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  1. item and mob_proto editor (for txt)

    or every tab separator csv reader like openoffice and so on, btw thanks for your effort
  2. open Azulox ishop time problem

    >mysql_query just dump this pile of shit in the trash
  3. Ping server system

    Just to let the others be aware aswell, you can easily get the output of your cmd builtin ping since i don't think you want to implement everything by yourself. im ATM on linux for win will be slightly different. import subprocess p = subprocess.Popen(["ping","www.google.com"], stdout=subprocess.PIPE) print p.communicate() ### Output ### >>> print p.communicate() ('\n--- www.google.com ping statistics ---\n31 packets transmitted, 31 received, 0% packet loss, time 30042ms\nrtt min/avg/max/mdev = 2.942/4.227/30.166/4.793 ms\n', None)
  4. open Connection refused after reloading quests

    quest give_basic_weapon begin state start begin when login with pc.getqf("basicweapon") == 0 begin say_title("Server namerino") say("Welcome to serverino, you warriorerino") say("") say_reward("Itemerino getterino") if pc.job == 0 then pc.give_item2(11206, 1) pc.give_item2(16, 1) elseif pc.job == 1 then pc.give_item2(11406, 1) pc.give_item2(2006, 1) pc.give_item2(1006, 1) pc.give_item2(12346, 1) pc.give_item2(8000, 200) elseif pc.job == 2 then pc.give_item2(11606, 1) pc.give_item2(16, 1) pc.give_item2(12486, 1) elseif pc.job == 3 then pc.give_item2(11806, 1) pc.give_item2(7006, 1) pc.give_item2(12626, 1) end pc.give_item2(13006 , 1) pc.give_item2(14006 , 1) pc.give_item2(15006 , 1) pc.give_item2(16006 , 1) pc.give_item2(17006 , 1) pc.give_item2(70038 , 50) pc.give_item2(72723 , 1) pc.give_item2(72727 , 1) pc.setqf("basicweapon", 1) end end I'm no lua coder/whatever but now should do the trick. P.s. not tested but idk if you have to end the elseif's, test it
  5. open Anti inject

    Tokenizing the packets would be a good idea.
  6. open Anti inject

    You can`t, the best way is to fix your problem serverside.

    Why would you need that? If they changed something is both client and server side so renaming again the old packet into the launcher won`t fix shit. The solution is capture again the packets and analyze them and update your damage hack, but since you didn`t do it you can`t fix this. And it is fair, a simple solution to block simple newbies.
  8. open PointChange: MALL_BONUS exceeded over 100

    You are exceeding the maximum of 100% for that bonus. It`s like having 120% crit rate, you will crit 100% anyway. (example)

    If changing the packet name and size blocks you, then you should consider studying what you are actually doing.
  10. Sell League of Legends Account Level 36 EUW

    >yasuo and master yi main
  11. good fight guys i like it
  12. open Autopotion Python

    Dude you just have to import the module and run it when the button is clicked, if you can`t do that then im sorry but go back to the basics. I`ll help you with an example: filename autopotions.py class sampleclass: @staticmethod def sampledef(): print("Imported successfully") file importer.py from autopotions import sampleclass as f def start(): f.sampledef() start() or without class/static methods: class sampleclass: def sampledef(self): print("Imported successfully") from autopotions import sampleclass def start(): Sampleclass = sampleclass() Sampleclass.sampledef() start()
  13. open Itemshop deposit problem

    My bad this time, i`ve misread. It wasn`t packet mismatching but sequence, and in this case it`s not so important but it gives you a hint probably. The main problem is that the socket (the client-server comunication) gets fucked somehow, you have to dig more to find the real issue. Hint: Using a debugger would help.
  14. It`s a patch not a problem solved probably (or you just have a messed up sash package) but gj
  15. open Itemshop deposit problem

    The packets in your launcher and server aren't matched. Post in pastebin your packet.cpp launcher and server for further help.