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  1. bumxd

    open core crush

  2. bumxd

    open core crush

    lol? why you think so?
  3. bumxd

    open core crush

    dont helped, again crushed: bt #0 0x083c5d1d in CAttribute::Get () #1 0x08078598 in CHARACTER::Follow (this=0x52f4c000, pkChr=0x52f85000, fMinDistance=170) at char.cpp:6139 #2 0x080d509d in CHARACTER::__StateIdle_Monster (this=0x52f4c000) at char_state.cpp:691 #3 0x0806dd78 in CHARACTER::UpdateStateMachine (this=0x52f4c000, dwPulse=3090893) at char.cpp:4343 #4 0x080bb5b4 in std::for_each<__gnu_cxx::__normal_iterator<CHARACTER**, std::vector<CHARACTER*, std::allocator<CHARACTER*> > >, std::binder2nd<std::mem_fun1_t<void, CHARACTER, unsigned int> > > (__first={_M_current = 0x540c5900}, __last= {_M_current = 0x540c5d1c}, __f= {<std::unary_function<CHARACTER*,void>> = {<No data fields>}, op = {<std::binary_function<CHARACTER*,unsigned int,void>> = {<No data fields>}, _M_f = {__pfn = 0x806dd20 <CHARACTER::UpdateStateMachine(unsigned int)>, __delta = 0}}, value = 3090893}) at stl_function.h:656 #5 0x080baf77 in CHARACTER_MANAGER::Update (this=0xffffc5fc, iPulse=3090893) at char_manager.cpp:707 #6 0x08278e77 in idle () at main.cpp:954 #7 0x0827a1ec in main (argc=1, argv=0xffffdc04) at main.cpp:615
  4. bumxd

    open core crush

    did not quite understand you like this mean? screens: http://prntscr.com/jnnffa http://prntscr.com/jnnfud
  5. bumxd

    open core crush

    send in pm
  6. bumxd

    open core crush

    but what?
  7. bumxd

    open core crush

  8. bumxd

    open core crush

    i dont understand what the quest with point you mean
  9. bumxd

    open core crush

    can give example bug quest with null point?
  10. bumxd

    open core crush

    and this crushed game?
  11. bumxd

    open core crush

    i dont think so, because core works 4 day+, but every day players use mounts.. what no so with points? i dont understand.. here code this line: http://prntscr.com/jmkhfl
  12. bumxd

    open Windows 10 problem

    problem in os.listdir python function, on win 10 after update is used directory like: C:\\metin2\\pack but python function used like: C:/metin2/pack and this check files=crush client
  13. bumxd

    open core crush

    hello, game core worked 4-5day and crush, game.core: (gdb) bt #0 0x0806d210 in CHARACTER::GetPoint (this=0x0, type=53 '5') at char.cpp:3137 #1 0x080795c6 in CHARACTER::PointChange (this=0x0, type=53 '5', amount=15, bAmount=false, bBroadcast=false) at char.cpp:3743 #2 0x0807ba0b in CHARACTER::ApplyPoint (this=0x0, bApplyType=63 '?', iVal=15) at char.cpp:4042 #3 0x08169441 in CItem::ModifyPoints (this=0x57556300, bAdd=true) at item.cpp:811 #4 0x080d6ebc in CPetActor::GiveBuff (this=0x59d8f490) at PetSystem.cpp:380 #5 0x080d7a01 in CPetSystem::RefreshBuff (this=0x4f7f5e50) at PetSystem.cpp:633 #6 0x08078e70 in CHARACTER::ComputePoints (this=0x46379000) at char.cpp:2611 #7 0x08079422 in CHARACTER::MountVnum (this=0x46379000, vnum=20107) at char.cpp:6962 #8 0x0809cfa1 in CHARACTER::StartRiding (this=0x46379000) at char_horse.cpp:63 #9 0x080d9cb3 in interpret_command (ch=0x46379000, argument=0xffff9d2f "ride", len=4) at cmd.cpp:766 #10 0x081606dc in CInputMain::Chat (this=0x5518409c, ch=0x46379000, data=0x54a5f000 "Г\n", uiBytes=11) at input_main.cpp:726 #11 0x08162105 in CInputMain::Analyze (this=0x5518409c, d=0x55184000, bHeader=231 'Г', c_pData=0x54a5f000 "Г\n") at input_main.cpp:3325 #12 0x08148c9b in CInputProcessor::Process (this=0x5518409c, lpDesc=0x55184000, c_pvOrig=0x54a5f000, iBytes=11, r_iBytesProceed=@0xffffa420) at input.cpp:103 ---Type <return> to continue, or q <return> to quit--- #13 0x081123a6 in DESC::ProcessInput (this=0x55184000, ip=@0xffffa558) at desc.cpp:337 #14 0x082789b9 in io_loop (fdw=0x293e40a0) at main.cpp:1082 #15 0x08278f00 in idle () at main.cpp:959 #16 0x0827a23c in main (argc=1, argv=0xffffdc0c) at main.cpp:615 where can was problem?
  14. Hey can u help me? how did u fix this