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  1. .Stefan

    solved Cube percentage

    Please think about it first..
  2. .Stefan

    solved Cube percentage

    Hey, Can someone tell me how to implement the percentage view in the client like that in the picture? (The 100% at the bottom)
  3. Hey guys, i have a problem when slowing mobs. I got this effect: (Only on Mobs!)
  4. .Stefan

    open Change lzo to lz4

    Hey, does anyone know how to change Client compression from lzo to lz4 ? Or can someone recommend a Service for that ?
  5. .Stefan

    solved Double Map after Teleport

    I sent you a message @r0bertt69
  6. .Stefan

    solved Double Map after Teleport

    Sure, but i checked it already. PS: I'm willing to give some money for a solution
  7. Hey, i got a double Map shown after a teleport. I don't really know what it could be. Any Tips where to search ?