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  1. solved Belt Bonuses

    You should study a bit and learn by yourself to debug and look into the code. in item_attribute.cpp: Basically, if the piece of equipment found is not included in this switch set, it returns -1, The previous if statement, states that if this check returns -1, you can't put any bonuses, which is normal since you normally aren't able to insert bonuses in a belt, thus you have to adapt it. Solution: Add the item attribute to the switchset.
  2. solved Belt Bonuses

  3. solved quest compile problem

    If you want to learn LUA, ask someone who actually knows what he's talking about.
  4. solved quest compile problem

    ? "Then" is not a var type. What are you talking about Return false doesn't exist in a quest, you can only use it to return something inside functions, in a normal quest you just use "return", which is a bad habit, in my opinion.
  5. solved quest compile problem

    return False; then; ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? quest shoper1 begin state start begin when 20090.chat."استبدال المواد" begin say("أأه يا هذا أهلا بك ") say("لقد سمعت ما حصل منذ فتره") say("لقد أقدم بعض الخونه على سرقه مجموعة من عتادي المحبوب مني") say("وأريدك أن تردها لي بأٌرب وقت") say("إن ما سرق مني أعظم من غلال الزعماء") say("حط هنا الكلام تبيه من السرقه مثلا خبز للفقراء ككلام") say("ولاكن بوقت معين لأني أحاول إيجاد بعض منها بنفسي") say("وكمكافأة بسيطه") say("سأعطيك:xxx") say_item_vnum(19); say("سأحتاج أعداد معينه") if (game.get_event_flag("acheive") == 1) then say("حسنا أتريد تسليم المواد لي") if (select("Yes", "No") == 1) then say("التسليم أمر مهم حقا") if (pc.count_item(10) == 1) then say("لقد جلبت لي العدد المطلوب هاك مكافئتك") pc.remove_item(10, 1); pc.give_item2(19, 1); else say("إنك مخادع تريد تسليمي أغراض أخرى") end -- if/else end -- if else say(" إني لست متواجد الحدث غير متوفر") end -- if/else end -- when end -- state end -- quest
  6. open Dungeon function question

    I believe using correct language, sentences and commas in your message could help anyone understand what your problem is. At its current state, i can't understand anything.
  7. open Snow Dungeon Crashes core entering 5th floor

    No one has the magic sphere i think.,.give us the quest/libraries/whatever so we can see what causes the error.
  8. Post your desktop.

  9. [Release] +8500 Icons!!

    Blade and Soul's icons!
  10. open [Request]Locking items on map

    It's not a disconnect, it warps to village.
  11. open [Request]Locking items on map

    quest xxx begin state start begin when login begin --[[ The blocked map indexes, customize them. ]] local blockedIndexes = {101, 102, 103}; --[[ The blocked items values, customize them. ]] local blockedItems = {11209, 11409, 11609, 11809}; --[[ The wearPosition values, do not touch them, you can find them in the common/length.h file (serverside source). ]] local wearPositions = {0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 19, 20, 21, 22} if (table_is_in(blockedIndexes, pc.get_map_index())) then for i = 1, table.getn(blockedItems) do for j = 1, table.getn(wearPositions) do if (pc.get_wear(wearPositions[j]) == blockedItems[i]) then chat(string.format("This item is locked for this map: %s, remove it to be able to enter here.", item_name(blockedItems[i]))) warp_to_village(); end -- if end -- for end -- for end -- if end -- when end -- state end -- quest This is better for that purpose, to block the item you must send the player away from the map at the login, this is also more customizable.
  12. open 10 monesters the give pc level quest

    1. Set all monsters' exp column value to 0 in the database. 2. quest levelup begin state start begin when kill with not npc.is_pc() begin local kills_to_levelup = 10; pc.give_exp2(math.ceil(pc.get_next_exp() / kills_to_levelup)); end -- when end -- state end -- quest
  13. open [Downer]Core

    If the CPU reaches 100%, there must be an infinite loop inside a quest.