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  1. @DevChuckNorris Can we fix this attachments not avaible for the forum users? :\ Thanks
  2. open

    special item group isnt affected by this. Its enough mob_drop & common_drop. Drop_item_group is unused the 90% of the cases
  3. open

    you have common drop item n stuff too
  4. those things that you are mentioning are not bugs .
  5. open

    use another Property.eix &epk or try to repack them for the mob_proto maybe you are missing some types or its just damaged, send me the mob_proto
  6. open

    open syserr and post here
  7. uiscript/gamewindow.py "name":"StatusPlusLabel", "type":"text", "x": 16, "y": 40, "text":uiScriptLocale.GAME_STAT_UP, "r":1.0, "g":1.0, "b":1.0, "a":1.0, "text_horizontal_align":"center" and "name":"SkillPlusLabel", "type":"text", "x": 16, "y": 40, "text":uiScriptLocale.GAME_SKILL_UP, "r":1.0, "g":1.0, "b":1.0, "a":1.0, "text_horizontal_align":"center" edit x & y as you want to relocate on the screen
  8. solved

    char_battle.cpp if (IsAffectFlag(AFF_TERROR)) dam = (int) (dam * (95 - GetSkillPower(SKILL_TERROR) / 5) / 100); then you can search everywhere, keyword = TERROR
  9. solved

    skill_proto.sql if you dont know the name (if its chinese n stuff) go into client/locale/skilldesc + skillproto
  10. open

    Hello guys, i was wondering if someone used the 2 unused func's for guild bank withraw and deposit. This is my situation, the button for getting the gold back is correctly reading the mysql table but when i launch the function to insert or get the money it doenst work. Are they disabled or im i missing some return's or stuff? If someone can just give me some hits it will be really helpful. Thanks
  11. open

    use pastebin
  12. pvp.cpp and edit the func's with the index map you desider to edit returning different values
  13. 98%