needed by `.obj/Config.o'. Stop. gmake: *** No rule to make target `/usr/include/x86/_types.h' `/usr/include/x86/_types.h' _types.h _types.h google.com -> _types.h freebsd
  3. Then you dont understand how d.join works
  4. Read this and you will find the solution
  5. well thanks for the share dude for how much that matters
  6. dude you have the source, edit the licence part
  7. thanks for the source but no documentation? z.z
  8. Go into quest_functions in your quest folder and add this: kodBramy
  9. Use search, the solution is already in the forum.
  10. Buy martysama source that has this fix, or ask him to buy that. Or just go and do it yourself, as we all do, we can give you directions not all the copy/paste code, if you got any question ask. a good starting point would be looking for HP parts in all your source, so you can analyze it and understand how it works
  11. I am sure. If you want to fix that go into the hp part into the source and add some checks to dont let negative values appear.
  12. now that i checked better, he failed to insert that query so its normal to not have that value, ChildLoop: AsyncSQL: query failed: So you can ignore that if you dont want to have negative value in that field
  13. You have to change your charset in the client too in locale.cpp you have to change the encoding