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  1. Happy new year (and a big thank you)! Do you guys remember 'the good old times'? I think of this time the forum had only 385 members. It was the time everything started - back in 2014. And now - approx. 3 years later - we're still there! We're still... THERE! Yes, you are right! We're still here! Now with 11.111 members - okay, maybe a bit more now, but we had these members at 16:32 GMT+1 today - we'll soon switch to year 2017. As a big 'Thank you!' to all of you and a New Year present we want to do a giveaway with all our members which were here in the last 3 years. Okay.. Also the newer ones will get their chance, but not everyone might be chosen for this... We will give away 11x VIP rank on this forum - all you need to do is to enter the giveaway on our small giveaway page. But please don't be upset if you don't understand the requirements - it's a mystery for us, too. We want to thank all of you for your confidence in us, for your loyalty, for your effort to make this a great place to be. We also want to wish all of you a Happy New Year and we hope we still see you in the next 3 years. This giveaway will be open until the 31th January 2017. You can take part on this page. Sincerely, metin2dev.org Administration ... and always remember: We are a community!
  2. #moved (Releases > Binaries & Clients/Serverfiles to Metin2 > Q&A)
  3. look at this thread:
  4. No really.. Try something like this: UPDATE player.mob_proto SET exp = (exp / 4); $handle = fopen("exp_table.txt", "r"); if ($handle) { while (($line = fgets($handle)) !== false) { // process the line read. $line = (intval($line) / 4); file_put_contents('exp_table_new.txt', $line.PHP_EOL, FILE_APPEND | LOCK_EX); } fclose($handle); } else { // error opening the file. }
  5. You don't need to increase the exp. Just divide the needed exp per level and the exp per mob(kill) by the same amount and you have smaller numbers but the same time you need to get to a higher level. Easy to do...
  6. For more information please visit: #closed
  7. #moved (Tech > C++ to Q&A)
  8. #moved (Metin2 > General to Releases > Tools)
  9. #moved (C++ -> Q&A)
  10. #closed #moved (C++ -> Q&A)
  11. If you hover the post it will become visible. Maybe we can do something more. @DevChuckNorris
  12. #bump
  13. The important thing is: You should report everything you see. In general we don't have the time to check every section manually so we need the help of our members - your help. Additionally we're still searching new Moderators - so if you're interested send me a pm.
  14. Write a pm to @DevChuckNorris. #closed