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  1. open Question about pet.is_equipped

    In char_item.cpp you have case ITEM_SPECIAL_DS: if (!item->IsEquipped()) EquipItem(item); else UnequipItem(item); break;
  2. Valentine's stuff

    Can't wait for it
  3. open BonusPage Multiple Opening

    In game.py def __toggleSwitchbot(self): if self.switchbot.bot_shown == 1: self.switchbot.Hide() else: self.switchbot.Show()
  4. open Refresh real time maintenance by vegas

    Create a timer that's working just with an event flag and that timer opens the def from python. This way all players will see it in real time.Don't worry about loop timer, it won't create any load in server. Good luck. cmdchat("_test_start") ( quest command ) _test_start you put in game.py at def __ServerCommand_Build(self): Example: def __ServerCommand_Build(self): serverCommandList={ "_test_start" : self.TestSystem, } and after you create the def at the end of the file and you are done.
  5. open Help Exception C++

    static bool IsExceptions(int vnum) { switch (vnum) { case 30036: return true; } return false; } if (!IsExceptions(GetVnum())) { LPITEM item; return (GetType() == ITEM_MATERIAL); }
  6. open Help Exception C++

    if (!IsExceptions(item->GetVnum())) { LPITEM item; return (GetType() == ITEM_MATERIAL); }
  7. open Offlineshop duplicate item ERROR(change channel)

    The timer it's the best solution for this or use a Ch swhitcher that is just python part Works better than a source version. Also you can optimize your querys.
  8. [C++] Command Temp GM Rights Function

    What the hell is in your mind man? Even if you wanted to be accessible from a player account, at least it should have an argument (which acts as a password at least). You come with the most neglected solutions. I don't recommend a solution based on a command.
  9. open Player/Mob name range

    I haven't found anything until now.
  10. open Player/Mob name range

    The distance. In fact, I'd try to lower the distance this being the main source of fps drop in metin. I searched in client root/ client source and found nothing related to this.
  11. open Player/Mob name range

    Does anyone know how can i change the range of mob / player names ?
  12. open Bug Mounts , please help me !

    It's pretty easy. It resolves from ACMD (do_ride) (cmd_general.cpp) Search: if (item->IsRideItem()) { ..... } Change to: if (item->IsRideItem()) { if (NULL==ch->GetWear(WEAR_UNIQUE1) || NULL==ch->GetWear(WEAR_UNIQUE2) || NULL==ch->GetWear(WEAR_COSTUME_MOUNT)) { ch->UseItem(TItemPos (INVENTORY, i)); return; } }
  13. Do you can answer my topic , please ?



  14. open Bug Mounts , please help me !

    The vnum item have to be in mount group in special_item_group.txt ( idk ymir made this thing, it has no logic, but that's how it should be )