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  1. open Help me, but i think that you cant.

    No, the edit also solves a kick problem that generally occurs on the mainline source. The problem occurs when you have hundreds of online players. I do not know if I made any other changes, because it was a long time ago, but the above function has solved my problem for sure. There is no need to get out the whole sequence code, just that little change is enough.
  2. open Help me, but i think that you cant.

    Just stop. I use that replace since 2 years. You wanted for help, i told you what to do. It's not just a syserr. It's a kick characters from game. You will see after you get players on server.
  3. open game core advanced duel system

    When people will understand that if you want help you have to post your code ? Check pvp_check_disconnect There is a null pointer in GetQuestFlag . Fix the pvp code or make a return if null there.
  4. open Help me, but i think that you cant.

    Edit like this //if (bHeader == HEADER_CG_PONG) //sys_log(0, "PONG! %u %u", m_pPacketInfo->IsSequence(bHeader), *(BYTE *) (c_pData + iPacketLen - sizeof(BYTE))); if (m_pPacketInfo->IsSequence(bHeader)) { BYTE bSeq = lpDesc->GetSequence(); BYTE bSeqReceived = *(BYTE *) (c_pData + iPacketLen - sizeof(BYTE)); if (bSeq != bSeqReceived) return true; else { lpDesc->push_seq(bHeader, bSeq); lpDesc->SetNextSequence(); } }
  5. c++ [RLS]Official Block System[Messenger]

    I wasn't talking about you. I appreciate that there are people who post free systems. I am taking about owner of server who download a system, but don't look in code. Every code can be improved. I know people who used systems from internet and got their servers f.up. It's not about who created the system, it's about who use it. Please accept my apologies, I didn't mean to upset you.
  6. c++ [RLS]Official Block System[Messenger]

    Yes, but i saw others using it without the fix. And i was like " what the hell man, people just don't want to learn from the past "
  7. open Drop for fish/clam ?

  8. open Inventory sidebar bug after teleport

    Do you have any python error in syser.txt ?
  9. c++ [RLS]Official Block System[Messenger]

    void MessengerManager::RemoveFromBlockList(MessengerManager::keyA account, MessengerManager::keyA companion) You have to escape it. Haven't you learned anything from the past sql exploit ?

    Your ACMD(do_user_horse_ride) it's not normal. You are not normal too.
  11. open [SOURCE]Mob spawn

    My server it's 3 old old and have hundreds of players online. A 3 old server has also a huge database right ? so more memory to read/write. And i don't have problems. Just stop telling people that loop timers are bad performance because are not. EVERYTHING ON METIN2 IT'S BASED ON TIMERS. You want to optimise the game ? Start with python part.
  12. open [SOURCE]Mob spawn

    Talk about performance when you have a server. ( and ps: It's not normal that a game run out of memory). I have 10 loop_timers to all connected players and the game doesn't even feel them. It's about data you put that loop to read/write. But most loops writes/read just some lines of code. Just stop
  13. open [SOURCE]Mob spawn

    Game performance can't be affected by a loop_timer.
  14. Urgent Arial font problem client

    I still have this problem.