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  1. Dobrescu Sebastian

    c++ IP Account security

    The best system it's by windows key storage. So you execute a function in source that generates a unique key stored in game database of specific account. Then the server send a cmdchat command with the key, then with python you get the key as argument and insert somewhere in windows. If user change his windows it's simple. He execute a link sent to account email that removes the key from database. If the key is null in database == account can log in. It's my idea and it's pretty easy to do.
  2. Dobrescu Sebastian

    open Crash core. Plz help

    Crashcore In account create a table named block_exception SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS=0; DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `block_exception`; CREATE TABLE `block_exception` ( `login` int(11) DEFAULT NULL ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=big5; GetQuestflag crash core fix https://i.imgur.com/2cqKWEW.jpg And disable sequence.
  3. Dobrescu Sebastian

    open Search shop don't show all bonuses

    You're brain dead dude..
  4. Dobrescu Sebastian

    Metin2 | Instant Pickup

    Get a big server and test it. No, it doesn't make lagg.
  5. Dobrescu Sebastian

    open Search shop don't show all bonuses

    This post should not be left public. Just yesterday I bought the system, and this guy comes and asks for help and posts the resources. I knew it was public on the internet, but I chose to pay to support the developer. Idk. Did you know that WorldArd has a topic here with his services and he sells this system and you post his work ? Want help? Pay the developer. @Raylee
  6. Struct you put at the top of cmd_general after the includes. Acmd you put at the end of file. If you want by quest you use the acmd code in questlua_pc.cpp
  7. struct FPlayerCounter { int nCount; void operator () (LPENTITY ent) { if (ent->IsType(ENTITY_CHARACTER)) { LPCHARACTER pChar = static_cast<LPCHARACTER>(ent); if (pChar->IsPC() == true) { nCount++; } } } }; ACMD(do_get_player_count) { LPSECTREE_MAP pSectree = SECTREE_MANAGER::instance().GetMap(ch->GetMapIndex()); if (pSectree == NULL) return; FPlayerCounter f; f.nCount = 0; pSectree->for_each(f); ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "MapIndex: %d PlayerCount %d", ch->GetMapIndex(), f.nCount); }
  8. Dobrescu Sebastian

    c++ Fix Moblock/bravery cape hack

    For me works perfect. Are you referring to IS_SPEED_HACK? There i made some changes to accurately detect players with hack. So maybe my fix will only apply to me in this situation.
  9. Dobrescu Sebastian

    c++ Fix Moblock/bravery cape hack

    Yes, but our sources are different so you may not have, but some like me yes. Anyway, the thing is that i just separed your new lines and old lines. Old lines for PC. New lines for mobs. Why hack should work ? I'm gonna test on day.
  10. Dobrescu Sebastian

    c++ Fix Moblock/bravery cape hack

    This create a bug https://gyazo.com/a80967c04140ded5930e6f164cb3480b This is my fix. else { MonsterChat(MONSTER_CHAT_ATTACK); } if (pkVictim->IsPC() == true) { pkVictim->SetSyncOwner(this); if (pkVictim->CanBeginFight()) pkVictim->BeginFight(this); } int iRet; } And at the end of the function: if (pkVictim->IsPC() == false) { if(iRet != BATTLE_NONE) { pkVictim->SetSyncOwner(this); if (pkVictim->CanBeginFight()) pkVictim->BeginFight(this); } } return false; } After fix works ok https://gyazo.com/76e522e1f209e8617d4c5bf039842086
  11. Dobrescu Sebastian

    open Aura active after teleport

    It should work like in video for everyone. Anyway, there are no bugs.
  12. Dobrescu Sebastian

    open Aura active after teleport

    I found in source what we needed. In char_item.cpp remove: if (!item && bCell == WEAR_WEAPON) { if (IsAffectFlag(AFF_GWIGUM)) RemoveAffect(SKILL_GWIGEOM); if (IsAffectFlag(AFF_GEOMGYEONG)) RemoveAffect(SKILL_GEOMKYUNG); } Important fix. Add in bool CHARACTER::CanUnequipNow if (item->GetType() == ITEM_WEAPON) { if (IsAffectFlag(AFF_GWIGUM)) RemoveAffect(SKILL_GWIGEOM); if (IsAffectFlag(AFF_GEOMGYEONG)) RemoveAffect(SKILL_GEOMKYUNG); }
  13. Dobrescu Sebastian

    open Aura active after teleport

    Is here any god who could find how to make aura to be still active after teleport ?
  14. Dobrescu Sebastian

    open Temple Ochao - Black Floor

    Check for syser or change environment. It's from environment 100%
  15. Dobrescu Sebastian

    open Temple Ochao - Black Floor

    Do you have night enabled in game ? Happened to me and i got brain error for a full day.