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  1. Tutorial 3DS Max Npc's (GER)

    Can you do them in english :< ?
  2. open Disable critical in duel.

    if( ch->IsPvPMode()) return; on the critical check should do the trick (it should be a bool) Not tested since i don`t have the source atm to check
  3. Guide install paymentwall?

    https://www.paymentwall.com/en/documentation/API-Documentation/722 Study
  4. Save Login single slot

    I think you are talking about your brain, because what you can find in the `guide` is pretty self explanatory
  5. Save Login single slot

    i`m really open to suggestion to be better, if you can suggest me something go ahed i`ll not be ashamed of myself or shit like that, i didn`t want to copy paste something from the web because i like to do things on my own so if you can give me tips to improve they will be very welcome
  6. Save Login single slot

    Yup thanks for the tip, i wanted re-do it with the json library actually
  7. Save Login single slot

    Yo guys, Since i decided to do the save login i`ll release the basic version i made, really simple. If it`s already public i couldn`t care less, it`s just some bullshit i made in few minutes. Here`s a video of how it looks: ~ Here`s the guide: https://mega.nz/#!RUIShbCD!zuOdTMKBNeda-yy7HGG_3st9iTfSQy2tThfQjBhd6dY have fun
  8. solved Little BUG Inventory with COSTUME BONUS

    o dang my mistake then, didn`t check
  9. 3D ART Tatsumaru

    keep it like that
  10. c++ [C++] Channel Changer gf-like

    Thanks, if anyone is willing to share the zip with the official buttons for the switcher i can make the official interface (a video of the official channel changer would be great since i have no idea how it looks)
  11. open Animation weapons loop reequip BUG

    "your code"
  12. open Looking for SF

    BUY Martysama source.
  13. Can someone make a middle finger emotion please? so as a staffer i can spam that to the players
  14. ICE Run / Nemeres Warte DL

    Would you like something to drink aswell, sir?