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  1. python [Py] Root 02.02.2018

    The italian server is gameforge, their root is not cythonized, same for the english one.
  2. python [Py] Root 02.02.2018

    They stopped cythonizing it.
  3. open Help me, but i think that you cant.

    Such ignorance and presumption...
  4. Question about sash system

    #link deleted
  5. open Mobs in dungeons are aggresive

    You gotta edit this line on the serverside source. Right now, mobs spawned by the server are aggressive if inside a dungeon.
  6. open Mobs in dungeons are aggresive

    Then it's easy, show me how do you spawn them. The code part.
  7. Quest map

    Then you gave me the wrong map index.
  8. Quest map

    when login with pc.get_map_index() == taram_metin.GetSettings()["index"] and not pc.is_gm() begin If you're gm you can stay there as much as you want.
  9. open Mobs in dungeons are aggresive

    it means the file you use has a group of mobs with the "ma" / "ga" label, which makes the mobs/groups aggressive.
  10. Quest map

    quest taram_metin begin state start begin function GetSettings() local data = { ["index"] = 103, ["item"] = 30002, ["coords"] = {["x"] = 9728, ["y"] = 102400}, ["level"] = {["min"] = 30, ["max"] = 99}, ["timer"] = time_min_to_sec(20) }; return data; end -- function function RespectsRequirements() local pc_level = pc.get_level(); local data = taram_metin.GetSettings(); local level_requirement = data["level"]; return pc.count_item(data["item"]) > 0 and pc_level >= level_requirement["min"] and pc_level <= level_requirement["max"]; end -- function when 20093.chat."Valea Eroilor" begin local data = taram_metin.GetSettings(); local race = npc.get_race(); say_title(string.format("%s:[ENTER]", mob_name(race))) say("Ridicã-þi sabia laºule,doar de atât eºti în stare?") say("Devino puternic ºi aratã-mi cã eºti un adevãrat") say("rãzboinic. În curând vom merge la rãzboi ºi avem") say("nevoie de rãzboinici puternici,aºa cã devino ") say("mai puternic. Eu te pot lãsa sã intri în Valea") say("Eroilor, pentru a lupta cu") say("Pietrele Metin de acolo ºi pentru a deveni un") say("Erou adevãrat.") wait(); say_title(string.format("%s:[ENTER]", mob_name(race))) say("Pentru a te putea trece ai nevoie de Permis Valea") say("Eroilor, pe care doar Cãpitanul þi-l poate poate") say("da.[ENTER]") say_reward("Nivelul necesare pentru a intra este 30.") say_item_vnum(data["item"]); if (taram_metin.RespectsRequirements()) then say("Se pare cã totul este în regulã,pregãteºte-te") say("pentru o cãlãtorie periculoasã,te voi duce doar") say("unde cei mai curajoºi ºi mai bravi eroi au ajuns.[ENTER]") pc.remove_item(data["item"]); pc.warp(data["coords"]["x"], data["coords"]["y"]); else say_reward("Se pare cã ceva nu este în regulã, nu ai permisul") say_reward("de intrare sau nivelul minim sau ai depãºit nivelul") say_reward("maxim pânã la care poþi intra ca sã te pot duce") say_reward("în Valea Eroilor.[ENTER]") end -- if/else end -- when when login with pc.get_map_index() == taram_metin.GetSettings()["index"] and not pc.is_gm() begin local data = taram_metin.GetSettings(); notice(string.format("Ai %d minute la dispozitie sa farmezi.", data["timer"]/60)); timer("map_timer", data["timer"]); end -- when when logout with pc.get_map_index() == taram_metin.GetSettings()["index"] and not pc.is_gm() begin warp_to_village(); end -- when when map_timer.timer begin warp_to_village(); end -- when end -- state end -- quest warps you into the map if the requirements are met and then warps you back to the village after 15 minutes.
  11. Quest map

    What's the index of the map you enter via this npc?
  12. No it's not, unfortunately. function GetItemTables(index) local tables = { [1] = {1, 101, 29838, 134}, [2] = {94729, 4398292, 3928, 12}, [3] = {298, 4325, 34289, 438} }; return tables[index]; end -- function function DoesIndexContainItem(index, vnum) return table_is_in(QUESTNAME.GetItemTables(index), vnum); end -- function when NPCVNUM.take with QUESTNAME.DoesIndexContainItem(1|2|3, item.get_vnum()) begin --- end -- when
  13. open Reset skill group

    He is talking about good coding practices. No difference in the end.
  14. The hell are you doing? Just insert more values to the table, you don't need to make 2 tables..and that's not a range what the hell XD quest QUESTNAME begin state start begin function CanTakeItem(vnum) local accepted_items = {14500, 12000, 18000, 1000, 2000, 7500, 9000, 18329}; return table_is_in(accepted_items, vnum); end -- function when NPCVNUM.take with QUESTNAME.CanTakeItem(item.get_vnum()) begin -- end -- when end -- state end -- quest You can add as many as you want, just stop killing the code holy..
  15. open Reset skill group

    In reality, it is.