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  1. open Costume weapon adding effect

  2. open Ring system, adding new slot

  3. open Ring system, adding new slot

    Hello! I tried to add 3th ring into inventory. I did everything same like 1st and 2nd ring slot, but now my server is not able to start db. This is what is in syslog: CLIENT_DESC [db_clientdesc] trying DBPacket() while not connected I really don't know what is wrong, every part of code is same as code for item_ring.. This error is showing after adding item_ring3 into protoreader.cpp in db source. Is there any limit for item type? Thanks for every answer! Have a nice day
  4. open Costume weapon adding effect

  5. open Costume weapon adding effect

    Not working.. Images of code etc., anyway thanks for advice.
  6. open Costume weapon adding effect

  7. open Costume weapon adding effect

    Nope, it's just for normal weapons, but thank you. I need to know how to add effects on costume weapons not on normal weapons.
  8. open Costume weapon adding effect

  9. open Costume weapon adding effect

    Hi! Can someone tell me how to add effect to costume weapon? I am trying to solve it somehow, but effect still doesn't appear. Thanks for answers!
  10. solved Problem with mount

    Problem solved, client is not able to read GR2, so I just changed it to gr2 and its working.
  11. solved Problem with mount

    Greetings! I have problem with mount, mount is under ground.. I am sending .msm file and screenshot. Effects are normally working, so path is alright. Help please! plechi_beast_mount00.msm
  12. Hi guys, my question is how can I add more colors to effect? I have effect with one color, but I want to add another one, is it possible?
  13. Title system problem

    Hi guys, I implemented title system to my server, but I have a problem. When I set my title, nothing happens. Syserr is empty. Its like I have it above name, but I can't see it and I dunno why. Anyone know how to solve this problem? Thanks!
  14. WorldEditor black effect

    For armor and weapons, I don't want to download something. I just want to know how to change color of effect to black, I tried it, but effect always disappear
  15. WorldEditor black effect

    Hi guys, I wanted to change color of animation to black, but when I did it I couldn't see effect, it absolutely disappear. Do you guys know, how to do black or gray effect? Thanks!