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  1. solved

    OMG.. Shame on me.. Thank you
  2. open

    Before using this forum you really should read our rules! (i edited your posts). It looks like you're missing some columns in your account table. Could you please enable php errors by adding ini_set('display_errors', 1); error_reporting(E_ALL); directly under <?php in your index.php and paste your errors here?
  3. Hi, i have a problem with a query... This is my working query: SELECT l.id AS id, l.login_time AS login, l.logout_time AS logout, p.name AS name FROM log.loginlog2 AS l LEFT JOIN player.player AS p ON (p.id = l.pid) WHERE DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 14 DAY) < l.logout_time ORDER BY l.id DESC; This is my non-working query: SELECT l.id AS id, l.login_time AS login, l.logout_time AS logout, p.name AS name FROM log.loginlog2 AS l LEFT JOIN player.player AS p ON (p.id = l.pid) WHERE DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 14 DAY) < l.logout_time AND WHERE l.is_gm = 'Y' ORDER BY l.id DESC; This is the error i get: Can you tell me why? Or provide me a solution? I really don't want to do a work-around in php... Thank you, .PolluX
  4. open

    Wenn du deine Frage auf Englisch stellen würdest, würdest du vllt. auch Antworten bekommen... If you would write in english you also would get answers... You could have a look at this:
  5. open

  6. open

    look under: ymir work/ui/
  7. solved

    Please use the appropriate topic for file requests! #closed
  8. open

    looks like there is an image which could not be loaded. what is the content of your syserr (client)?
  9. open

    This looks like you changed your default font size of your OS. Did you check that?
  10. #Updated
  11. #Updated
  12. I removed the default Tags but everyone is forced now to enter at least one Tag. Thank you for telling us.
  13. Dear metin2dev community, please don't bother us for taking down the forum for ~2 hours. We wanted to implement some changes which were discussed here. Please excuse that we didn't have time for everything - more changes (eg. changes to our rules) will follow soon. Changes to our sections: Questions & Answers (link) You now have the ability to up-vote answers to every question. The topic creator now can set a "best answer" which will be shown first. All other answers are ordered by their up-votes. Added predefined prefixes "open" & "solved" to show other members the state of your question. Please set them according to your question state. Tech Section (link) We're removing this section completely. As you can see we started with this in this maintenance but because we want to clear everything inside this section and put every topic at its proper place, this will take some more time. You can help us by reporting questions which are still in the remaining sections. But please don't post new stuff there, we created the appropriate sections in the Release Section. Private Servers (link) We removed the ability to receive points on your overall content count. Releases (link) We removed the sub-section "Scripts". Why? Keep reading! As mentioned before, we're removing the Tech Section. In the course of this we added three new sub-sections to the Release Section. General Moved all topics of "Maps", "Hosting" & "Security" to "General" Programming / Scripts Moved all topics of "Scripts" to "Programming". We also had the idea to move "Quests" there, but it will stay where it was/is. Operating Systems Moved all topics of "Linux" and "FreeBSD" of the old Tech Section to the new Section. Notice: We changed the order of the sub-sections and might do this again in the future. The front page We added some blocks to the sidebar so you can see better if there is something new: Rules News We extended the statistics footer with post and topic counts. We now have more languages than english! English Polish Romanian German French Spanish If you want to help us: We need someone which is able to translate our rules to those languages and also some front end strings like our section names and descriptions. Write us a private message if you're interested! Introducing: the Advanced Tags- and Prefixes-System Because we want to improve the forum, we bought the "Advanced Tags & Prefixes" add-on which got installed in this maintenance. With it you now should have a better overview over topics inside a specific section. Also you can easily filter for a specific prefix by clicking on it. We removed to add custom tags in some sections so you're forced to set an appropriate prefix. All prefixes for one section are now shown on the main page of metin2dev - additionally to this the current prefix which is set for a specific topic will be shown next to its name on every page of metin2dev. All changes mentioned here will be done in another maintenance for other sections too. If you want to know more about this add-on please don't hesitate to ask us or visit the plugins' page here. If you encounter any problems/errors after this maintenance please send us a private message so we can fix that. Please also write us if you have any idea to improve this site - or even if you don't like something here. We would be happy to hear from you! Sincerely, the metin2dev administration @.PolluX & @DevChuckNorris
  14. I don't think so. We do not want to offer another file hoster, we want to offer a different solution to our Downloadssection. Also i don't think that you really need 5GBs of Space if you don't share lots of clients. Or do i take something wrong here?
  15. cleared & moved ..