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  1. database player.skill_proto
  2. c++ Teleport Skill for Party

    Ah...warxwar..that explains a lot.
  3. I don't see why are you guys fighting, there is no doubt ++i will always be faster than i++ for obvious reasons, but the performance loss is so miserable even bothering about talking about it only means you're looking for a pointless fight to prove useless points, I think someone should just calm the fuck down here. Besides, losing ~100 ms is TOTALLY worth if you're writing a clean, simple, and readable code, which anyway is totally not his case. There is NO REASON at all to shit over all what you write to give it a TOTALLY UNNOTICEABLE speed boost, no one is ever going to give you an award for that, while they would respect you and even take you as example for themselves if you're making it an opensource project on GitGudHub, cause yeah, that's what makes a programmer what it is: their ability to keep the code understandable to everyone and as simple and sober as possible. TL;DR: You should only look to improve the performance of your code if it doesn't totally fuck it up in the first place, fighting over <100ms speed is a childish act and whoever does that should just feel bad and realize how unworthy they are inside this environment.
  4. Isn' it the League of Legends client Interface?
  5. Even if it's your free time, it's useless to share something pointless. It's the same as not sharing it at all. Plus, I don't know where you took the "Compare skills" kind of argument, I've never talked about such a thing, what I say is: if you're working in a certain environment with determined standards, everything you do should be up to those standards, thus, he should feel shame in sharing something like that, here, cause it can only mean 2 things; He doesn't care, so he shouldn't even be here, He's unskilled to the point he doesn't even comprehend this community's standards, so he should just sit back and study until he develops a level of self-criticism high enough to understand the meaning of 'standards', 'shame' and 'worthiness'. I feel uncomfortable even reading what he writes,
  6. He doesn't offer any kind of way to understand his work simply because his work makes 0 sense. I'm sick of people who still try to defend someone who does anything simply because he does it while others don't. Have you ever heard of pride? Very well, I do think the work of a person mirrors his/her value and knowledge, Thus, I would never dare to post something like this, knowing that people with actual coding skills could see it, cause I would feel the same as walking the red carpet while wearing a clown dress. Yes, I would feel shame. This is what this guy is, a clown. His competences are close to 0 if not total 0. His way of coding is so bad I was already better than him when I started doing what he tries to do now, and yet I rarely post something for this exact reason: I don't feel worthy, but I still do cause I can help others understanding something or accomplishing something, and I know I do it well, that's why I do it. Simple as that, if you have 0 knowledge, your work doesn't help anyone accomplishing anything, nor does your work teach anything to someone, you are worthless in that environment until you actually learn and thus you should refrain yourself from looking dumb or making the same environments' members look bad, study and try to get good, if you like the things we try to do here. I have a strong personal value code, That's me, happy to meet you.
  7. open Quest respawn mob when kill another

    What are you talking about? Kill one mob it will spawn one mob, unless you put a number > 1 on the count arg, no matter "how many players are there around you".
  8. open Quest respawn mob when kill another

    you don't need a quest for that, use the resurrection_vnum column in the mob_proto If you really need that, do something like this: respawn_cycle = function() return { [101] = 1022, [1022] = 2304, [2304] = 4056 }; end -- function when kill with table.is_in(quest.respawn_cycle(), npc.get_race()) begin mob.spawn(quest.respawn_cycle()[npc.get_race()], pc.get_local_x(), pc.get_local_y(), 3, false, 1); end -- when
  9. This guy is a joke..like..what is this?
  10. Quest checker

    But the built-in compiler already does that?
  11. Need a quest with timing spawn of mobs

    I don't know wether you have a problem with me, but i don't care much, just don't spread false informations, i work daily for everybody, and anyone an confirm i'm always up for more works or bugfixes.
  12. Searching Good quest maker with 100% response

    Newer Skype versions lose notifications, i'm making daily quests for a lot of people even from other communities, and i have got no contacts from you, so your argument is invalid. I'll be waiting.
  13. ICE Run / Nemeres Warte DL

    I can sell to you my completely rewritten Nemere's Watchtower if you are also using sources.