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  1. Looking for someone to make a Quest

    Contact @Syreldar he made me the Nemere dungeon as official.
  2. Looking for RenderTarget to buy.

    It should be in the grannySDK documentation relased with the source i think, do you have that documentation? So maybe i can take a look at it
  3. open Help Python Progressbar

    def SetPercentage ?
  4. Can't change gender

    we are metin2 dev/players a trans is more than enough for us
  5. Can't change gender

    first female of metin2dev
  6. open Night/Day system!

    Then pay someone to do it for you, we are not your slaves you know
  7. open Night/Day system!

    then make it persistent, it`s still python
  8. php Metin2CMS v2.8

    Hey @Optimus thanks for the update. Just a question about the paypal checkout, do i have to make a business or normal account in order to sort everything correctly? Does it needs the secret key and blabla for the api?
  9. i`ll give you the answer when i`ll have the source on my hand, but if you find the effect assignation in the client and python part and post it here i can help you out
  10. open Official skill_proto ?

    then do a script for it, every information you need it`s there, just update the values. You guys are super lazy
  11. open EterManager

  12. Just check the effect index if it`s matching
  13. open Dump Proto problem

    The problem is so clear, you should just use your eyes. The index variable is < than the row_size returned value .
  14. open mob attack speed bug

    Speed up the monster animation or slow down the movement calculation for those
  15. open Add bonus of alignment error

    You are using GetRealAlignment() and AddAffect() but did you import the header for them?