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  1. Fleon

    c++ Fix Moblock/bravery cape hack

    Very useful, we shouldn't need many anticheat measures if we would apply corrections in the source itself, thank you for this contribution.
  2. Hey there, Great contribution, keep it up.
  3. Fleon

    c++ [C++] Tab Targeting (GF v16.1)

    const int VICTIM_TARGET_SELECT_RANGE_MAX = 3000;
  4. I don't know why you guys decided that this was a good idea. You can get some many law related problems.
  5. Fleon

    Automatic ChangeLog System

    Not quite, native interfaces are always better than any webhosted solution you can put in your client since the integrated browser just sucks too hard and there is so little control over it from the game. Beign client side is also insanely fast compared to any website. Probably a wiki can be something hosted on the web due to his complexity but for this simple "show me the latest updates" it should be enough The V2 of this project will have a better and custom UI to have something more "professional", unfortunately i didn't have any time to bring this project to it's end Thanks for the feedback tho
  6. Fleon

    Automatic ChangeLog System

    The definitive V1 version is completed, here's a quick video.
  7. Fleon

    Automatic ChangeLog System

    Yo, This is also one work that will be refined and published with a proper interface and proper buttons (i made it really fast). It works clientside and it's just taking a formatted changelog_list with the title that you want to give it and the filename (will be converted to a dict) and will then get the files/filename to print out the details of the update. Everything can scale super easily and you are not forced to re-do interfaces or shit like that. Hope you like it, I appreciate comments or feedbacks
  8. Fleon

    open gmake: g++49: Command not found

    you are not connected to the internet with that machine.
  9. Fleon

    open gmake: g++49: Command not found

    ping google.com works?
  10. Fleon

    open gmake: g++49: Command not found

    pkg update && pkg install gcc49 ?
  11. Fleon

    open [REQUEST] Crash Sender Program

    I do not think he knows about API
  12. Fleon

    open gmake: g++49: Command not found

    your make install is returning a 404 when he tries to fetch. Run the freebsd pkg manager to install your stuff it. pkg install gcc49 Should do it.
  13. Fleon

    open Probleme with real time event

    ITEM_MANAGER::instance().RemoveItem(item, "REAL_TIME_EXPIRE"); Change this to his unequip equivalent.