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  1. gummyantifi

    open Bug quest biologist

    First bio quest start First bio quest end Second Quest (and all) start Your welcome
  2. gummyantifi

    open skill_group restarting problem

    DB Source -> ClientManagerPlayer.cpp Problem with query
  3. gummyantifi

    open skill_group restarting problem

    solved ##
  4. gummyantifi

    open skill_group restarting problem

  5. gummyantifi

    open skill_group restarting problem

    #!/bin/sh killall db_projekt killall game_projekt I have swapped rows and the problem persists. Perhaps it could help resolve this: If I learn spells, syslog writes an error -> Jul 27 14:41:08 :: ExecuteEventScript ei 14 qi 20 is 0 - NO STATE Jun 27 14:41:08 :: ExecuteEventScript ei 13 qi 20 is 1349952704 - NO QUEST Jun 27 14:41:08 :: ExecuteEventScript ei 15 qi 20 is 1349952704
  6. gummyantifi

    open skill_group restarting problem

    /shutdown -> wait -> sh close.sh I do not make a mistake when I turn off the server. Otherwise, this problem would have happened to other servers I have.
  7. gummyantifi

    open skill_group restarting problem

  8. Hello everyone, I have such a small problem. If I go to teachers, I learn spells and put spell points. So after restarting the server, I automatically have skill_group 0. When you restart the server, this problem does not occur and does not resolve, but it does not matter, even when the character is logged on when it automatically switches to 0. Would not someone know the solution? (I tried to check everything on the source code, I tried 2 quests in the server and the problem is still the same.) Thank you for any help or advice.
  9. gummyantifi


    CostumeWindow.LoadWindow.BindObject - <type 'exceptions.NameError'>:global name 'GetChild' is not defined Search in klient and change to -> GetObject (This say Denis and work) Miss pages sorry
  10. gummyantifi

    For someone who can model.

    Hello all Greetings to you all, I'm looking for someone who would create this set for a nice price for me. Armor, hairstyle, weapon. This is a set purely for the female figure, the shaman. I like to pay for the service according to the agreed price, please contact me on skype: dbdouble or comment / PM Payment = Paypal
  11. gummyantifi

    Quest Exchange items 3 for 1

    quest exchange_name begin state start begin when 1111111.chat."Exchange Name " begin say("Hello "..pc.get_name()) say("This is exchange item ") say("") if pc.countitem("50177") >= 200 and -- ID >= Count pc.countitem("50178") >= 200 and pc.countitem("50179") >= 200 then local x= select("Yes exchange ","No good bye ") if x ==1 then pc.give_item2(71150, 1) --This is give 1 item pc.removeitem(50177, 200) -- this is remove 3 item (count) pc.removeitem(50178, 200) pc.removeitem(50179, 200) end else chat("You dont have material for exchange ") end end end end
  12. gummyantifi

    [C++]Target and Select Color

    You add bad effect ymir work/effect/world/XXXX you dont have here file .mse
  13. Hello, I have a small problem with the refresh items in the offline shop. CH99 (Here it's okay.) I'm going to CH1 and there is an error. Could anyone advise me how to fix it? Thanks for any of your advice.
  14. gummyantifi

    Limit HP in Gauge

    Not work.. Created this error 0908 20:28:14574 :: warning: integer addition