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  1. open Quest respawn mob when kill another

    What are you talking about? Kill one mob it will spawn one mob, unless you put a number > 1 on the count arg, no matter "how many players are there around you".
  2. open Quest respawn mob when kill another

    you don't need a quest for that, use the resurrection_vnum column in the mob_proto If you really need that, do something like this: respawn_cycle = function() return { [101] = 1022, [1022] = 2304, [2304] = 4056 }; end -- function when kill with table.is_in(quest.respawn_cycle(), npc.get_race()) begin mob.spawn(quest.respawn_cycle()[npc.get_race()], pc.get_local_x(), pc.get_local_y(), 3, false, 1); end -- when
  3. This guy is a joke..like..what is this?
  4. Quest checker

    But the built-in compiler already does that?
  5. Need a quest with timing spawn of mobs

    I don't know wether you have a problem with me, but i don't care much, just don't spread false informations, i work daily for everybody, and anyone an confirm i'm always up for more works or bugfixes.
  6. Searching Good quest maker with 100% response

    Newer Skype versions lose notifications, i'm making daily quests for a lot of people even from other communities, and i have got no contacts from you, so your argument is invalid. I'll be waiting.
  7. ICE Run / Nemeres Warte DL

    I can sell to you my completely rewritten Nemere's Watchtower if you are also using sources.
  8. Skillbock Name by dropp

  9. open Metin2 in 2017

    >First of all i must introduce myself. >It doesn't matter what my name is. huh.. > i have a good experience concerning 'Metin2 Servers' > Still talking about "Files" huhhhh.. do you know that metin2's source has been leaked since like 2013 now? Work on it and make your own server. With your own files.
  10. open Notify emotions message! [PAY 5 EURO]

    Braindead people are everywhere nowadays, just don't help them and let them learn by themselves, ungrateful trash.
  11. open Shop name bug

    The Shop is not a character but an NPC, so yes, that's a fix, cause he was legit telling the game to set the name only if the shop was both a shop and a character (which is correct for normal shops, not offline shops).
  12. open Using "with" or "if"

    if you would use that "if" without an "else" or "elseif", then you can just use "with", since there are no other ways that code can go to. Don't talk about performance for such meaningless things. The first one is better, but only cause of readability.
  13. open Opponent's hp quest

    I can't print if player is buffed, there is no function for that. to improve the quest, remove all that ..thing..i've quoted, it's useless coding.
  14. open Opponent's hp quest

    if killing_enemy == 0 or killing_enemy == pc.get_vid() then return end o boi btw, the bug is source-sided, it's known that kill triggers trigger twice for players. Solution: Search this line in the questmanager.cpp file: m_mapNPC[npc].OnKill(*pPC); Substitute with: if (npc > 0) { m_mapNPC[npc].OnKill(*pPC); }