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  1. for ho still has this problem i solved it by updating the cube.cpp cube.h from server side.
  2. check if your DB is running with "top" command if not try start server and run ur db file straight from sh line go "cd /usr/game/location of db file" and run "./db"
  3. Root

    open Quest count kill

    Well i don`t know how you do expect us to help mate.When you are not showing up the quest source .
  4. Root

    open Syserr error

    your fix was in the comment section of the tutorial
  5. what version of GCC is using this compiler ?
  6. try to empty quest table from ur db.But make sure sv is closed when u do that.
  7. Hi thanks for trying to help me but i get this error: 0813 12:43:12550 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 0813 12:43:12550 :: File "game.py", line 1826, in BINARY_Cube_ResultList 0813 12:43:12552 :: ValueError 0813 12:43:12552 :: : 0813 12:43:12552 :: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '' 0813 12:43:12553 :: And in game.py line 1826 is this Hope we can fix this together cheers mate <3. My game.py full https://pastebin.com/cV9KGYpf
  8. do you have a uicube.py that u think is ok?
  9. I get this in syserr after : and when i open now cube if i do like this materials needed dont show just reward. My cube from game.py My localeinfo.py My uiaffectshower.py Im 1 step close to fix it but i dont get the error -.-
  10. WEll my problem is that i get the crafting window but empty.Even if i have server side quest and cupe .txt as attched you can see. Problem: QUEST: Game.py CUBE.txt from server side Syserr from client If you need any other files just ask ill post with EDIT. ToT
  11. Root

    open Python

    try removing this line form ui.py. Why u getting this error what you edited last time more info???
  12. Root

    open [c++]Check PvP

    Try this
  13. Root

    solved biology-system

    Can you post your quest here i want to see what function is used to take item. I think your problem is from server source code.
  14. Root

    solved Query + SEQUENCE

    Problem 2. This is the fix , you have to make sure all packets match.What is bad is with the dynamic ones that keep changin.