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  1. Syreldar

    open Quest count problem

    when kill begin local sel = pc.getqf("select") if sel == 0 then sel = 1 end local lev = pc.getqf("current") if lev != 0 and npc.race == (special.levelup_quest[lev][sel*2-1]) and pc.getqf("buttonstate") == -1 then local remain = pc.getqf("remain") - 1 if remain <= 0 then pc.setqf("remain", 0) q.set_counter_value(0) setskin(NOWINDOW) makequestbutton(locale.level..lev..' '..locale.quest_word..' - '..locale.complete) pc.setqf("buttonstate", 3) else pc.setqf("remain", remain) q.set_counter_value(remain) end end end This is the kill, but i see no problem here, probably you've touched the kill trigger inside your sources causing it to bug out.
  2. Syreldar

    Attack speed with shaman BUG

    When a shaman has 140+ attack speed one attack on his combo doesn't hit the target. That's what he was talking about.
  3. Syreldar

    open [BUG] Core

    show us the Item::RemoveFromCharacter function
  4. Syreldar

    open I need new function

    Contact me on skype.
  5. Syreldar

    solved News bonus switch

    make a new column, and connect it to the ring's item type, done.
  6. Syreldar

    open BUG bonus 6/7 costume and ring

    What? it's not a simple number, it's (avail.size() - 1), if 0 is bigger it means the avail array contains 0 elements for some reason. You must find out why.
  7. 01/06/2018: Added factorial. (factorial(5) returns 120);
  8. Syreldar

    open Need Quest Function get_text from account

    If you don't edit source in 2018, what do you expect to accomplish? Ofc it's needed.
  9. Syreldar

    open Costume/Hair not remove 0 timer

    It means the client timer is 0 or less than the server time of the costume.
  10. Syreldar

    open Need Quest Function get_text from account

    use mysql_direct_query. Works like a charm.
  11. Syreldar

    open How To GET MONSTER STATS?

    It's simple to get them using queries.
  12. Syreldar

    open How to reduce Dragon Stone Shard

    Stone shards have a time, you can't stack shards with different remaining time. To reduce the drop of the stone shards, go into the quest.
  13. Syreldar


    send instancebase.cpp
  14. Syreldar

    open problem with graphics

    probably the _lod1/2/3 model is the cause.
  15. Syreldar

    open Arrows quiver not working

    Either pkArrow returns a null value for some reason, or the subtype you are using for the quiver item is incorrect.