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  1. Fleon

    c++ [RLS]Effect Give System

    thanks for the effects
  2. Fleon

    open How To GET MONSTER STATS?

    You already have everything, if you don't know where they are located just take a look at the target info system it prints exactly the values that you are looking for.
  3. Fleon

    About Vegas ban

    That was his choice I don't understand your way of seeing it and I think you are going beyond my point. Not defending, just not judging by that video which has nothing to do with us, perhaps, I don't get what are you trying to say.
  4. Fleon

    About Vegas ban

    I know that you two guys had some conflicts, I don't understand the language in skype so I can't say anything about it. I was just making a point based on what I saw previously, I didn't know that Tasho was Vegas until they wrote it in the pillory, I just noticed that he was chill with that account hence my request to be chill about it. But still; banning somebody that is not totally cancer (ex. people asking always for free features and they have 0 knowledge, leeching everything and everyone and similar) permanently is just a damage for the forum from his medium daily users, thus he sporadically helps out
  5. Fleon

    About Vegas ban

    Some bullshit like flaming/battling with one guy i don't even remember
  6. Fleon

    About Vegas ban

    Why would you continue to ban him everytime? Most of the things that he does in the forum is help and he is I think a good resource in a forum called metin2"dev". Now, everybody makes mistakes and I don't belive in permanent punishments, they are pretty stupid in my opinion. Since we have way worse subjects here I think he should be unbanned giving him a second chance.
  7. Started yesterday, still WIP I'll probably relase it when I will be done with it. It looked good enough to make a video. Oh and idk if this is public or not, the system isn't copied.
  8. Fleon

    open FILE REQUEST: Updated Taskbar.tga

    Thanks a lot mate
  9. Hi guys, does anybody have this: Updated taskbar file, with that button in the middle? Thanks in advance.
  10. Fleon

    Game option improvement

    Thanks for the ideas, i will make 'em for my server.
  11. Fleon

    First Judgement against german Metin2 servers.

    well i was expecting worse
  12. Fleon

    open databases crashes, server dont start

    Not too sure about that, at least it is not for the kqueue event aswell, in the else statement of the syslog for the null event you can clearly see that is treated with a mere continue; This means that the purpose of that is just to log any empty one so it shouldn't be crashing because of this, that being said it is more likely crashing for a query, misconfiguration issues, some retarded code that breaks your db or stuff like that.
  13. Fleon

    open databases crashes, server dont start

    Yes everything cool but, he has a failing query as main problem DirectQuery failed(SELECT IP_FROM, IP_TO, COUNTRY_NAME FROM iptocountry)
  14. Fleon

    c++ Block mob safezone / Move bosses

  15. Fleon

    open CreatePrivateMap - A specify one

    Mh i don't get what you are trying to explain. d.join takes the mapindex as argument, what do you need to accomplish in particular?