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  1. For what? Website? Just use PDO and you will be fine
  2. open

    then you just can`t implement a map properly. Check both locale and root atlasinfo.txt
  3. It isnt actually, to initialize something you should do int myvariable = 0; so in this case you can try to initialize dwPos to 0 or whatever you need in this case, but with such low debugging info`s i cant really dig into what`s wrong
  4. open

    you have to edit the dds or whatever in ETC folder i think or something really near to that, its just an image tho
  5. dude i wont even touch that thing
  6. Who the hell gave this guy the developer thing
  7. This guy is a known italian reseller and has been banned in the past on this forum, so nothing new p.s. opening a python gui via quest is cancer please dont do it again
  8. open

    For the quest go into TEST mode and you will have some more info's, guessing you already checkd the syserr, right? About the shutdown, if your locale_string is fucked up (dw, mine is too) just translate from the source the part is giving you problems
  9. open

    try with vs2013 w/ xp_120 toolset You will likely get a lot of warning for the deprecated stuff, but with some googlin you can fix them easily by yourself
  10. open

    seems like he cant get the gui (correct me if this is bullshit)
  11. hihi xdddddddddd are you serious or just trolling?
  12. open

    Its smarter to use one instead of 3, you just need to edit the character creation part in the client to do so
  13. map

    I just downloaded the shogun pack + oblivion textures! Now they starting to look better than the first , thanks tho those screenshoots are really pleasuring for the watch
  14. map

    Lets skip all the boring part, this is my first map created with we so dont be too harsh Video preview: [Resource & server_attr included] DL: https://mega.nz/#!0VgzVIJL!5TVgPJtEFISGY2O_N0v_GWv0bjgZJXUjud_DLiRjUGg
  15. The first mounts we're implemented with skipia dungeon, you had to drop the "one use" seals from there, if i remember correctly