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  1. 24/08/2017: Polished up other functions. Added party_get_member_count, Added party.get_member_pids Added clear_dungeon, Added table.get_keyword_index Added table_is_any_subarray_containing_keyword, Added table_get_subarray_keyword_index,
  2. Syreldar

    open [BUG] Core

    show us the Item::RemoveFromCharacter function
  3. Syreldar

    open I need new function

    Contact me on skype.
  4. Syreldar

    solved News bonus switch

    make a new column, and connect it to the ring's item type, done.
  5. Syreldar

    open BUG bonus 6/7 costume and ring

    What? it's not a simple number, it's (avail.size() - 1), if 0 is bigger it means the avail array contains 0 elements for some reason. You must find out why.
  6. 01/06/2018: Added factorial. (factorial(5) returns 120);
  7. Syreldar

    open Need Quest Function get_text from account

    If you don't edit source in 2018, what do you expect to accomplish? Ofc it's needed.
  8. Syreldar

    open Costume/Hair not remove 0 timer

    It means the client timer is 0 or less than the server time of the costume.
  9. Syreldar

    open Need Quest Function get_text from account

    use mysql_direct_query. Works like a charm.
  10. Syreldar

    open How To GET MONSTER STATS?

    It's simple to get them using queries.
  11. Syreldar

    open How to reduce Dragon Stone Shard

    Stone shards have a time, you can't stack shards with different remaining time. To reduce the drop of the stone shards, go into the quest.
  12. Syreldar


    send instancebase.cpp
  13. Syreldar

    open problem with graphics

    probably the _lod1/2/3 model is the cause.
  14. Syreldar

    open Arrows quiver not working

    Either pkArrow returns a null value for some reason, or the subtype you are using for the quiver item is incorrect.
  15. Syreldar

    open Arrows quiver not working

    The problem is for sure not in the CalcArrowDamage method, else you would receive the test_server debug messages. Can you show me your int CHARACTER::GetArrowAndBow(LPITEM * ppkBow, LPITEM * ppkArrow, int iArrowCount) and your void CHARACTER::UseArrow(LPITEM pkArrow, DWORD dwArrowCount)
  16. Syreldar

    open Arrows quiver not working

    Hi, could you send me your item subtypes anum, and the subtypes of arrows and quiver you are using?
  17. Syreldar

    open Asking devs

    you can check with a query on the item table.
  18. Syreldar

    open problem in quest

    how are they supposed to get thrown back to town if no timer nor function gets executed after dragon kill? that's how it should be: when 2493.kill with pc.get_map_index() == 208 begin char_log(pc.get_player_id(), 'LAIR', pc.get_channel_id() ..' DRAGON KILLED') game.set_event_flag("dragon_lair_alive", 0) game.drop_item_with_ownership(71123, 1) game.drop_item_with_ownership(71129, 1) notice_multiline(string.format(gameforge.dragon_lair_access._180_notice, pc.name), notice_all) local settings = dragon_lair_access.get_settings() purge_area(settings.room_area.first.x, settings.room_area.first.y, settings.room_area.last.x, settings.room_area.last.y) local out_room_time = 60; -- seconds timer("dragon_lair_out_room", out_room_time); notice_in_map(string.format("You will be teleported to your town in %d seconds.", out_room_time)) end when dragon_lair_out_room.timer begin warp_all_to_village(); end -- when
  19. Syreldar

    open Bug Tooltip Wearable

    self.AppendWearableInformation() It's missing on weapons. add it under self.__AppendAttributeInformation(attrSlot), line 1107.
  20. Syreldar

    open why i can't summon a horse ?

    Send also the old one.
  21. Syreldar

    python [Py] Root 02.02.2018

    The italian server is gameforge, their root is not cythonized, same for the english one.
  22. Syreldar

    python [Py] Root 02.02.2018

    They stopped cythonizing it.
  23. Syreldar

    open Help me, but i think that you cant.

    Such ignorance and presumption...
  24. Syreldar

    Question about sash system

    #link deleted
  25. Syreldar

    open Mobs in dungeons are aggresive

    You gotta edit this line on the serverside source. Right now, mobs spawned by the server are aggressive if inside a dungeon.