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  1. Dobrescu Sebastian

    open ANTI_FALL

    Check your skill proto, it is possible to be from there.
  2. Dobrescu Sebastian

    open [BUG] Core

    We have all seen that there is a null pointer since beginning. What I wanted to say is that it is not allowed to happen a core crash and most likely because of a change, because in the normal structure there is not such problem.
  3. Dobrescu Sebastian

    open Offline Shop + GIft System Fail !

    I asked you if you have the vnum with number 1.
  4. Dobrescu Sebastian

    php A complete metin2 website

    @Fleon You mister are very wrong. There is mysql, mysqli and pdo which mysqli and pdo have prepared statements which makes them more secure. But just because mysql is old and pdo is new doesn't mean pdo will always be safer rather than a mysql coded website.
  5. Dobrescu Sebastian

    open Offline Shop + GIft System Fail !

    Do you have the vnum 1 in item_proto ?
  6. Dobrescu Sebastian

    open Map of the Zodiac

    Lux gave you. Use your brain.
  7. Dobrescu Sebastian

    open [BUG] Core

    Why we never had this problem ? Why he has ? Why he has HARACTER::GetWear: invalid wear cell ? If this is a drop with ownership why it tells about a wear cell ? The only thing i think about when you have negative grade and after you die you lose your items.
  8. Dobrescu Sebastian

    open [BUG] Core

    Put a check to your remove item sistem to don't make anything if item or owner is missing.
  9. Dobrescu Sebastian

    Metin2 graphics problem

    They are python pyc library
  10. Dobrescu Sebastian

    Metin2 graphics problem

    From the client.
  11. Dobrescu Sebastian

    Metin2 graphics problem

    Just put them damn in the lib folder.
  12. Dobrescu Sebastian

    open BUG bonus 6/7 costume and ring

    I realized it as soon as I read the second line. I edited like in seconds, I don't even know how you got to read so fast. So AddRareAttribute (this=0x0) , 0x0 it's a nullpointer ? AddRareAttribute + this 0x0 = item null ?
  13. Dobrescu Sebastian

    open BUG bonus 6/7 costume and ring

    This 0x0 isn't null pointer ?
  14. Dobrescu Sebastian

    open Character in air c++ help ?

    Ago some time i could make my character to stay in air. Why ? Because i want to make some phoenix mounts to fly, but i lost the backup and i can't find again the lines for this. Can you give me some help please ?