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  1. Hi. I have code: LPITEM item = ITEM_MANAGER::instance().CreateItem(70104, 1, 0, true); if (item) { item->SetSocket(0, mobVnum); int iEmptyPos = ch->GetEmptyInventory(item->GetSize()); if (iEmptyPos != -1) { ch->PointChange(POINT_GOLD, -price); item = ch->AutoGiveItem(item->GetVnum(), item->GetCount()); } else { M2_DESTROY_ITEM(item); ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "No slots in inventory."); break; } } else { ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "#%d item not exist by that vnum.", 70104); break; } that code is stacking marble but i can't use them beacuse they haven't socket. Any ideas?
  2. avertuss

    open Critical hit color

    Hi. How can i change that critical hit will have other color than yellow?
  3. avertuss

    open Mark System Offline Shop Bug

    Did you fix that?
  4. Fixed.
  5. avertuss

    open GetRaceFlagByVID

    Hi someone have has that function in client source?
  6. avertuss

    open Mark System Offline Shop Bug

    I have the same problem ;/
  7. @xP3NG3Rx i have no idea why but if i have your code in uiexchange client is crashing when on login screen with syserr: 0731 13:38:04482 :: 0731 13:38:04482 :: ============================================================================================================ 0731 13:38:04482 :: Abort!!!! Nothing more. Any ideas? I tried your modified file but without results.
  8. Nvm, fixed. Sectree_manager problem.
  9. Hi. How can i make that after socket time will expire it will delete empty socket too? Example: i had 3 saphires, last saphire time expired and he left empty slot. I just want to delete slot when time will expire.
  10. Hi. How can i make that players need to wait 3s after equip costume etc? Player equiped item -> want to equip other or unequip after 1s -> nope, you must wait 3seconds. Idk how can i explain it better. I hope you understand.
  11. avertuss

    open pc.make_guild0

    Ahh sorry, im stupid Error QUEST : new_guild STATE : start guild/new_guild.quest:3:assertion failure : t.token == '(' Abort (core dumped) Quest
  12. avertuss

    open pc.make_guild0

    I know, i have that function in source but i can't compile quest XD When i just use pc.make_guild0(testguild) it work's but after relog.
  13. avertuss

    open pc.make_guild0

    Hi. How to use that function in quest? I tried but i always have error in quest compile function pc.make_guild(guild_name, required_money, required_level) --[[to clean non alphanumeric characters]] local guild_name = string.gsub(guild_name, "[^A-Za-z0-9]", "") local guild_len_name = string.len(guild_name) --[[to check wrong sized names]] if not ((2 < guild_len_name) and (guild_len_name < 12)) then say_reward("The name should not have special characters and its length should be between 3-11 characters!") return end --[[to check required level]] if not (pc.get_level() >= required_level) then say_reward(string.format("Level too low. Needed: %d", required_level)) return false end --[[to check required money]] if not (pc.get_gold() >= required_money) then say_reward(string.format("Not enough money. Needed: %d", required_money)) return false end --[[to check already guilded people]] if (pc.hasguild() or pc.isguildmaster()) then say_reward("You're already inside a guild.") return end --[[to add a user-validation check]] say(string.format("Are you sure you wanna create such guild?[ENTER]%s", guild_name)) if select("Yes", "No")==2 then return false end --[[create the guild and process the return value]] local ret = pc.make_guild0(guild_name) if ret==-2 then say_reward("[NO] guild name is invalid (strlen <2 or >11!)") elseif ret==-1 then say_reward("[NO] guild name is invalid (special chars found!)") elseif ret==0 then say_reward("[NO] guild not created (guild name already present or already member of a guild)") elseif ret==1 then pc.change_gold(-required_money) say_reward("[YES] guild created") return true elseif ret==2 then say_reward("[NO] player already part of a guild") elseif ret==3 then say_reward("[NO] player already guild master") end return false end