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  1. Fleon

    Automatic ChangeLog System

    Not quite, native interfaces are always better than any webhosted solution you can put in your client since the integrated browser just sucks too hard and there is so little control over it from the game. Beign client side is also insanely fast compared to any website. Probably a wiki can be something hosted on the web due to his complexity but for this simple "show me the latest updates" it should be enough The V2 of this project will have a better and custom UI to have something more "professional", unfortunately i didn't have any time to bring this project to it's end Thanks for the feedback tho
  2. Fleon

    Automatic ChangeLog System

    The definitive V1 version is completed, here's a quick video.
  3. Fleon

    Automatic ChangeLog System

    Yo, This is also one work that will be refined and published with a proper interface and proper buttons (i made it really fast). It works clientside and it's just taking a formatted changelog_list with the title that you want to give it and the filename (will be converted to a dict) and will then get the files/filename to print out the details of the update. Everything can scale super easily and you are not forced to re-do interfaces or shit like that. Hope you like it, I appreciate comments or feedbacks
  4. Fleon

    open gmake: g++49: Command not found

    you are not connected to the internet with that machine.
  5. Fleon

    open gmake: g++49: Command not found

    ping google.com works?
  6. Fleon

    open gmake: g++49: Command not found

    pkg update && pkg install gcc49 ?
  7. Fleon

    open [REQUEST] Crash Sender Program

    I do not think he knows about API
  8. Fleon

    open gmake: g++49: Command not found

    your make install is returning a 404 when he tries to fetch. Run the freebsd pkg manager to install your stuff it. pkg install gcc49 Should do it.
  9. Fleon

    open Probleme with real time event

    ITEM_MANAGER::instance().RemoveItem(item, "REAL_TIME_EXPIRE"); Change this to his unequip equivalent.
  10. Fleon

    Multiple login saver

    Almost completed. What do you guys think? This will probably be also relased to the public, i completed the marking system now it is 100% working and it's fully client-launcher made, no server. This is for an old style server so it had to be easy to use and in-line with the current "metin2 official" style. Output from the script (to show the obfuscation, it is done with python27, base64 and struct. It is some decent premade algorithm.): Test2Dev:ztjYyuGW Account1:ztjYyuGW Account2:ztjYyuGW Account3:ztjYyuGW //They do NOT get displayed as x5 since it's a dict and the key "Account4" is taken just once, but still i shouldn't write them, will perform an earlier check. Account4:ztjYyuGW Account4:ztjYyuGW Account4:ztjYyuGW Account4:ztjYyuGW Account4:ztjYyuGW Account5:ztjYyuGW north:4crn3Q== It works with txt to dict conversion and vice versa.
  11. Most of the stuff is custom made so you won't find any documentation. Just look at the usecase and give a look at ui.py classes, most of the stuff you need is there.
  12. Fleon

    php A complete metin2 website

    nope. You are wrong. MySQL is the database, maybe what you are looking for is the PHP MYSQL Connector/API which is a totally different thing: https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/php-mysqlnd/ Yes, it will be safer, they made it for a reason. Just quit calling it MySQL and start saying things for what they are, like "I did not use the deprecated and unsecure mysql connector in this source instead i opted for the newest PDO extension" or something like that code tip for OP, start using functions and less inline php, from a non-php coder
  13. Fleon

    php A complete metin2 website

    from this i understood that you know nothing about it, pdo is a php extension/driver and MySQL is a database so this must be some ripoff that i won't even look at. It always have been a PHP problem, since PHP pre 7 lacks a lot on security. Please check them out to learn more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MySQL https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PHP#PDO