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  1. linux M2 port from FreeBSD to Debian (8/9)

    Vi on freeBSD? Do you know ee have been made for beign more user friendly? (btw vi is easy, INS -> do your stuff -> ESC and :wq, too difficult right? or having a cheatsheet near you might help) The ports have been deprecated in favor of pkg (same thing as apt) The kernel in freebsd is super stable nowadays, some things in OSX are based on bsd for a reason. All the other problems that you mention are because you clearly didn't know how to handle those issues or you just didn't use man/docs enough. Plus the BSD license is the real shit. All hail freebsd
  2. open More enchant items?

    Search in a better forum
  3. c++ New Item Type = ITEM_GACHA

    ITEM_STACKABLE? this is not a gacha problem.
  4. c++ Notice System With Timer

    s.every(1min, []() { CHAT_TYPE_NOTICE("MyNotice"); }); // Pseudocode
  5. c++ Notice System With Timer

  6. python [Py] Root 02.02.2018

    the guys for revenge of being fired is gonna relase the new updated source don't worry my friends
  7. open Help me, but i think that you cant.

    Why you guys don't get that is the same guy flaming and trolling, diamond or whatever his name was. Just avoid him, he's cancer.
  8. solved Compile problem

    https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5973427/error-passing-xxx-as-this-argument-of-xxx-discards-qualifiers If you don't understand, then you don't deserve
  9. open guild war number bug

    This is no bug, it's a missing feature that you have to do by your own since it's an addition. You have it for one, it's not that difficoult to have a look at the code and replicate it for the counter part.
  10. open Bug MD in Itemshop

    if (amount > 200 || amount < 1) then { syschat('Error processing your request, the max amount is set to 200.'); return end }
  11. open Strange core errors

    So you are saying that the official source is free of bugs? ayyy lmao
  12. open Problem installing features on FreeBSD

    Using the dedicated package installer of freebsd instead of building the packages from the ports? Btw to run make install you have to locate yourself in the proper directory where the makefile is.
  13. open Asking developers

  14. open Disconnect on a batt

    A better and faster solution would be to try catch those function and log errors
  15. Emotion notice in Message

    No, you just request to use the emotions. The short form of that spoiler that is not clear and not even in english is: Go into uitarget, look for __OnEmoticonAllow and add: net.SendWhisperPacket( (self.nameString), "{} requested the use of emotions with you".format(player.GetName()) )