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  1. Hello, like the old topic ( >here< ) this topic is reserved for SHARES ONLY. If you're searching some specific files use our file request topic >here<. Additionally to this you can search for your files in the latest fully unpacked client: 17.0.7 whole unpacked client: https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/3541-official-unpacked-updates-metin2de/&do=findComment&comment=84202 17.0.12 whole unpacked client: https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/3541-official-unpacked-updates-metin2de/&do=findComment&comment=86090 17.1 updates only: https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/3541-official-unpacked-updates-metin2de/&do=findComment&comment=86516 If you spam in here (which includes asking for files) you will get an infraction! Sincerly, .PolluX
  2. open Charset in db

    Rules §1 Language (1.1) Language The language in this board is english. If you want to post something in your own language always add an english translation.
  3. open How to code at a metin2 server?

    Start with defining your goals. Then think about the implementation. There are a lot of possible ways how to achieve something. What you will need to know: Compiling Client & Server Lua (for quests) some basic knowledge of unix systems / FreeBSD Python could become handy at some point php/html/css to modify public webpages c++ to edit client and server source
  4. open Regenbogen Quest mit zeit

    Hello @icaloxi, we're an international forum so our language we post/write in is english. Please translate your post.
  5. problem. my topics pending approval

    Hello, sorry for any inconvenience. We were really busy the last few weeks and we don't have any moderators anymore. I will review any open case (topics / posts pending approval, reports, ...) in the next few hours. Sincerely, .PolluX
  6. solved Looking for offline shop

    Please use for any kind of a file request. #closed
  7. Post your desktop.

  8. open Divorce bug

    What about posting your quest here? We can't do magic when we don't see your code.
  9. open Best client for vanilla binary?

  10. reworked topic layout (main post) featured topic Keep up the awesome work!
  11. To clarify a few things: - If someone spammed, a report is enough. Please do not write an extra post for this. - Double- (or even more) posts are allowed for shares in this topic.
  12. TEC Request/ Suche Techniker

    Please translate your post to english! (warned)
  13. BUG Level 110+

    First of all please try to find the appropriate section for that.. Please... Second thing: you should read our rules. Especially the part about bumping.. #moved
  14. map My first map

    Try to add some more vegetation. It looks a bit boring. Examples:
  15. open Pet System

    You should be able to disable/hide the button. You can do this in the appropriate python script inside your root.
  16. c++ Error compile binary

  17. [Official] Unpacked Updates Metin2.de

    I'm thinking about Collectivelies... There are some bad things here like this topic or the file request topic in our Q&A section. @sxvoyz Use our report button for requests like that. Oh, i will close this topic and create a new one which i will observe.
  18. Hi, i have a problem with a query... This is my working query: SELECT l.id AS id, l.login_time AS login, l.logout_time AS logout, p.name AS name FROM log.loginlog2 AS l LEFT JOIN player.player AS p ON (p.id = l.pid) WHERE DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 14 DAY) < l.logout_time ORDER BY l.id DESC; This is my non-working query: SELECT l.id AS id, l.login_time AS login, l.logout_time AS logout, p.name AS name FROM log.loginlog2 AS l LEFT JOIN player.player AS p ON (p.id = l.pid) WHERE DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 14 DAY) < l.logout_time AND WHERE l.is_gm = 'Y' ORDER BY l.id DESC; This is the error i get: Can you tell me why? Or provide me a solution? I really don't want to do a work-around in php... Thank you, .PolluX
  19. solved Query problem / WHERE conditions

    OMG.. Shame on me.. Thank you
  20. open Accountname oder Passwort falsch!

    Before using this forum you really should read our rules! (i edited your posts). It looks like you're missing some columns in your account table. Could you please enable php errors by adding ini_set('display_errors', 1); error_reporting(E_ALL); directly under <?php in your index.php and paste your errors here?
  21. open block users but how :S

    Wenn du deine Frage auf Englisch stellen würdest, würdest du vllt. auch Antworten bekommen... If you would write in english you also would get answers... You could have a look at this:
  22. open Bugged

    look under: ymir work/ui/
  23. solved Likan / Wolfman - full pack files

    Please use the appropriate topic for file requests! #closed